Itchy rash on buttock

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Avatar n tn I have been having this rash on my body. it comes and goes. First, it appeared on my thigh and my back, then it's gone after a week. But right before it's gone, I saw a few on my upper thigh and around the buttock area. then AGAIN right before (2-3 days) they're gone, I saw the new ones on my neck. It's on my neck now.. but the ones on my thigh/back/buttock are completely gone. they're harmless.
Avatar f tn However, 2 weeks ago I suddenly got this itchy red rash around my inner thigh which eventually progressed to my buttock area and also within the cheeks of the buttocks. It was reddish then I noticed other blisters which seemed a bit greasy and possibly leaking fluid. I'm not certain. However it was never painful, although I recall having a slightly tender painful lymph node in the thigh area.
Avatar n tn Im a 37 year old male with a itchy rash that started out between the fold where the scrotum meets the inner thigh. Now the rash has spread to both inner thighs, below my navel and buttock areas.The rash is dark in color and very itchy especially at night. Is there anything i can use otc or is it better to find a dermatologist? This rash started about six months ago and has not gotten better.
Avatar f tn I've been experiencing a recurring rash on my left buttock for over a year. I went to a health clinic and was told it was from the Varicella virus. I tested negative for Herpes Simplex and the doctor said it looks like Shingles but it's difficult to know for sure. It's extremely mild and quite itchy and it keeps coming back every three to five weeks in just that one place. Does this sound like any other type of rash or has anyone experienced Shingles like this?
Avatar n tn Some of it is also on my upper buttock. I went to the dematologist yesterday. I have had the rash on and off since the beginning of the year. It itches. It gets better and then comes back. The dermatologist said he had no diagnosis. He said he was leaning towards eczema, but then said it could be some sort of cancer from within and he did a biopsy. I am 73. I have no other symtoms. No fevers, no night sweats, no weight loss, no loss of appetite.
Avatar m tn I have large localized red itchy raised welts (4 quarter size under right buttock and 1/2 dollar size and one penny size next to it on right side buttock.) Thought I was bitten by mosquito on the way home from the gym(wearing shorts and T) but got home and found the welts. They itch very bad. I have checked for bedbugs...(no one has been sleeping in my bed but me, no hotel visits) I had one on the back of my thigh about a week ago,when I came from a friends house... but it went away...
Avatar f tn In April of 2007 I had what I thought was a spider bite on my left buttock. It appeared to have a tiny blister in the middle then spread out to a rash around it. It got a little larger than then size of a silver dollar. It was very itchy and I used a cortisone cream to relieve the itching. Eventually it went away. Later that year the rash came back in the exact same spot. I went to my doctor and he prescribed an antibiotic and he told me to use Hibiclens to wash the area.
Avatar n tn It started 3 years ago, no dots just slight spread out brownish and itches a lot and after itching the skin swells up, in my buttock, it also spreads but never left the upper part of back thigh and buttock. When I don't scratch the skin is just fine but a little brownish but on itching skin becomes rough and swells. I have no pus no scar nothing.. just every summer when I sweat it starts appearing, just itches a lot and swells after rubbing the place..
Avatar f tn I have hives all over my body starting from the buttock the worse part but getting worse. seem to mostly in fatty areas. some large dollar size with a red rash look around waist.
Avatar n tn dont waste any more time or money on a misdiagnosis.mmmm if you are getting the rash all over it sounds like a reaction. dont worry that your girlfriend doesnt have the same reaction - could it not be that your body is different in the way it reacts to chemicals/environment/vitamins/food stuffs................
Avatar n tn 81) Tested Negative on BioKit for HSV 1 and 2 (3 months after last possible contact) Shortly after I tested negative I got an outbreak of small raised, red, itchy bumps on my left buttock. This rash was localized (maybe a sq inch), raised and very itchy. It stayed there for about 2 months gradually fading to a light red area with little red dots. Also, While getting the BioKit, the doc said I had a bladder infection and gave me a round of antibiotics.
Avatar f tn I have red itchy spot on my buttock. Sometimes just one, sometimes two. Sometimes on the left side and sometimes on the right. It takes about 5 to 7 days to heal. This happens all the time, 7 to 10 days after healing. I don't know what the causes. They just happen, especially after sitting down for a long time. They left the trace of marks behind on the skin. Are they herpes?
Avatar m tn NOw i ve red itchy bumps on my chest started on the 2 week , and now spreaded to back and buttock, it looks like pimples , older one dries with white head , and newer ones come agian.
250701 tn?1320974765 When he had blisters on his back due to the rash, we put tea tree oil on them. I have also heard people say that pressing the itchy area up against a cold surface, stepping outside, standing in front of a fan, and putting ice on it helps. If I remember correctly from your previous posts, you are almost finished with the Incivek. Hopefully the rash will improve when you're done with that med.
Avatar n tn I developed a rash between my buttock cheeks that is itchy and red, but not really swollen. Neosporin made the rash disappear some, but not entirely. Upon further examination I realized I had a yeast infection. Purchased Monistat and used some of the cream topically on the rash. Rash became worse and spread up to top of crevice at end of lower back. Tried zinc oxide diaper cream, but rash continues to itch and be there. Is this a fungal infection I should treat with something like Lamasil?
Avatar f tn The rash on the inguinal seam and buttock was still slightly itchy and tingling but had not got any worse, (it is now virtually gone but has left very tiny dark pink marks on my skin) but I insisted on a new appointment with doctors. I was taken to a nurse for a blood test to check for antibodies in my blood. I specifically requested IGG type specific blood testing for HSV1, HSV2 and Zoster, in light of my daughters recent chickenpox infection.
Avatar m tn the cream kinda worked but now its all out and it spread to my thighs and buttock. the ones on my buttock and thighs come and go but the couple on my shaft head and scrotum wont go away. i have itched them so much that they are open soars. around 3 in the morning its unbearable but during the day they don't itch at all. i cannot figure out hopefully someone can help me out?
Avatar n tn On November 26 I had protected sex with a prostitute, the whole thing lasted 15 minutes and the condom was there all the time. On December 6, or 9 days after the possible exposure I got a rash in my perineal raphe, it was very sensitive line from my testicles all the way to my anus. I starts feeling the same itching and burning on mi groin area or where the skin folds.