Itchy rash under my breast

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Avatar f tn Spent endless nights for the past week and a half worrying and trying to figure out what’s going on. Then this mark under my right breast came which is the breast I feel the most pain in. It’s odd because it kind of resembles stretch marks which I’m no stranger to but I also don’t remember having them there in that spot and don’t know why they would be a purplish shade and what seems to be a little bump.
Avatar n tn small rash on back right side and under breast on right side, thought it was a heat rash at first but the rash on back is red and just one spot where under the breast area it it prickly and small bumps. i am a farmer and got nitrogen on me and in my boots my feet are now itchy and raw on the tops my mother has the shingles right now could i have caught that?
Avatar f tn Would like to ask about my situation my nipple and areola were itchy for few weeks now only on one side breast and pit some moisturizer to it its gone areola now had dry skin and outside my areola has tiny rash and aslo part of my breast has a rash as well there itchy. I took a anti histamine still itching. Breast look fine just the rash itching and on one side only.
Avatar f tn Im twenty weeks and I have a small rash on my breast !
Avatar n tn for a long time now i have had red spots (or a rash) under my left breast and a little bit under my right breast. the rash is flat with no pus or crusting. it rarely itches and does not hurt. i have larger breasts and usually do not wear a bra unless i am going out to eat, the bar, getting my hair done, etc (i feel more comfortable with out a bra on)... any ideas on what this could be??
Avatar n tn I started getting a rash on my breasts and under my arms. I also have a cresent shaped itchy scar under each breast. All Itch so bad. I saw a dermatologist about 3 years ago. She said it was contact dermatitis and put me on a steroid cream. She thought is was probably my deodorant or my detergent. I have changed both many times without success. I had no idea the rash could have been coming from my bras all along. I have been embarrased to go sleeveless for 6 years.
Avatar f tn I had something similar very recently except it was on the top of my breast and extremely itchy and lasted over a week! It almost seemed like an abrasion but it couldn't have come from My bra or clothes, it was very strange. A few times the itching was so severe I used a little Benadryl cream, which I read is okay to use. It's now totally gone, I guess,just one of those things. I have,pretty sensitive skin and am only 12 weeks, so I guess I should be prepared for it to happen again!
Avatar f tn Have any of you heard of getting yeast infection on your breast? I have a horrible itchy breast and have been using lotrimin cream on it for a week. It isn't better and is starting to spread to the other breast. I just got another kind of antifungal cream and I was told to see a doc. monday if not better. I don't have insurance so am reluctant to do that. Maybe somebody has a cure they have used. I have scratched till it is all red and has little liquid bubbles! In misery!!!
Avatar n tn I recently purchased Victoria Secret Biofit Demi Uplift and just started wearing it and noticed a bad reaction to it . I woke yesterday with a very itchy unsightly dark rash under my breast and cleavage area. Both breast started to itch profusely. To ease some of the itchiness I have been applying cortisone cream and taking Benadryll. This experience has made me lack self confidence.
Avatar n tn I have had persistant itching on my right breast for around 7 months, then about 10 days ago i developed a rash where the itching is, any ideas what this could be?
1439353 tn?1309288364 I started with a rash under my right breast over the summer. It was very itchy and burned. My doctor told me it was a yeast infection and gave me prescription cream which contains a steroid which seems to calm it down. However, now I have a rash further down...past where my breast ends more on the belly area but on the right side. It is very red and sort of bubbled up slightly...but the bubbles are flat (as if they already burst). It's itchy sometimes...and then its sort of sore.
Avatar n tn About one week ago I started having a rash on my left breast. It is not under the breast where you would sweat. It is on the side and top. When it itches, it is INSANELY itching. I can literally bruise from the itching. It's on the nipple and around it....a raised red area where you can see the border of the rash. It has just started on my right breast but it's not as bad as the left breast. I have been using hydrocortisone prescription cream and it doesn't help.
Avatar n tn I had it on my breast and it was an allergic reaction to iron in my prenatal pills
Avatar n tn I have a rash on both of my inner thighs and sometimes under my left breast theyare dry and non itchy. They came up first a couple of months ago and now they are back. they are non raised and they are very pinkish red. could this be caused from a bacterial infection?
Avatar f tn It is more prominent in the right breast and nipple. Sometimes it feels like something is crawling under the nipple and around area. There is no rash. Last month I had the same itching which stopped for a few days when I got my periods, I thought is was related to hormones but it started again one week after my periods and still continuing. Is there anything to be worried about? Is it part of perimenopause? I am little worried if it could be more serious like breast cancer. Please help.
Avatar f tn Four days after the encounter I started having flu like symptoms sore throat, low grade fevers, irritation on my right eye, and congestion. I also started developing a rash under my left breast, the rash was red, small, raised, and it was not itchy. At one week after exposure I continued to have mild flu like symptoms, the rashes under my left breast started turning brown in color.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I developed some itchy red spots on my left side just under my breast area. They itched mildly for about 5 days (nothing as intense as poison ivy) and Itch-X stopped the itching. Now they appear to be healing but have become painful. There is one larger spot on the left side of my back that started itching after the rest stopped. I've never had anything like this and am wondering what it might be. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have a rash like that too that started in october of this year 2015 and now december and the rash is still there no symptoms not itchy,sclay,dry, no bumps and only on one area of my stomach there are about 10 of them on my stomach and one under my left breast (I'm male and have no kids) I searched all over the web and closest I found was either a protein hystamine problem or nothing at all and will go away on it's own..
Avatar f tn The bumps are not particulary red, they are really hard to see, easier just to feel the bumpyness on my skin, but they are pretty itchy. In addition to the patch on my back I now have a patch on my chest, above my breast, that is particularly bad. The doc gave me a steriod cream and an antifungal, neither seem to be helping. The redness is decreased on my back, but it is still raised and itchy.
10947 tn?1281404252 Woke up Sunday morning to a splotchy red itchy rash along my bra line and under my arms!! By Tuesday it had spread down my torso and to my back. I was freaked out, and after doing some research online, found this blog. I went to my doctor on Wednesday, and was prescribed steroids after Benadril did nothing. Hopefully the rash will respond to the steroids. VS better refund me for the bra I had purchased! And for that prescription costs as well!
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a spot or two of itchy rash on my left breast two weeks ago and before that I also have an itchy spot on my right buttocks that felt like a mosquito bite. Then as days went on the rash spreader through my while body. Now most of them stopped itchy just a but of tingly feeling. But many rash spots turned into pale pink/brown tanned color with dry perky skin around it. The brown marks appear mostly on the sides of my breast, my waist, and my abdomen. Any idea what I had/have?
Avatar n tn Hi Sage, I have those exact markings on my chest, back and under my breast. I was told they were due to a type of fungus and if you wash the area with "Selsun Blue" they will disappear. A heat rash is also another possibility.
Avatar f tn I have had itching & rash half way around my right breast & today went my internist. He has given me some salve & pills to see if this won't help, however, he suggested I have a mamogram & mentioned this could possibly be signs of breast cancer. I had never heard of that before. Will respond after I see my OBGYN.
Avatar f tn hey i have a itchy rash on my left breast i am 20 years old i am very scared because sometimes i get a little nervous because i been looking symptoms from hiv to breast cancer and like im so stressed out i just want to know if its normal and like i need a prayer.
Avatar f tn iam 24 years old and just had ababy 3 months ago. iam breast feeding my baby, since i was really young i started having this slight pain in my left breast with left breast slightly larger than the right one. and over the years it started to get stronger but in very distance periods. around my second trimester i started to feel the pain more sharper and experianced lymph nodes pain under armpit,under breast and at the sides of it.
Avatar f tn I noticed behind my neck and breast I have brown blothcy, 3D ish looking rash. The rash behind my neck tends to be itchy now and then but not much at all. I noticed that this is under folds. I try to shower 2 times a day and keep my hygien clean as can. I went to the derm and they gave me Minocycline but nothing seems to be working. My derm., says she doesnt have much experience in my situation, so I left with no answer. Pls., help me out...I need answers as I would like it to go away.
Avatar f tn // If you develop a fever, red streaking or yellow or green fluid from rash, severe pain, or sores that won't heal, seek medical attention. But this article recommends some home fixes that might help such as using a fragrance free moisturizer on the area, take a warm bath or put a warm washcloth over the area and then moisturize after, try not to scratch. I have heard Aquaphor on the area can be helpful.