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Avatar f tn I think I'm confident that I know what's going on, but I kinda just wanted to "confirm" my suspicions. Last Saturday was my town's Fall Festival Parade, which was great, but I was sitting with my left arm in direct sun for about two hours or more. Of course, I had neglected to put sunblock on before going to the parade (I know, stupid!
Avatar n tn Out of curiosity, have you ever been tested for lupus? One of the symptoms can be sun sensitivity and a rash that occurs after sun exposure. The rash you've described is one that I get with my lupus if I've been out in the sun and have forgotten my sunblock (DOH!) If you do go to get tested for lupus, try and spend some time in the sun before going for the bloodwork - most ideally some time the day before the test and then at least 1/2 hour the day of.
Avatar f tn Is it itchy? Are you getting bumps? It maybe lupus gran(something like that,lol) easily could be 'lupus of the skin' . I have SLE and the skin portion as well. I get rash that is soooooooo itchy. The 'design' rash on my face doesn't itch. So,far only on my arms.Have you gone to the rheumatoid doctor? Good Luck! Everything will work out okay...
Avatar n tn My daughter has always had a face that got very red in the sun, especially under her eyes...even w/ sun screen. This summer she has had a bout of fifth's disease and now has the same sun sensitivity and an itchy rash on her arms and behind her knees. The fifth's disease was almost 2 months ago. The rash is definately worse in the sun but also seems to get worse when she is very warm. The rash is itchy and burns when I put sunscreen on her.
1201401 tn?1265825254 I was diagnosed with Lupus this past December of 2009 and i wanted to know if any of you were experiencing a rash that is not itchy but looks like a ring worm in your hands and feet?? they can hurt if you press on them or if hot water touches them............
Avatar f tn the gp continued to tell me it could not be lupus as i do not have the rash however my mother doesnot. does this sound like lupus and what should i be telling the specialist with out souding neurotic. i aso get big red blotches after bath or shower with white bumo in the iddle very very itchy.
Avatar f tn Argh, that's worrisome. I agree to see a doctor. I'm not sure how easy or difficult that is in your location. But important. Since you mentioned lyme disease, I thought I'd give some information on that. Here is the Center for Disease Control's info on it. Do you ever remember seeing a 'bullseye' shaped marking? That often happens if you get lyme from a tic.
Avatar f tn Since you had a rash that was biopsied to be lupus, it is likely that these rashes are also skin lupus. Along with this you could be having systemic lupus. The possibility of lupus affecting blood vessels and causing vasculitis or their inflammation is also possible.
Avatar n tn Hello Melody, i too experience a rash with a ring worm like, but mine is not itchy. I have lupus but my rashes seep to spread and travel. i get the all over my body but not on the face (i happy for that) however most of the time they burn if i press on them or hot water hits them. You said you only get them on your leg?? have you got tested for Lyme disease?????
659694 tn?1224998453 Yeah they call lupus the Wolf disease because of the 'mask' we can get on our face. I have discoid lupus but never had the 'butterfly' rash. But I Did have the inflammation and itching on the palms of my hands, back of my hands and fingers for a long time ~ my upper shoulders, upper back, neck, face, and length of arms all developed itchy lesions also until I was treated with a short term steroid treatment and began taking plaquenil.
Avatar m tn It looks like the typical butterfly rash of lupus. There are blood tests. The second most likely dx would be rosacea. You might want to get tested for Celiac disease as both of these can be associated with Celiac, and if you have that, eating gluten free might clear this rash up.
1160550 tn?1262683375 as for skin i have a red blotchy raised rash over my back and am always suffering with itchy lumps on my legs i dont know if this as anything to do with it, if i cut myself it takes weeks and weeks to heal..i also have red patches on my cheeks that look like broken blood vessels again i dont know if this as anything to do with it.. and i am always tired and have problems with my knees some mornings when i get up from bed and they can be painful all day..
Avatar f tn I have ulcerative colitis, and about the time i was experiencing a flare up, i noticed this weird rash on my face, which the ER doctor called a butterfly rash. I was also having episodes of Raynaud's Phenomenon on my fingers and toes.
Avatar f tn I have ulcerative colitis, and about the time i was experiencing a flare up, i noticed this weird rash on my face, which the ER doctor called a butterfly rash. I was also having episodes of Raynaud's Phenomenon on my fingers and toes.
Avatar n tn After her surgery, she developed a rash behind her operative leg. Rash was very itchy and then spread to her entire body. She felt not only itching but burning. Was taking antihestimines with no relieve. After numerous visits to her surgeon, a dermatologist swabbed her incision and test came back positive for staph and MRSA. After numerous visits to her surgeon, he agreed to go back in and clean area and culture .
Avatar f tn I have ulcerative colitisColitis Irritable bowel syndrome Ischemic colitis Necrotizing enterocolitis Salmonella enterocolitis Ulcerative colitis, and about the time i was experiencing a flare up, i noticed this weird rash on my faceFace pain, which the ER doctor called a butterfly rash.
Avatar f tn I have an itchy pimple like rash that is spreading all over my body. To my knowledge this is the third time I have had it but this time seems to be the worst. The area starts to really itch then turns into little pimples. Nothing OTC seems to help. The only relief I have is if I dot nailpolish over it. Seems to help. The rash is in the arm pit, chest, back, under the breast, sides of torso and is working it's way down. Some have already appeared in groin area and legs.
Avatar f tn Hello, The picture was unclear but such an itchy rash which is spreading fast can be due to a viral or fungal infection. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps. However to confirm the diagnosis I suggest you to get it evaluated from a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn A recent bone marrow biopsy showed no sign of cancer or development of myeloma. Years ago I was tested for lupus and the ANA came back indicating lupus, but since the symptoms were subtle at that time, they did not treat me for lupus. All tests since then come back negative for lupus. Despite normal test results in re: to lupus, is it still a possibility, and is there a connection between lupus and monoclonal protein that can explain my symptoms?
Avatar m tn No it goes from under her nose to her chin, not on her cheeks.
Avatar f tn i got what i through was a heat rash on the backs of my legs. the rash has since spead to the front of my legs, back, stomach, and arms. the rash itches like no tomorrow. i have gone to the er twice and my doc once. they are sending me to a dermatolog but by then i will have had the rash for three months. i have taken three types of pills for it as well as used cream nothing helps. the rash is getting worse and i just want the itching to quit.
Avatar f tn My current symptoms are headaches , generally tired , sensitive to light, still have a face rash , my palms have a rash . And a bump that went away during the beginning but is a scar there. Yellow tounge . itchy eyes and face. Should I get checked for mono ? Could this be HIV ?