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Avatar n tn On my left index finger, I have a wart-type lesion. It is a round ring with a flat center. Eventually it builds up and the center fills in and it starts hurting. I have filed it back to relieve the pressure, but within a day, it starts building back up. Should this be surgically removed?
Avatar m tn Do you consider wart as intact skin? My wart is at my right index for 2-3 years,sized 2 mmx2 mm.And after i finished masturbating,i saw no bleeding from it.Its surface is a bit verrucous surface and I tried to peel it off after that but still no bleeding ,just only the debris of cuticle. 3.If intact skin contacted pre-cum or semen for long time,will HIV be absorbed into the deep layer of skin??
Avatar n tn I have these tiny bumps on my index finger (pin point size). They appeared approximately one year ago. I've used the over the counter wart remover on them three times now but they seem to keep coming back. They appear in clusters, are not painful, are not itchy, are skin colored and spread down my finger until i kill them off with the wart remover. They do not look like the pictures of warts, there is no dot in the center or anything.
Avatar m tn I have a small bump that developed under my index finger ( on the palm side ), it is positioned just above my highest joint, when it first developed it was very hard to see because it was flesh colored. It has grown more white colored, and gradually more noticable. when i pull my finger back, it is very noticable, as it appears round and white. It is also very flat. It is not really irritating either, it is not itchy. I was thinking it could be a wart, but I am not sure.
Avatar n tn I have a sore on top of my index finger that looks somewhat like a callus. It will start to get painful and I can squeeze out a crystal clear gel like puss. I do not think it is a wart. There is a small black dot in the center of the sore. It tends to get smaller then bigger. Does anyone have any idea what it may be and how to get rid of it?
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my right index finger that i just noticed within the last week. Its between the nail and the first knuckle. I havent noticed any pain, as of yet, and when you squeeze it it feels like just a hard lump with no liquid. What can it possibly be?
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 20 year old male and about 3 weeks ago, I noticed two small bumps on the palm side of my index finger. They are about 1mm each and about 1mm apart from each other right where my index finger bends. They are white, contain no fluid, and were painless. They became more pronounced when i would bend the joint. I had somewhat similar bumps on my hand about a year ago and went to a dermatologist because I thought they might be warts.
Avatar n tn On my the side of my index finger there seems to be a cluster of white extremely small and circular wart like things. It feels rough and a little bit dry.The circular edges are white, but the inside looks clear. There is know "black seed" so I I'm not sure if it is a wart. I do not know what it is? If it is a wart, how contagious are warts. If i mastubate will I spread it to my penis? WHat about my contacts? I have know idea and would like some imput.
Avatar m tn I have a wart thats on my index finger near my nail. it is slowly growing inside my nail. I have to cut my nail and cut the mushroom part of the wart out every few weeks. I dont know what i can do. I have gone to every Dermatologist and they have not been able to help me. they repeat the process and its expensive. my insurance does not cover it. 1. frozen.....only removes upper layer 2. comes back 3. Used a lazer...
Avatar f tn Hello~ I think I have a wart on my hand right below my index finger. It is a large "hard" bump, but it has two "blood bubbles" in it. It is very tender to the touch and at first we thought it was a blister, but when we tried to pop it, nothing came out except when we hit a blood bubble, then it was non stop bleeding for a while. The bump also has a redish ring around the base of it. Is this a wart - I can't seem to find anything similar to it on the web. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Then several years later I got a large one on my index figure and try all those acid medicines and it only burned the heck out of my finger until one day I had a roommate (older lady) say to me " you know how to get rid of that"? I said, "no, how"?? she said, "put clear finger nail polish on it every day until you don't see it anymore". I'll be darn it was gone in like 7 days.
Avatar n tn Also had a fair-sized wart on my left index finger first knuckle, of all places, for several years. One day it just started to disappear and then it was gone in a few days. Good luck.
1336836 tn?1275744521 What could cause my index finger to be numb and tingle when touching the joint of the finger?
Avatar n tn I have had finger nail fungi for some years now. Whenever i let the nail grow, it does not stick to the nail bed, therefore i tend to pull it off. At the moment, the finger does not have a nail on it. The worst part is, it is my ring finger. So Doctor, please tell me what to do.
Avatar n tn About 2 years ago, I noticed a bump on my index finger. It occured shortly after I burnt it, so someone wrongly told me the growth was scar tissue. I believed him, and it remained for some time. About mid last year, I used Freeze Away, and the ducktape method to get rid of it; and it disappeared, and has yet to come back (disappeared July 2009). Well, not to long ago I noticed a tiny cluster of 3 white bumps on my glans penis.
Avatar n tn On my right index finger there seems to be a wart that is growing hair. Kind of like it's own sod farm, it's insane! It's towards the knuckle on my hand and hurts a lot! It's red around it and sometimes will look cauliflower-like. I've tried otc wart removers, only afterward noticing that it said do not use on warts growing hair...I wanted to ask here first as my doctors just wants my co-pay and never answers ANY of my questions. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
329165 tn?1515475590 Hi there! I have a granuloma on my right index finger! it is painful and has been there for 8 months and was mistaken for a wart and I have had 4 treatments on it! did not go away. I consulted a Hand surgeon and he is going to surgically remove it, in Theater on 4 September! He also needs to do skin graft to close the wound! I am right-handed and an Accountant. Can anyone give me an idea of how long my recovery will be? I just started a new job, a week ago!
Avatar f tn I have just got one awhile ago its on my index finger and close to my finger nail and looks like dots inside anyone know what it is?
Avatar m tn Around 2 months ago, I noticed a sort of raised lump/bump on my right index finger (middle knuckle area).. At first I thought it may have been a spot or blister or something, but when i tried to burst it with a pin, it was just skin.. raised bump/lump with no fluids, just skin... Anyway, I went to the docs, he said it was probably a wart.. He wouldnt freeze it off for me so I got some over the counter stuff..
Avatar m tn Around 2 months ago, I noticed a sort of raised lump/bump on my right index finger (middle knuckle area).. At first I thought it may have been a spot or blister or something, but when i tried to burst it with a pin, it was just skin.. raised bump/lump with no fluids, just skin... Anyway, I went to the docs, he said it was probably a wart.. He wouldnt freeze it off for me so I got some over the counter stuff..
Avatar m tn i have a small, undeveloped plantar wart on my index finger, which tends to make its may to my lips quite often. I was tested (twice) CLEAN previous to the aforementioned encounter for everything. My concern is that this wart may be contagious or that i may need treatment for HPV.
Avatar f tn hello. I have bumps on three of my fingers (both thumbs and my right index finger). I am not really sure what they are. I have had them for about 16 years, since I was 12 or so. They do not hurt but are just annoyances because I consider them unsightly. i have posted pictures of them here: I am wondering if these are removable, and if so, generally how much one could expect to pay for such a procedure. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I do however, have a wart on my right index finger, right where they check the fingerprint. Do you know if have a dis-advantage to this testing? Or maybe an effective wart removal.
Avatar n tn i have a similar situation on my index finger what did you find out
Avatar f tn I have a very, very small bump on my index finger. I've had it for a while now and it's the same color as my skin, it's hardly noticeable unless my finger is turned towards the side. I don't have a history of warts, and it doesn't fit the typical description. It's not greyish or darker brown, nor does it have a "cauliflower" look to it. It's the only one I've ever had and the only spot in which I have it.
Avatar n tn Hi, During a friend's visit a couple of weeks ago my 9 moths old baby girl grabbed my friend's index finger, and then put her own fingers/hand in her mouth. I am aware that my friend used to have genital warts in the past (he told me about it 4 years ago) which "disappeared" thanks to a circumcision operation. However, being clueless about it, I am worried. Can HPV virus be present in the index fingers of a ("former") patient?
Avatar m tn I have a smooth lump in the inside of my hand right along the knuckle of the index finger. It is very painful. I assumed it was a wart and treated it with several different methods.Nothing has worked. I have even tried getting it frozen off? It is about 2cm wide. Does anyone have any idea on what to do? Or what it might be?