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Avatar m tn My thumb and index finger are sorta peeling around the nail and I wonder if I am at risk of getting HIV.
Avatar n tn At first this was isolated to the thumb and index finger of my left hand but now has spread to all of my fingers on both hands mainly staying on the very tips. I am 27 and have seasonal allergies as well as allergies to molds/mildew. I have not changed my detergents, makeup, or soaps. The rest of my skin is not particularly dry. Using lotions does not seem to help. What could be the cause of this and what can be done to correct it?
Avatar m tn so about a year ago and a half ago, the skin started to peel off on the end of my right index finger. i didnt pay much attention to it, but it didnt go away. im thinking at the time it was maybe brought on or exacerbated by the cold winter we had. anyway, about 6 months later it had spread to my right thumb, and a few months ago, it spread to my left index. (left index doesnt have it as can just barely tell). all three fingers have tiny brown dots or bumps just under the skin.
Avatar n tn The finger print soon peeled away and my left index finger became affected in a similar way. I am left handed if that makes a difference. Other fingers also became involved, usually next to each other. Under the nail towards the tip it turns white almost like it is pulling away a little, and then reddish next to that.But this is only on one side of the nail. One doctor thinks it might be a fungus, but my toes are not affected. He wants a nail sample for a lab test. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have had a single fingertip (index finger only) that has been on a peeling cycle on and off for about 8 months. The tip gets hard when it heals and then has a little pain and then peels like crazy again. The nailbed underneath gets a little crusty. I have tried anitbacterial ointments and oral cephlex, topical antiviral and fungal now am on clobex topical for 2 weeks and symptoms are worse. Anythoughts out there?
Avatar f tn I've only had the cold about a week, it just seems like a head cold with mostly a cough due to lots of mucus and a stuffy nose as well. And then my finger tips like on the pads of my hands just started peeling, and that's never happened before to me. First my pinkies on each hand, then more and more in and now it's finally to my middle fingers. Just one layer of skin and it comes off pretty clean and it hasn't yet gotten to the nails of any of my fingers but I'm sure it will.
Avatar n tn it would itch alot i want to the doctor and she told me that it was the change of weather and she gave me a cream to wear twice a day. after a week i my skin started peeling from the point of my middle finger to the end of the finger. am not sure why its doing that. what can it be? i skin is lighter and red. on my finger tips i have no finer print its just red an smooth and it hurts. do you think it will go away or should i try going to a different doctor.
Avatar n tn I have this ugly peeling on my rt index and middle fingers. It has now started on my lt middle finger. It started about 7 yrs ago. It peelins off in layers. I have a dark complexion and it is very noticeable . The fingers are peeled down to a red,pale layer down to the second pip on the infected fingers. I have not found any relief with lotions,creams or MDs. I would love to find a cure. I have read many of the other discussions and my condition sounds very similar to mine.
1442700 tn?1284234048 My fingers are peeling my index, and middle finger on both hands as well as the thumb. I have tried many different kind of creams helps but comes back now it won't clear up at all and the skin gets red, looks like when you get sunburn and star to peel.went to 9 different dr's no one seems to know what is causing it.
Avatar f tn Thank you, I did go see a hand surgeon and he acted like I was wasting his time. He looked at my x-rays and thats it. Said to do Physical Therapy, and if not better come back in 6 weeks. I still can't bend my index finger, and it is 1 & 1/2 times the normal size, and my hand swells after using it for a while, nad my finger gets very warm, and looks like it's gonna pop. It has been over 6 weeks since this happened and still no pain relief.
Avatar n tn Live treatment option is being used on my thumb, index finger is getting a different therapy. Good news, most of this should be treatable with over the counter preparations. Bad news, it is a combination of Fungus and bacteria that are causing the problem. Good news is the combination explains why one therapy does not kill the whole problem off. Anyway you three check in so I know you found a new live thread and I will start to post the therapies with the greatest kill ratio.
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Avatar m tn My father used to do the same, and my daughters recognize too that they had to themselves stop themselves from doing it. I did not do it as a child but from my 20's. I pick using my index finger nail to pick at my thumb skin, then bite the loose skin off. The skin now, on my thumbs is hard on the side, I do at times wear a thumb ring to stop myself. At the moment I have no sore spots, but as soon as I have any stress or worry, I will pick again.
Avatar n tn two weeks ago my middle finger on my left hand started to peel at the tip and just on top of the finger knuckle. a day or two later another peeling spot appeared on the side of my left index finger. I haven't noticed any other peeling areas on my hands other than these two spots although I am now fixating on them to te extent that I am starting to see things lol No itching associated with them at all.
Avatar n tn Is there help for my cracked and peeling fingers?? It's my thumbs, index and middle finger on both hands that peel/crack nearly year round. I do have Raynauds disease and I feel this causes my problem? Yet I can use an anti fungal medication and it will help some. I have breaking nails and my cuticles are hard and peeling. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/241493'>cracked finger tips</a>.
Avatar f tn The fingers that are affected are my thumbs and index fingers, Once in a while my middle finger will crack and peel at the underside of the first knuckle. It starts out with the skin on these fingers getting very hard, almost like a callous and eventually after bending or washing my hands the area that is hard will appear to crack a little and then the skin starts peeling. The peeling starts under or around the nail.
Avatar f tn I have a problem with my left index finger. It's hard and very painful. I tried so many lotions and deep hand creams. It doesn't peel but does chap and dry. I can not even touch it because it's painful. Please tell what I should do.
Avatar m tn I am a 21 year old female with no prior skin ailments with the exception of some mild teenage acne. approximately one month ago i noticed the skin on my left index finger appreared very dry so i began treating it with cuticle oil and heavy moisturizures. After a week of no noticible improvement, a friend suggested the possibility of fungal nail infection, although my nail was clear and growing normally. I used Dr. G's Clear Nail Antimicrobial Solution as directed (7 days, twice daily).
Avatar n tn Almost all my finger tips especially on the right hand and the index finger are very dry, rough, and cracky. Then when when the are wet they get wrinkly. I have been applying petroleum jelly, covered with cotton liner and latex gloves for a few days but I don't see any big improvement. I have AmLactin moisturizing lotion, would that be better to use and how should I use it to make it work? Thank you for your help. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn Every year in September, the skin of my index finger and thumb tips starts drying, harding, cracking and some time bleeding. This remains till March and then the problem goes away till September. Similarly my heeals show the same behavior in the same period.
Avatar f tn My 15 year old sister has peeling skin on her index finger and thumb. It almost goes away in the summer, and just recently it got worse. It gets aggravated when she washes dishes without her gloves, uses a rake for the yard, or even when it's cold. She said it only hurts when the peeling gets down to the last layer of skin and it cracks. We had it checked out by just a GP doctor and my mother is too cheap to take her to a dermatologist unless there's something really wrong.
Avatar m tn They come and go usually about once a month. They do not itch or hurt or anything. Then the skin on my thumb and index finger started to peel and it would even bleed was very painful. The peeling hasn't happened lately but the bubbles still occur. I think the peeling only happened when I would try to pop the bubbles which I stopped doing. Now, the tip of my middle finger and sometimes my thumb will become hard.
Avatar n tn I first noticed the peeling around my fingertips.
Avatar n tn Also when the skin shrinks it pulls away from my nails causing a lot of pain and i also cant fully straighten my fingers fully when they are dryest. It used to just be mild flaking on index and middle finger but is spreading and now covers all of middle finger, nearly all of index fingers and over half or 3rd finger. I dont know what to do and its getting worse. It is stopping me doing quite a lot, when its bad it hurts to write and type too. If anyone has had similar please HELP!
Avatar n tn Recently, the skin on the fingers of both of my hands has been flaking and peeling. It starts with my fingertips and is especially bad on the sides of my index fingers. It has been going on for several months. I have always had VERY dry skin on my hands and feet but never problems like this. My feet are peeling as well. Moisturizers help but do not alleviate the problem no matter how much or how often I apply.
Avatar f tn Every once in a while my right index finger quickly moves vertically about two inches. It's not often, but it is a weird thing and causes me some concern. I'm wondering if this is just another of the long symptoms of anxiety. Does anyone else ever have this symptom?
Avatar n tn For about 9 months now, the skin on my right thumb, right index finger and right middle finger have been itchy and peeling off, revealing very "thin" very tender skin that would tear open and bleed. I've used creams recommended by a pharmacist and prescribed by a 2 different doctors. I work in a pub, mainly between the kitchen and bar. I handle money, dirty glasses, fruit and cleaning solution. No-one else has it. I am right handed.
Avatar n tn I put lotion on them on a regular basis but it is not helping it's gotten to the point that almost my entire index finger is covered as well a majority of the rest of my fingers. It's quite uncomfortable and it's really starting to scare me. What might it be and how can I get rid of it. Please help. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/243515'>Flaking, peeling skin on fingers</a>.
Avatar n tn Funny it started as a wart like thing on my index finger, almost like a planters wart, then cratered out dry no fluid, then the peeling began in ever increasing rings. Then it would start again, but never again with the wart type thing after that first time it always starts like my finger has been dipped in wax or part of it in wax, then gets hard, then starts to peel off, this time on the index it went up over the top, but did not go lower then the second joint.