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Avatar m tn So it has been 3 weeks, no more swelling but there is this lump on her palm right on the opposite side of her index finger knuckle. Should we be worried? The doctors upset me sometimes, they never seem to have the motivation to actually look at you and are more worried about dismissing you quickly. Of course that wont stop me from taking her down again but it seems weird, it doesnt hurt, she can use the hand just fine is this normal for there to be a lump, is three weeks not that long?
Avatar n tn My right index finger has been swollen for a month now. the knuckle is painful to the touch, but i'm able to bend it. Any ideas what it could be?? Thanks for any help!
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my right index finger that i just noticed within the last week. Its between the nail and the first knuckle. I havent noticed any pain, as of yet, and when you squeeze it it feels like just a hard lump with no liquid. What can it possibly be?
1427077 tn?1282916807 I have a lump on the top joint of my index finger which has been there for about 2 months now. Sometimes its sore but now always & its starting to get bigger. Is it worth getting it checked out?
Avatar f tn I lacerated the tendon between my fingernail and knuckle on my left index finger about 4 years ago.(on the top of the finger). I had surgery to repair the tendon and then had to have the internal sutures removed about 6 months later because they used a thicker suture and they kept poking through the skin. Since then my finger has a clicking sound when I bend it but as of lately it is very painful all the time and the pain shoots up my arm at times.
Avatar f tn Because it was hurting worse, I looked at it again lump and the knuckle at the base of my index finger was was about three to four times the size of the other and it was hard and painful to the touch. I again saw my doctor and he said it was probably joint capsule inflamation and a steroid shot would most likely fix it and referred me. When I saw the hand surgeon, he concurred but said he wanted to get me an MRI, "just in case".
Avatar m tn Around 2 months ago, I noticed a sort of raised lump/bump on my right index finger (middle knuckle area).. At first I thought it may have been a spot or blister or something, but when i tried to burst it with a pin, it was just skin.. raised bump/lump with no fluids, just skin... Anyway, I went to the docs, he said it was probably a wart.. He wouldnt freeze it off for me so I got some over the counter stuff..
Avatar m tn Around 2 months ago, I noticed a sort of raised lump/bump on my right index finger (middle knuckle area).. At first I thought it may have been a spot or blister or something, but when i tried to burst it with a pin, it was just skin.. raised bump/lump with no fluids, just skin... Anyway, I went to the docs, he said it was probably a wart.. He wouldnt freeze it off for me so I got some over the counter stuff..
Avatar f tn I can't put pressure on my left index finger, alot of pain especially in between the knuckle from my hand to middle of index finger....I also noticed a lump recently in the middle of my palm which does affect the index finger when pressed on...
Avatar m tn I injured my right index fingertip at work several months ago and am still not able to use it due to burning pain. X-ray showed no bone damage, but can feel a lump where my finger got pinched. I think I injured the nerve. What are my treatment options.
Avatar n tn I have 2 lumps between my thumb and index finger ( on the webbing part) on the left hand, any ideas? Please help!
Avatar n tn I have a lump just above the top joint of my index finger it's hard but does not hurt at all but now just next to it is another smaller lump forming
Avatar n tn I have a hard pea sized lump at the base (palm) of my index finger and middle finger. It has a blueish color to it. I thought is was a broken blood vessel at first, then it started growing. And now it has the surrounding tissue swallen. Went to my Doctor and he sent me to a specialist. The specialist says it's not a cyst, that it's a tumor. I have to get it surgically removed.
Avatar f tn Several hours later, a hard lump appeared with bruising and swelling on top of hand behind knuckle of index finger. After applying ice, two days later swelling and bruising is fading but still have pea sized hard lump on top of hand that hurts when pressed? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/202817'>Hard Lump on top of hand</a>.
Avatar m tn I can grab stuff with no pain but the little knot that is still there is painful. The knot is over my metacarpus to my index finger. Did I fracture my hand or is it just a bruise?
Avatar n tn my mom has had visible hard lump growing on her pinky finger the past month. it is about 1cm long and protrudes from the inner portion of her pinky slightly above the main joint where the finger bents (not the joint by the nail). it is painless and i went online and searched and searched and i'm pretty sure it is a giant-cell tumor, which is supposed to be benign. my question is, do you think she should get it removed or just let it be.
2191761 tn?1338288058 The swelling and bruising went down fairly quickly however now I have noticed a small lump to the side of the knuckle in between my index finger and middle finger, it doesn't hurt when I move my hand but hurts when I press on the lump.
915277 tn?1252576713 Just diagnosed with gastritis and Barrett esophagus, have arthritis of hands, knees, hips and back and degeneration in back, have that blister lump on index finger that Dr. Says is my joint blowing out and he wants to do surgery, feel like I hit 60 and started falling apart! I love life and want to live a long life. Any advice ?
Avatar n tn I just found a lump in my right breast almost right under my nipple. It is about the size of the tip of my index finger. When I touch it it moves around and it is hard to the touch, a bit sensitive when I put pressure on it. I heard that lumpiness in breasts is common close to your monthly period, but I had my period over two weeks ago. Is this something I should worry about? Should I go to a doctor and have it checked out? Or is this just a silly concern?
Avatar f tn To massage the jaw muscles inside your mouth, use your index finger to probe and massage these spots. Moist heat or cold packs on the face, vitamin supplements, or biofeedback are useful for some people. Usually people find a method that brings relief by trial and error. Consult an ENT specialist. Other possibilities are a lipoma, a cyst, a swollen lymph node, or a neurofibroma or localized collection of nerve and fibrous tissue. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Avatar n tn Hard painful lum noted on top left hand below wrist and in line with index and middle finger. Very painful when bumped and with flexion. Pain with burning, throbbing to wrist, hand, and fingers as well. Same bump on right hand but not painful at present. Bump is firm and feels like bone. Any thoughts what it could be?
Avatar m tn I have a medium sized lump on the posterior aspect of my right wrist, almost in line with my index finger, it's neither soft, nor hard just somewhere in between. It has been there for about 3 years but never caused any problems before but now sometimes it's painful to lift heavier objects. It usually grows then goes away for a while just to come back even larger.
Avatar m tn Upon scratching as I always do, I noticed what I can only describe as a lump about an inch in circumference. When I make the peach sign with my index and middle finger and place it on the lump (Moving it around) it feels as though it moves freely and is soft or flexible like that of a large water blister. There is no increase in size of the nipple nor is the any nipple retraction, indentations or deformity whatsoever.
Avatar n tn Hi zednanref--I had similar situation last year and have had the diagnosis of IBS for years now--that has been thought too be part of actual multiple neruological issues. I also had a pea sized knot in the left rib cage for about a year--that grow and stuck out of my side one morning getting ready too go too my dermatologist's offcie one morning.
Avatar m tn The odd thing is that it doesn't stay the same size it never feels bigger than maybe the size of an ingrown hair. The oddest part is that from the side (index finger and thumb on left and right sides of the penis) it has a rod shape as if it is a stiff blood vessel that extends from the top down to around the urethra. Sometimes it is so small that had I never felt it in the first place I wouldn't notice it at all, other times, mostly when I get an erection it is slightly bigger.
Avatar n tn I'm a 23 year old male, and I've been in training for the Army since October, and about a month or two ago I noticed a hard lump forming in my left hand. It tracks the movement of my left index finger and sits about an inch below the knuckle when my fist is clenched and around the wrist when my fingers are extended. I've been hearing that it could be anything from a cyst to a tumor, I was wondering if anyone here had anymore information to add that may be helpful.
Avatar f tn i have a small bump on the tip on my index finger. It is greenish in color, with a black middle. The lump is hard and hurts to touch, what is this?