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Avatar m tn trial on interferon or nuc+vitamin D supplement as immune booster
Avatar m tn in this trial of oral imiquimod in HIV-seropositive individuals two of 10 (20%) individuals demonstrated dramatic increases in plasma HIV RNA copy number, while two individuals demonstrated significant decreases. Transcription factors critical for imiquimod-mediated cytokine induction, such as NFκB, also upregulate HIV replication, and the significance of LC migration to lymph nodes in HIV immunopathogenesis needs to be investigated.
Avatar m tn They need to show it in comparison with placebo to be approved that it even works. I have my copy of trial agreement for another GILEAD sponsored trial, what part do you want me to type here? Sorry to hear you had bad experience, in my case I'm very happy I can get good drugs and tests for free.
Avatar m tn very good news my hbsag keeps going down, difficult to say if it is the effect of etv plus tdf combo or the imiquimod i used in 2012 or the maitake supplements i am taking now, anyway what matters is hbsag goes down: 20 apr 2012 7309iu/ml 21 jun 2012 5210iu/ml 16 nov 2012 3687iu/ml 10 jan 2013 4207iu/ml 28 feb 2013 3644iu/ml 27 mar 2013 4163iu/ml 22 may2013 3201iu/ml the maitake i am taking now is from puritans, i take from 6 to 9 caps a day, it has no sides so i take 3 times the s
Avatar m tn sequential tenofovir 1-3 years and then peginterferon add on 96 weeks, trl7 agonists like imiquimod and gs9620 will be on trial soon we just have animal data now rep9ac is the only cure with human trial but now on market
Avatar m tn stef is thinking of making a trial of tlr7 compound immiquimoid under expert supervision from france in future which is from same class as gilead's gs 9620. whose results will be available much before gs9620. actually stef told it is available as aldara cream but has no standard method to consume and has many sides. djxpress may tell more about gs 9620. it makes our body to make our own interferon and in more quantity with less side effect and may be very useful in curing hepb with antivirals.
Avatar n tn the clinical trial they used up to 600mg of zinc a day..but Fourteen of the 23 zinc-treated patients had complete remission of their warts after one month of treatment. Complete clearance of warts was noted in 20 patients after two months...NO ONE in the Placebo group showed ANY why wont my doctor listen to me?
Avatar m tn or similar words add on after 3-7 years under nucs had a 90% response and soemthing like 40-50% clearance at 48weeks if i remember correct, the others were kept on combo for 2 years and all extremely low hbsag at 48weeks you can see i am trying imiquimod which makes your own cells produce intf, if it fails i ll try tdf+intf maybe end of sept.
Avatar m tn and that it should work in three days, after reading much online about people having horrible experiences with this drug i chose to try condyline one more time in my last trial which is where I am now. Now that I can see the warts coming back again, my question is; Should I try using aldara? The genital wart seems to be inside of the scar now, maybe the wart is gaining resistance with all the times i have gotten rid of it so far?
Avatar m tn I thought they have already completed Phase I trial for GS-9620, and we are now awaiting news for a Phase 2 trial.
Avatar m tn 1. The clinical trial testing stopping of Tenofovir 2. The more potent form of Tenofovir 3.
Avatar m tn 0-S0966327409000215-main.pdf interesting article which used even 100mg ezetimibe in the trial. i posted this article because since i started ezetimibe i am feeling a weaker immune system which may confirm this article about the cd4, nk, monocyte cells count decrease. since gcmaf therapy and high vit d levels i never had any infection of any type (just herpes during imiquimod but that is not relevant).
Avatar m tn this reflects how doctors can be ingorant or corrupted how do you think possible we have a super clear cure for hbv, rep9 ac, nothing to say about the fact it cures in weeks, i think first human trial was 2-3 years ago, do you see rep9 ac on the market?
Avatar f tn Why do think people that catch HIV just have everything that was in them slowly kill them? Immune system is the key here. What activates it? For now interferons and imiquimod - not evaluable in a pill form but is on trial by Gilead as GS9620 they are doing phase 1 trials of this thing. That is for sure will be tolerated better then synthetic interferon injections.
Avatar m tn I mean they give interferon treatment at home and chemotherapy with minimal monitoring - and yet they worry about with something as imiquimod. This imiquimod GS9620 main ingredient i am being told knocks out HPV virus. Very effective against Hep C too. That is what people that worked as biologists that studied viruses report. Information is out there. And these companies with their financial backing must have a great idea on what it really takes.
Avatar m tn Simultaneous thymosin alpha, as shown in the Canadian trial is also likely to help. That trial, used to stabilize seroconversion, used only the monovalent, not the triple antigen vaccine.
Avatar m tn Stef, Do you know when is myrcludex is expected to hit market? Are there any trial results of thsi drug already out? Is this alone capable of clearing hep b?
Avatar f tn Interim results from REPLICor’s proof of concept trial were disclosed today at the 2012 held at the University of Oxford Christ Church and Examination Schools, Oxford, England. Patients who had cleared HBsAg from their blood with REP 9AC’ monotherapy were subjected to combination treatment with REP 9AC’ and either Pegasys™ or Zadaxin™. Profound increases in anti-HBV antibodies or immune function were observed in all patients with as few as 6-10 weeks of combination treatment.
Avatar m tn Push about what ? Its in "proof of concept" stage - not exactly sure what phase is that from a medical point of view its gonna take next 5 years or so before they finish all the trials and test treatment programs before they will say "This is the new way - go go go ". For instance I'm in a trial for safety and efficiency of combo vs mono therapy of Tenofovir + Pegasys.
Avatar f tn Finally, may I remind you that BMS wrote off 1 billion USD investment in a new Hepatitis C drug that went through a very successful phase 2 trial, but within 1 year, a patient died in a further trial. Now BMS has abandoned the drug.
Avatar m tn and usually sleep for another hour. I don't know if its related but every time I go for my trial visit to get tests/meds I get the injection later around 10a.m.That day the tiredness feeling is much worse. I just had my week 20 injection and I could say I had zero sides - wasn't even that thirsty. Remember to tell your family and close ones that it's gonna be heavier on your behavior - you will be annoyed by little things that are meaningless.
Avatar m tn Dr. Cheney will show the results of 1 month trial of maf 314 on CFS/XMRV infected patients on the 22-25 september Ottawa conference ( Prof. Ruggiero 27 e 29 sept a Padova due to the extraordinary results professor ruggiero and the other scientists involved agreed to explain people on how to do maf314 in our home kitchens we know that first weeks of maf 314 made a rise of cd4,cd8 and nk cells in aids and healthy subjects...
Avatar f tn it is a common side when intf activates immune response, check all natural ways to lessen itch because drugs usually work lowering immune response and this is not what we need now pure aloe creams might help reducing skin cytokines, i used it myself because my cytokines due to imiquimod make my skin burn under sun and aloe worked great
Avatar m tn please comment on these results, i think that monthly hbsag quant may confirm if we are having a good result from ezetimibe, we have only one thing certain from 2009 to 2012 hbsag stable from 4200 to 7300 no matter what we tried (alinia or imiquimod) would you also add intf to this combo tdf+etv+ezetimibe since imiquimod too failed?
Avatar f tn I think that most options on combo treatments here are based more on theory rather than actual med trials. Gilead is currently running a combo trial of IFN/TDF and results will be available around 2015. Its too bad they don't have a sequential arm just combo combinations. I think that what stef does has more sense than a combo: keeping TNF for a few years and then starting IFN.
Avatar m tn Stop TDF after a period of undetectable hbvdna then wait for a ALT flare to clear the virus is the subject of an on-going clinical trial. The trial was prompted by the observation that some patients who stopped TDF after a consolidation period of undetectable hbvdna sometimes experienced a flare, but then cleared the virus. I am not sure about about "1,5" year, most likely it should be "1 to 5" years. You can ask your doctor whether he/she is following this clinical trial.
Avatar m tn However, I have read a paper that cast doubt on this assumption. So only a large clinical trial will resolve this issue. 2. Use of potent antivirals to suppress hbvdna to undetectable for several years, then stop to elicit a flare or add IFN. This strategy assumes that long period of suppressed hbvdna level can restore effectiveness of our exhausted immune response. This should be tested again with large clinical trials. On a longer term: 1.
Avatar f tn Please also check the vaccine trial with Zadaxin trial posted earlier in this thread by Stefano.
Avatar m tn Replicor surely will not want the media exposure. We can guess from the fact that they present their trial result just in professional conference to attract investors but do not interview with media to make public aware of their finding. Media exposure will make situation more complicated and they can be morally pushed to take the drug out from their pocket. I want to ask you guys to write letters not only to Replicor and Bill and Melinda foundation but to media.
Avatar f tn well the 4 weeks lead in was on hcv trials, maybe it ll work the same on hbv even if starting all at the same time as regards ntz i checked all trials done on this drug and it was very safe, the higher dosages had the highest response they just did not approve the 3-4g daily dosage because of the costs of big trials required by FDA but one trial in new york used the 4g daily dose on severe aids patients for over an year, soi think you can do just as i did and try doses between 3-4g daily by st