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Avatar m tn So you can fit 12mg imiquimod in one capsule from the sachet?
Avatar m tn Stef, SandCol-500 has got 250gms of Calcium and 250IU of Vit D3 this is daily tablet, along with that I'm prescribed to take TorFlash sachet(1sachet=1gm= 60,000IU) once in a month. But as you suggested, it may not be sufficient. I will retest the vit D3 levels after 4 weeks, if it has not come to correct levels atleast 50ng/ml, I will start having the sachets once in a week along with the tablets.
Avatar m tn I recommend driving different combinations until you find something that works. Imiquimod (Aldara) is a topical immune response cream, applied to the affected area. It causes less local irritation than podofilox but may cause fungal infections (11% in package insert) and flu-like symptoms (less than 5% disclosed in package insert).