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Avatar m tn 3) I see no need for imiquimod once the wart has been surgically removed. The manufacturer of imiquimod has done a superb job of skirting FDA regulations and fostering the implication that treatment with their product might reduce the frequency of wart/HPV recurrence compared with other therapies, despite complete absence of data, and without FDA approval to promote such a benefit.
Avatar m tn Your dermatologist has much more experience using imiquimod (Aldara) than I do. We don't use it as the main warts treatment in our STD clinic and I have personally treated very few patients with it. Please confirm my replies with your dermatologist. 1) The research studies with imiquimod applied it only to overt, visible warts. In theory, broader application might eradicate the more widespread HPV infection that usually accompanies warts, but to my knowledge this hasn't been studied.
Avatar m tn There are so many clerical stuff people, pretending doing work at these so called clinical trial facilities, when in fact any doctor or local hospital can monitor most of these drugs sending labs directly to the manufacturer. They prescribe peg on the outpatient basis, what makes this different? What I am getting at is that saving costs on people that don't need to be there, can allow a company to expand the clinical trial patient inclusion range.. thus approve these medications faster..
Avatar n tn However, it is possible that the manufacturer of Posafilin is using a stronger concentration of resin; in STD clinics, a 10% (or sometimes up to 25%) concentration is used. One source I found indicates a 20% solution in Posfilin, but I don't know if that is the only version.