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Avatar n tn I have talked to several docs some use cryo but I have not found any that use laser. None even brought up imiquimod which I learned about online and feel that it might be best in my situation. It seems they prescribe whatever they are familiar with. Also a transmission question. Would my partner get the condyloma exactly where my affected skin touched theres? or could it pop up anywhere on them once they have contracted it? Also does my sperm carry the hpv virus?
Avatar n tn Hello. I am in my 39th week of pregnancy, but early in my pregnancy I was firstly diagnosed with Chlamydia. (Note, I have had a normal uncomplicated pregnancy, although I DID have Chlamydia, it was cured, and was later diagnosed with HPV)... I needed two (painful) treatments of Azthromycin before I was finally cleared. I still continued to -occasionally- have a slight green/yellow discharge that sort of resembled what it would look like if I blew my nose during a cold.
Avatar m tn If this is not possible, only in your case (and not your wife's) you could treat them yourself with either Warticon (podophyllotoxin) or Aldara (Imiquimod). However in the case of your wife, these are contraindicated during pregnancy. Genital warts may rapidly enlarge during pregnancy, probably as a result of altered immune system or increased oestrogen/progesterone, but they regress after delivery often with complete resolution without any treatment.
Avatar f tn Hi, would like to know how effective is podopyllum resin 20% in treating Ano-genital warts
Avatar n tn Podophyllin and podofilox should not be used during pregnancy, as they are absorbed by the skin and could cause birth defects in the fetus. 5-fluorouracil cream should not be used while trying to become pregnant or if the person taking the medication could be pregnant. Small warts can be removed by freezing (cryosurgery), burning (electrocautery), or laser treatment. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn However, none of that has been scientifically proven.Also more commonly seen in pregnancy and diabetic individuals. TReatment could be any of the following: Cauterization: with an electrolysis instrument Cryosurgery (freezing) Ligation: cutting off blood supply Excision: with a scalpel, or other surgical instrument Each of these treatments is considered minor surgery, typically performed by a physician in the office. Warts are common, and are caused by a viral infection.
Avatar n tn Molluscum contagiosum can affect anyone of any age. Most occur in children aged 1-4 years. Since how long is your child having this? And how many lesions are present and where they are located? The mollusca will usually go away without treatment within 12-18 months. Having the rash does not limit your activities such as going to school, sports, swimming, etc. I would suggest that you wait for a period of 12-18 months and let them resolve spontaneously.
Avatar m tn S/he is correct that pregnancy often results in recurrent warts, but stress probably has no effect. Whether HPV infected people invariably "carry the virus forever" is a matter of scientific debate. In the large majority of cases, the infection clears up to a point that it cannot be detected, even with the most sophisticated tests, cannot be transmitted, and never reappears in visible form.
Avatar f tn Is there any possible way to get rid of this faster. I have one on my shaft, which probably got there from the ones in my pubic hair area. They first showed in my pubic hair area. Any ideas??? plz help.
Avatar n tn Depending on the size and location of the wart, and other factors, a doctor will offer one of several ways to treat them. * Imiquimod (Aldara) a topical immune response cream, applied to the affected area * A 20% podophyllin anti-mitotic solution, applied to the affected area and later washed off * A 0.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with genital warts back in 1997. I was given imiquimod and everything cleared up until my pregnancy in 2003/2004. My OBGYN would not give me treatment at that time even after multiple requests. My child was born without incident and is HPV free. Since 2004 I have been to four different docs that have either told me creams are ineffective and they wouldn’t consider freezing since they often come back. I had lost faith in the medical community.
Avatar n tn A woman suggested that I take immune boosting vitamins, drink plenty of water with a lot of lemons in it (make it at home and put in the fridge (a natural lemonade with no sugar) and these little sugar coated things that came in a small cylinder that is a cure for Warts- it says on the bottle. They taster like candy and you take 5 of the little pellets 3 times a day until the warts go away.
Avatar f tn If a woman of childbearing age becomes pregnant while already on HBV therapy, the decision on whether to continue treatment or stop should be individualized based on the trimester that the pregnancy was discovered, the severity of her underlying liver disease, the risk adversity of the mother to medications during pregnancy (especially in early pregnancy), and the risk of flares when stopping the medications (Table 2).
Avatar f tn - It is obvious that I will have to stop the treatment before getting pregnant, during pregnancy and during breast-feasting, in total at least 2 years. What is the risk of my relapse during this two year-break? Since the body is more vulnerable during pregnancy, I am worried that the risk for a flare during this period would be quite high? What are my options should the relapse happen? What can I do to prepare to prevent it from happening?
Avatar m tn monocytes – According to a 2011 interventional study in which patients with multiple sclerosis were given high doses of vitamin , peripheral blood mononuclear cells (monocytes) lose “abnormal reactivity” at 40 ng/mL.10 Epstein Barr virus – In a 2010 study of pregnancy-associated breast cancer, higher levels of 25-D were positively correlated with serum antibodies to Epstein Barr Virus, suggesting that EBV is able to better proliferate in patients who take vitamin D.