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Avatar m tn I am a 70 yr old male from India. I have a growth on my scalp. It bothers me occassionally. It is like a growth but not increasing in size. Can you help.
Avatar m tn very good news my hbsag keeps going down, difficult to say if it is the effect of etv plus tdf combo or the imiquimod i used in 2012 or the maitake supplements i am taking now, anyway what matters is hbsag goes down: 20 apr 2012 7309iu/ml 21 jun 2012 5210iu/ml 16 nov 2012 3687iu/ml 10 jan 2013 4207iu/ml 28 feb 2013 3644iu/ml 27 mar 2013 4163iu/ml 22 may2013 3201iu/ml the maitake i am taking now is from puritans, i take from 6 to 9 caps a day, it has no sides so i take 3 times the s
Avatar f tn Since last two years i have this small several bumpy flesh appearing above my eyelids. They seem to have been multiplying. I live in Bhutan, we don't have good medical facilities so, finally last week i went to india and consulted a dermatologist who diagnosed it as verruca plana (flat warts). He has subscribed me with imiquimod cream 5% to apply on the effected area and antioxidant capsules to consume every night.
Avatar m tn generics and the price for irbesartan in india: (price in rupees - 1$ = 54.4 rupees) Irbest - Biochem [Irbesartan ] --------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Strength Volume Presentation Price* Irbest 150mg 10 Irbest TAB 69.30 Irbest 300mg 10 Irbest TAB 135.
Avatar m tn there is another way and that is generic. in india bristol (etv) and roche(peg) has lost patents and generics are available in cheap cost. motivate pple to use generics ,they are equally effective and cheap and enough capable to make these greedy big pharma to loose profts if they are not really is tenofovir patent.
Avatar m tn the light side that the GS9260 can remove HBsAg in 3 months .. great .. the component that you mentioned it .. Imiquimod .. is it availble by any means .. tablet .. syrup .. capsules .. injection .. do u have any idea about the toxity of gs9260? is there any known person .. that take gs9260 in the trials phase?
Avatar m tn So because each person is different, I don't think we can be too arbitrary in deciding VBT and GR. Here, I will put my trust in experienced specialists, after all they have seen more real-life cases. Just my opinion.
Avatar n tn we should make a youtube/facebook page with their email address and a standard letter so that even those with bad english can easily send it after all it is very easy and among all internet forums in all countires they can get at least the money for the trials in india. to tell you the truth i'd be more than happy to pay myself for my trial like i m doing for gcmaf...
Avatar f tn Interest in Phyllanthus niruri has been around for a long time, in India, China, and many other countries. Over 10 years ago, an Indian doctor published a paper on its effectiveness in treating hepatitis B. However, it has never developed into a drug. Other researchers reported indifferent results. There are always issues involving composition(which specific strains, parts of plant to use), preparation and dosage.
Avatar m tn If I were Replicor CEO, It will not be easy to take the risk. Personally, in this stage, the best strategy for us patient is to use media and press. If media moves, government or regulator comes in. It will make the company difficult to stay for a while to achieve a better deal.
Avatar f tn wow, i'll link your history to pisa researchers hbsag clearance before 24 weeks is rare, even if you start from very low hbsag the lowering is slow even if hbsag becomes zero you must keep doing interferon absolutely because hbvdna and hbsag are in the serum while inside the liver it will take little longer to have them to zero i suggest keep doing interferon until: hbsag und hbvdna und alt less than 19 and check monthly for hbsab titer and wait until it is high, at least higher than 200miu/
Avatar m tn As for your ALT, a rise in ALT, followed by a drop in hbvdna is also a good sign. 8 weeks of treatment is too early to predict, especially for non-expert like myself. Since you have minimal side effect, you should go on to complete your course of treatment. BTW, in which country are you being treated?
Avatar m tn Stef could you please clarify if the Sci-B-vac israeli vaccine Can only be found in singapore, australia, china, india, korea, philipines, vietnam and ofcourse isreal. Or could be found some where else what about france or any coutry in europe like spain, canada, states, Morocco or any adjacent country. Where can i have this vaccine done.
Avatar m tn Also, is this genotype considered better to treat or more chances to seroconvert? Where is the origin of D in the world? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Dear Stef, many thanks for your quick reply. I know my hbv.dna is still high but is getting dows more or less 2log10 each 2 months. At the second month of therapy I was on 6.3log10 after 4 months 4log10... it seem that after 6-8 moths should it be und? At the same time my doctor tolod that he is happy due to my Hbe and HBAg is being lowered. He did a resistance test a while ago and no mutations on my virus were observed.