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Avatar m tn I read that Imiquimod may cause symptoms similar to herpes or secondarily reactivate the herpes zoster virus. Should I keep getting blood tests or is there some other way to be certain of what I may or may not have?
Avatar m tn To make matters worse, I am in an acute Herpes infection, already diagnosed. Is it possible that the herpes virus is undermining my immune-system and causing all the hpv appearances?
Avatar f tn Upon looking back at my records she discovered that I had been given a herpes test!!! I was pretty upset and made it clear that I never mentioned herpes..even I know there is a huge difference between herpes, a wart and skin tags. I was referred to a gynecologist who suggested trying imiquimod. I decided to try tea tree oil, before trying imiquimod. The tea tree seemed to increase the itch, so I filled the imiquimod.
Avatar m tn Is there any link between Molluscum Contagiosum and Herpes? I'm a male who had been in a monogamous relationship for over 15 years, however recently I have had a sexual relationship with two other women, both unprotected. I have had extremely small white bumps, that look like pimples, show up in my genital area within the last few weeks or so.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms are not those of herpes, and of course your negative herpes tests bear this out. Itchy scrotum is usually either eczema or anxiety or both. Scabs come about when you squeeze or scratch things. (You say you "squeeze the palips," but I don't know what palips are.) You say you are sure it is "most certainly not psychological." Why are you sure?
Avatar m tn How can I confirm if it is herpes? What makes you think it is not herpes? What symptoms am I not showing for herpes? The reason I thought it was not folliculitis is the appearance of the bumps on my penis.
Avatar f tn I have about a week and half to the 7-8 week mark to see about herpes but I feel I’m going crazy. I have been to 2 doctors and a nurse practitioner but I cannot seem to figure out what’s happening. I have unprotected sex with someone 3 times (vaginally) and 1 anal sex within days between 10/14 and 10/20. I know crazy unprotected and I’m afraid I will pay for it. The weekend of 10/29 I noticed a very small white bump right next to my clitoris.
Avatar n tn 1) Is this compatible with Herpes? 2) I know from reading your other posts that if this is Herpes it would need to be the initial outbreak, since it’s bilateral and recurrent Herpes is always (almost always?) contained to one side of the midline. However, is it possible to have two separate rashes on either side like I have? #2: I recently met a woman who told me that a year ago she had HPV warts. She had them treated and has been wart free for almost a year.
Avatar n tn I asked her to take a swab to rule out herpes even though she felt pretty comfortable saying that it wasnt herpes. She prescribed Aldera and gave me some Derms to look up. I may just use the Aldera and maybe try the self removal method (needle and anticeptic).Again...thanks for this forum...its really helpful!
Avatar m tn Dear Sir/Madam, I got genital molluscum in December last year for which my doctor gave me imiquimod/aldara - Due to applying that, I got severe open blisters sores on scrotum (not painful or itchy at all). On visual diagnosis, the doctor said it is herpes for sure. I told him that last time I was exposed to unprotected oral sex was 8 months back. He ordered a blood test. I got HSV IGG 1&2 combo done which came non reactive. Doctor said test results are wrong and its 100 percent herpes.
Avatar f tn I forgot to mention that I was also put on imiquimod 5% cream . Could the cream be causing irritation or could this be herpes from that oral. The guy had no visible lesions and told me face to face that he was clean. I wish I could add a picture to help you guys but I don’t know how.
Avatar n tn I am worried that I have herpes. My right lypmh node is swollen as well in my genital area. The redness and swelling has subsided somewhat on the 5th day. Is this too short to be a herpes outbreak? Could I be having a herpes outbreak instead of just a severe reaction to Aldara? I haven't ever had a reaction like this since I started using Aldara 10 weeks ago. Although, I think I may have gotten some of the cream on an area that was healthy genital skin.
Avatar f tn I'll try to help, but the main thing is to return to your doctor, tell her all you say here then let her work it out. If you're not happy with her understanding or apparent knowledge, find another one. Your local health department STD clinic or a family planning clinic like Planned Parenthood would be good options for expert advice. In any case, you will never get definite answers online, either by looking at information about various infections or asking questions of distant experts.
Avatar f tn I have about a week and half to the 7-8 week mark to see about herpes but I feel I’m going crazy. I have been to 2 doctors and a nurse practitioner but I cannot seem to figure out what’s happening. I have unprotected sex with someone 3 times (vaginally) and 1 anal sex within days between 10/14 and 10/20. I know crazy unprotected and I’m afraid I will pay for it. The weekend of 10/29 I noticed a very small white bump right next to my clitoris.
Avatar f tn I am now convinced it is herpes from looking at pictures online and reading the symptoms. I am also experiencing tingling down there too! I also have a decreased appetite although this could be from worry :-( I am going to visit my doctor tomorrow just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this reaction and by some miracle it was NOT Herpes?
Avatar n tn Imiquimod can cause irritation and ulcers, so you should stop it. Herpes is possible, because a recurrent-type herpes (like a cold sore of the lips) can come long after exposure. But your description does not sound like herpes. I suggest you make your earliest appointment, and take along a good photo of the ulcer as it is now. But stop the imiquimod, and don't treat yourself for warts you may not have. Take care. Dr.
Avatar m tn The herpes lesions I had on the shaft of my penis did disappear, but I have been felling other symptoms of herpes, mainly pain and numbness in the legs and lower back pain. Another question is, does herpes suppress your immune system? Since I got herpes, I has an outbreak of HPV on my penis glans, which is being treated with imiquimod cream. The medicine does work pretty well, the problem is as soon as one hpv lesion disappears, another one appears on the glans.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. Imiquimod (Aldara) commonly causes irritation, including various combinations of redness, soreness, and sometimes overt ulceration of the treated tissues. In fact, that's how it works against warts -- causing inflammation in and around wart tissues. And herpes doesn't cause redness as it's only symptom. For confirmation, you should discuss this with the doctor or clinic that prescribed your imiquimod treatment.
Avatar n tn I know the blood test for herpes would not be affected by Imiquimod, but I'm wondering about the appearance of herpes lesions. Can I continue applying the Imiquimod?? I'm very concerned I acquired genital HSV or gave her HPV. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.
Avatar m tn I suspect it was from sex, but I always wear a condom. I was prescribed imiquimod, and it has helped a lot, although there are still a few bumps left. However now I notice there are several lesions on my penis. One big one at the bottom of the shaft, and two right under the glans (near the rim) I suspect the first one at the bottom is due to imiquimod rubbing off onto it during sleep, the skin looks to have came off and it is regrowing, but it is not red or inflammed really.
Avatar m tn On September 30th, the second doctor at a different clinic said this looks more like an inflammed pimple but swabbed it for herpes just to rule it out. Herpes was not isolated, so I am negative. She showed me pictures of genital warts because she seemed very certain that this could not be the aftermath of treating a wart with liqiuid nitrogen.
Avatar m tn 2, Is it useful for me to use Imiquimod with no genital warts? Or does Imiquimod useful to help me clear the hpv virus in three months? 3, I also have an ulcers on my penis a week ago which can be seen when it's wet (it become white), and it disappear after 5 days. I kind of thought it's because of the allergy of Imiquimod. But does herpes appear 3 months after the sex? 4, Cause I have hpvs, and I have to share bath room with my parents which makes me very scared cause I hope them ok.
Avatar m tn You might need to get this checked by a doctor to rule out infection. If you hadn't applied aldara, I'd say get checked for herpes, but I doubt its herpes.
Avatar n tn Hello, Herpes and warts are entirely different.Warts are caused by HPV and herpes by herpes virus.I think that the growths that you are having on your buttocks are warts. They are cauliflower-like protuberances and are usually symptomless.They are spread through direct skin-to-skin contact during oral, genital, or anal sex with an infected partner.
Avatar m tn Antiviral activity has been demonstrated against a variety of viruses, and clinical efficacy has been demonstrated against genital warts, herpes genitalis and molluscum contagiosum. Imiquimod is administered as a 5% cream (Aldara) and has been licensed for the treatment of anogenital warts in immunocompetent patients. Complete clearance of warts has been observed in up to half of treated patients with only local side effects reported.
1079860 tn?1256048681 For small warts that affect only the skin, several medications(like podophyllum resin, Podofilox (Condylox), Trichloroacetic and bichloroacetic acids, Imiquimod 5% cream and interferons) are available, which can be applied directly to the surface of the warts. Other treatment options include electrical cautery, surgical removal, Carbon dioxide laser treatment and electrodesiccation. In my opinion you should talk to a cosmetologist/dermatologist about this and get the warts evaluated.
Avatar n tn It can be a clogged hair follicle causing mild folliculitis, second possibility is of pyogenic granuloma and third possibility is of oral herpes. The lesion of pyogenic granuloma usually occurs in young adults as a solitary red papule or nodule that is prone to bleeding and ulceration. Treatment consists of Topical imiquimod cream and alitretinoin gel, intralesional or systemic steroids and surgical excision. My sincere advice is to consult a dermatologist and get the diagnosis confiemd.
Avatar m tn she said they do not look like herpes, they look like warts. then she treated them with liquid nitrogen (one came up later and was untreated). I posted a pic here I did have several encounters leading to the risk. but do they look like anal warts? I did the vinegar test and they didn't turn white.
Avatar f tn Hello , I have flat warts on the left corner of my mouth, not flat warts are a brownish color . My dermatologist has tried zapping them ( hot electric needle) and they returned about 3 days later. So , I didn't schedule another appointment for about 6 months so when I returned to my dermatologist they tried freezing it off twice with nitrogen but yet again they still returned! This is absolutely embarrassing and I'm desperate to get them rid of.