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Avatar n tn My daughter is only 5 and would find this treatment too painful. I have seen various topical treatments for sale on the internet ranging from $39 to $290. Would I be wasting my money? I really would like to offer her something to relieve the problem.
Avatar n tn It slowly grew to the size of a pencil eraser. It was very painful and it would bleed for up to 10 minutes at a time. It was very difficult to control the bleeding. Thinking it was a wart and the fastest way to kill those is to smother them, i covered it with medical tape, bandaids, ect-whatever i had. After a week or two, it started to go away and turn skin colored. I was left with a small hole in my thumb. Then, all the sudden, it came right back.
Avatar m tn Says surface antigen needs to be around 500IU/ML for it to work -it is dangerous to take -my ALT and AST are too normal; would prefer them elevated I feel very low now and cannot understand why he cant at least try it for a few months at least. My question to my learned friends is what can I do now? I would like to self medicate other oral drugs as a first line to seroconversion before inf. Stef, can you suggest a drug regime that I could look at taking?
Avatar m tn 16 The A1762T/G1764A double mutation is not only a predictive biomarker for HCC development, but also a prognostic indicator of life expectancy of the patient with HCC.8 Thus, it is very important to detect these mutations. Am I #$$#$$# ?
Avatar f tn He said that it is related to asthma (which has largely gone away for me, but I had severe asthma as an infant and child until I had my son), and that people with asthma typically suffer from skin disorders, and it gets worse as we age. Great! The good news is that he prescribed two meds for me, one for body (Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointment--0.1%) and one for face (Desonide Cream--0.05%).
Avatar n tn Nothing is a simple process unless it is handled in the right way....$25,000 may be a huge amount for one HBV carrier but very minute for 3 billion carriers world wide...It is not a bad idea to stimulate a campaign and push the companies to approve the drug in Asian subcontinent....If we succeed in it I can say we are just fast forwarding our struggle to seroconvert in no matter of time...When there is a will there is a way...