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Avatar m tn Imiquimod-induced FasR-mediated apoptosis, may contribute to the effectiveness of imiquimod 5% cream for the treatment of BCC (8). The initial study of topical imiquimod 5% cream for nodular and superficial BCC was a vehicle-controlled, 16-week, dose-ranging study (9). The histologically confirmed cure rate varied depending upon the frequency of dosing, and the overall response rate was 83% (20/24) in the imiquimod-treated group and 9% (1/11) in the vehicle treated group.
Avatar n tn Any suggestions would help, plus if you could explain effectiveness of keloidosis that would be helpful as well. In addition to keloids, I have eczema on my back, I have used lots of cream with indifferent results, there three spots on my upper back that have become very ichy and visual because of my itching. Would greatly appreciate any advice on treating itchiness and eczema over all.
Avatar f tn Adverse effects include pain, irritation, soreness, and mild scarring. Repeated treatments are necessary. Imiquimod 5% (Aldara), an immune response modifier, stimulates production of interferon-alfa and other proinflammatory cytokines, inducing a tissue reaction known to be associated with viral clearance from the skin. Apply 3 times per week for up to 16 weeks or nightly for 4 weeks. Clearing can take up to 3 months. Tretinoin (Retin-A) 0.1% cream can be applied to lesions twice daily.
Avatar m tn He has just told me as of last night he had contracted genital warts on the base of his penile shaft back in 2010. He had cryo done and treated with Imiquimod after in 2010, which took care of it, and same treatment again in 2011 for a recurrence in the very same spot treated along with Imiquimod. Last month he wasn't sure if he was getting another occurrence so he used the Imiquimod on the spot for a few days but nothing ever surfaced. Nothing else anomalous has happened since.
Avatar n tn If there are too many warts for freezing, other options are podofilox (trade name Condylox), which is just as effective as imiquimod (Aldara) and, depending on the pharmacy, may be less expensive; or podophyllin, although that requires serial visits to a health care provider. But if you did that at your local health department STD clinic, the cost should be quite low. If you haven't seen a dermatologist, that might be an option for a 2nd opinion.
Avatar m tn the bi- or tri-chloroacetic acid and/or one or two treatments with imiquimod (Zyclara -- exactly the same as Aldara) probably would cure it. Even if it was a wart, there is no need to worry now about protecting your girlfriend. If it was a wart, then the HPV infection causing it has been present for at least a couple of months, and she has already been repeatedly exposed. It's even possible she has an HPV infection that you acquired from her.
Avatar m tn The results obtained to date in the course of developing Myrcludex B show the effectiveness of this approach against both HBV and HDV in cell and animal models, as well as an excellent safety and pharmacokinetic profile in the recently completed Phase 1 clinical study.
Avatar f tn The current clinical trials have very little to do with effectiveness of the drug. It is done more to promote investment. It is like that in western countries - all about money. You have to experience it really to understand what I say. Replicor has no funds to proceed with further trials. Looks like they are looking for a big pharma buyer.
Avatar m tn This strategy assumes that long period of suppressed hbvdna level can restore effectiveness of our exhausted immune response. This should be tested again with large clinical trials. On a longer term: 1. Myrcludex added to existing treatments - this assumes Myrcludex will substantially reduce re-infection and hence accelerate loss of cccDNA? 2. IFN-lambda. 3. GS9620 - a persistent way to obtain IFN without injection. 4.
Avatar f tn Interest in Phyllanthus niruri has been around for a long time, in India, China, and many other countries. Over 10 years ago, an Indian doctor published a paper on its effectiveness in treating hepatitis B. However, it has never developed into a drug. Other researchers reported indifferent results. There are always issues involving composition(which specific strains, parts of plant to use), preparation and dosage.
Avatar m tn I also remember your use of IMIQUIMOD, orally and suppositories, up to the point of suffering substantial inflammatory side effects. Your gfr is still very good and no cause for concern. I assume you will continue Tdf after stopping peginf and observe the hbsag. I sometimes wonder why the Pisa researchers did not let you use the replicor compound in combo with your interferon therapy. In Italy you should be able to obtain it easily from a DNA synthesizing company.
Avatar n tn Working in conjunction with German colleagues, researchers at the University of Newcastle and Sydney’s Children's Medical Research Institute successfully tested molecules named ‘pitstops’ effectiveness against HIV and Hepatitis C. Professor Adam McCluskey said 70 per cent of viruses used a protein called clathrin as a way of entering cells and infecting a body. By inhibiting clathrin’s functions, those viruses had no way of taking hold, he said.
Avatar m tn I say approve NUCS are not drugs since their effectiveness is only 1-4% per year. But what about the associated damage with them. Yet big pharma continues to sponsor the research that is only around these compounds. So you tell me that this is not a conspiracy.
Avatar m tn the patient with very high hbsag was on entecavir 3 years only low potency antivirals need many years for response and might not respond the hbsag level may have little importance, potent antivirals rescue immune response by lowering t-regs and other effects, so that pegintf add on works anyway i want to try imiquimod again with a daily suppository schedule of 12,5mg which i tried only 2 times for 7 days because of the high cost.
Avatar f tn However it seems like my doctor's concern was that if I stopped the treatment and if relapse happens, my respond to Baraclude my lose its effectiveness in 2nd round of treatment. I am not sure if anyone has been in similar case? How long will it normally take to the next relapse? If so, how is the reaction to the same medicine (Baraclude)? As in my case, based on the definition of seroconversion you guided, I have reached that stage for over a year by now.