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Avatar f tn Hi, Aldara cream contains the active ingredient imiquimod. Imiquimod is an immune response modifier. It causes your body to produce more interferon. Interferon is a substance which your body produces naturally to help fight viruses and some skin diseases. Although the exact way that Aldara works is unknown, it is believed to be due to its effects on the immune system.
Avatar m tn catalog_no=IMG-2208 Imiquimod and resiquimod as novel immunomodulators
Avatar n tn Hi grmr - great that you're undectable for hbv dna and you're still got the energy to do physical activity. Let's hope that continues. I'm on my 44 weeks of the combo; with the full 180 mcg dosage. My first 6 months were manageable side effects-wise. However, last 4 months were tough on me. Level of side effects is progressively increasing, causing me to be wiped out physically and mentally most of the time now. Not sure how long I can continue to this stuff.
Avatar m tn Stef, I understand the safe dosage is 300 mg/day.. is this correct?
Avatar m tn please comment on these results, i think that monthly hbsag quant may confirm if we are having a good result from ezetimibe, we have only one thing certain from 2009 to 2012 hbsag stable from 4200 to 7300 no matter what we tried (alinia or imiquimod) would you also add intf to this combo tdf+etv+ezetimibe since imiquimod too failed?
Avatar m tn does it make any sense to try this vaccine during pegintf or for those with very low hbsag levels with monthly injections in a skin area previously treated with imiquimod (with also zadaxin added for the lucky ones who has it), the vaccine seems inexpensive and if it makes no harm it would be a good try are there any trials on these new hbv vaccines in combo with peg intf and zadaxin, i couldn t find any?
Avatar m tn Btw, you mentioned simvastatin but I did not discuss this further add-on with my doctor. If I want to add this simvastatin, what is the dosage? I am 39 years old Chinese male of about 67kg weight. Many thanks.
Avatar m tn 3) Other treatments are available. Ask your dermatologist about a prescription for imiquimod (trade name Aldara). Or ask himn to show you how to treat new lesions yourself, by pricking the top with a sterile needle then pressing out the white core just as you would with a pimple. (We often teach this to patients this in my STD clinic.) Wash your hands and the genital area after treating lesions in this way, to avoid spreading the virus around.
Avatar f tn I was happy that I have no more sides after very first time. But on 6th shot I feel itchy on every part of my body. Actually this started 2-3 days before I had the 6th shot. Gets worst after 6th shot. Big rash on my back, stomach, arms ,legs, palms and it's very itchy. I am scratching all the time. It's terrible. I have to see my doc if this continues he might prescribe me some medicine.
Avatar m tn stef2011 did u had administered the first dosage of GcMAF by a doctor ? were any side effects??? when you buy GcMAF comes with the syringe and all the supply or u need to order this separate?
Avatar n tn My co-pay for this medication is $350 and if your insurance doesn't cover it would be $1000, but this medication caused lots dark red scarring, they didn't fade until 2 years and warts came back again! A shot on the wart called blemycin (left a huge scar but still came back more warts), imiquimod (very effective, but trigger bad allergic reaction) however, flat warts still came back after few months. Tretinoin made my skin red, dry and peel like crazy, but wart still won't go away.
Avatar m tn I recommend driving different combinations until you find something that works. Imiquimod (Aldara) is a topical immune response cream, applied to the affected area. It causes less local irritation than podofilox but may cause fungal infections (11% in package insert) and flu-like symptoms (less than 5% disclosed in package insert).
Avatar f tn well the 4 weeks lead in was on hcv trials, maybe it ll work the same on hbv even if starting all at the same time as regards ntz i checked all trials done on this drug and it was very safe, the higher dosages had the highest response they just did not approve the 3-4g daily dosage because of the costs of big trials required by FDA but one trial in new york used the 4g daily dose on severe aids patients for over an year, soi think you can do just as i did and try doses between 3-4g daily by st
Avatar f tn It would be very interesting to see how would Rep 9AC works with Tenofovir; Baraclude and interferon. Or with imiquimod. That is what needed big steps forward.
Avatar m tn 570484864 April result (week 4 after started weekly injection of Pegasys and daily dosage of TDF) Hbs Ag (Quant) : 32384.55 (going down) Hbs Ag : Reactive Hbe Ag : Reactive ANTI-Hbs (Quant): < 3.0 Non-Reactive HBV DNA : 148485 (going down) Now I am on week 8, just did my medical check and wait for the result to come out.
Avatar f tn There are always issues involving composition(which specific strains, parts of plant to use), preparation and dosage. Bottom line is that there is not clinical trial that shows it is effective against HBV. I would not use it until there is more evidence. I have not heard of thymus gland supplements. Of course, there is Thymosin, an orphan drug approved for liver cancer by the FDA. I believe it is very expensive. It has never been approved for Hep B.
Avatar m tn the patient with very high hbsag was on entecavir 3 years only low potency antivirals need many years for response and might not respond the hbsag level may have little importance, potent antivirals rescue immune response by lowering t-regs and other effects, so that pegintf add on works anyway i want to try imiquimod again with a daily suppository schedule of 12,5mg which i tried only 2 times for 7 days because of the high cost.