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Avatar m tn I hope the Chinese can release their version of imiquimod pill so we can order it from Hong-Kong to save hassle. Really there is so much hassle with these clinical trials, that it is really not worth it to participate if they are conducted like this.
Avatar m tn i d say no effect from ezetimibe both on bile acid and hbsag for now 16 oct 2012 hbsag 3687iu/ml blip of hbvdna detected 31iu/ml alt 42 etv+tdf+imiquimod suppository, imiquimod suppository stopped jan 8th 2013 when starting ezetimibe jan 01 2013 started 10mg (40mg on some days) of ezetimibe plus etv+tdf jan 10 2013 hbsag 4207iu/ml feb 01 2013, started daily ezetimibe 50mg, alt 31 feb 28 2013, hbsag 3644iu/ml, hbvdna undetactable mar 13 2013, alt 30 mar 25 2013 biliary acid 1.
Avatar n tn To me this is very confusing -- it's HPV, it's on my anus, so it's by definition anal warts, right? And if the virus is present down there, I can transmit it a partner, right? Is the distinction between HPV sub-type really that meaningful? How is this not something I should define as "genital warts" ?
Avatar f tn If so, how is the reaction to the same medicine (Baraclude)? As in my case, based on the definition of seroconversion you guided, I have reached that stage for over a year by now. I don't like this situation of continueing taking the medicine without any end. But at same time I don't want to face the risk that the medicine will not respond effectively should a relapse happens. Please advise.
Avatar m tn They never blistered or anything and are still there but barley noticable (I found the definition for them online, but can't find the link). As I mentioned above, things have gotten better, however the symptoms seem to stem more from the prostate than any where else. Strange how early on I only had the stinging and burning tip.