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Avatar n tn However, if some imiquimod (Aldara is the brand name) got onto your scrotum--e.g., you spilled a drop or two and it didn't get washed off, you might get a burn-like or ulcerative lesions of the more sensitive scrotal skin. But if your doct thinks the lesions were likely herpes, you should be tested for herpes simplex virus (HSV) by culture of the ulcers, if they are still fresh, and/or by blood testing for HSV-2 antibody.
Avatar m tn Alternatively, if these are clearly warts perhaps therapy with something which has a more generalizable effect - imiquimod (brand name, Aldara) sometimes has affect beyond the individual lesions to which they are applied. Hope these comments are helpful to you.
Avatar m tn I would like to mention that an other TL7 agonist is already approved for skin conditions. Its name is Imiquimod and the brand name. in most countries is "Aldara cream". It is also absorbed from the skin into the systemic circulation and might well have similar or the same effects on HBV supression by stimulation of the Tcell system by reactivating dormant or exhausted Tcells, the standard scenario in chronic HBV.
Avatar m tn well there is also some truth to that brand name companies pay off smaller companies not to release generics.. so anything can happen. After all as you say, this is a Market. As for not enough data for Rep9. There is not enough data on the safety of NUCs that got quickly approved. That does not worry you? :) that they don't stop the virus on the cellular level and they approved these drugs based on the HIV data they had.
Avatar n tn I’ve been battling the buggers since 2001. I assume I got them from my roommate at the time. She’s the only person I know who had them. I also have Lupus so I’m already predisposed to catching things with having a crappy immune system. I had hundreds of flat warts. On both of my arms, legs, and then they started to show up on my face. I did a lot of research and found info on Tagamet and Zinc.
Avatar m tn Hi Bro, can i add gcmaf along with the combo of int+niz500+sim40mg.
Avatar m tn 50ng/ml and oliv oil in the diet which increases oleic acid in blood) start pegintf add on plus sim with normal blood levels of vit d look for an expert and very updated liver specialist on nucs and peg add on, there are other members in uk that found very expert liver specialist who partecipate in making hbv uk guidelines, i can t find the name of this doctor in my emails, hopefully the member will post his name
Avatar m tn Hi, do you mind messaging me about the name of your doctor and which hospital is he/she with? It is hard to find doctor and hospital who put patients first and not profit.
Avatar m tn 000iu daily at least, i suggest you try the same with k2 combo 400mcg, puritans has affordable k2 and even a brand with d3 plus k2 sublingual pills but only 1000iu per pill
Avatar f tn do you know if it is necessary a doctor prenscription? which is its commercial name? Is htere any secondary effect in its utilisation? I would no have any problem adding new drugs on my tratment. Many thanks. ps.- I ve got the full paper about qHBsAg just in case you are interested.
Avatar n tn So the Government here considering to control the prices by restricting the doctors to stay away from prescribing the brand name, and instead govt ask them to notify only the chemical compound in prescription. So you can get prescribed, say for if fever, only paracetamal instead of crocin or some other brand. The only pharma companies in india without foreign players' influence are Cipla and sun. Probably they can try.