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Avatar f tn Ordering it online is illegal, obtaining it through through an online doctor is illegal.
Avatar n tn s always good to get a second opinion. Was this drug prescribed by a psychiatrist? Personally, I think that only a psychiatrist should be prescribing this class of drugs due to the nature of their side effects profile. Good luck...
221387 tn?1210933058 If your asking if you can fail a drug test by taking over the counter unisom the answer is no. I used to work in a clinic where we did random and pre-employment drugscreens for many area companies including the hospital where we were located. A drug screen tests for marijuana,cocaine,PCP,benzodiazipene and meth.
Avatar m tn I don`t know about the USA. Find on the internet list of illegal drugs. And think is it worth of risk. Maybe it is, or maybe it`s not... I hope it`ll go well...
Avatar n tn I can pull 6 of the meds off the DEA Controlled substance list and since he was on so many same classifications I am sure alot more are in there but not list by name.I am trying to do something about this as these are considered polypharmacutical perscribing DR's out there killing people.
Avatar m tn Whenever you have a question like this, Google the drug and there will be several websites that list contraindications. This particular drug acts like a benzo, as it targets GABA. While CBD oil doesn't target the same neurotransmitter -- CBD oil because it has been illegal for so long doesn't have great research on it yet but seems to act on serotonin but not in the same way or same part of the brain as other substances that affect serotonin.
1253246 tn?1332073310 I told him and when I said Lexapro(ad) he said that would have to be changed.What would be the reason for this?I know there are different classifications for them(SSRI's etc)Do some interact differently ???
Avatar n tn If a doctor prescribes you a drug that is FDA approved, as appears to have happened in this case, you didn't take an illegal drug. It's only illegal if you take it without a prescription.
Avatar m tn I have diabetes ll. My doctor has given me Actos 30 mg. I have been hearing a lot about this drug and none of it's good, saying long term use causes bladder cancer. My last A1c was 6.1 although now due for another one. I'm not sure the risk involved with this drug is worth the benefits as my sugar is not out of control and my numbers are always under 175. Is Actos a safe drug to use??
Avatar f tn Make a list of every drug and have your friend call the OB/GYN. Speak to the doctor or his nurse. They cannot share info about HER but they'll listen and take it from there. This needs to occur immediately! Keep us posted...
Avatar f tn This doesn't mean Tiger did or took anything illegal but he did fly this doctor down to his home for some kind of tx: December 17, 2009 Doctor Under Investigation for Doping Is Charged By IAN AUSTEN and MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT OTTAWA — The Royal Canadian Mounted Police brought four drug-related charges Wednesday against Anthony Galea, the Canadian physician who has treated many prominent professional athletes.
Avatar m tn These negative aspects make it a potential drug. That is why there are countries which have banned this drug. In the United States, however the drug is fairly new and it is banned only in a few states. If found possession of kratom in those states, you could land in up jail for 6 months or could have to pay a fine of $500 or both. Some people categorize kratom products as a legal high drug. Legal high drugs are those which can get you high but are still not banned by FDA.
Avatar f tn my grandmother has type 2 diabete for 10 years and she also has stomachace ,high blood pressure(high blood pressure i think it is caused by diabete) ,and heart valve damage (i think it is caused by Mediator drug ) .She use Amlor everyday to control high blood pressure.Sometime when she has stomuchache she take a drug which i dont remember the name .She used to take diamicron MR and it control her blood sugar .But now diamicron MR is useless ,she has to have insulin injection every evening .
Avatar m tn Could be Kratom. It is bought online, and they put "not for human consumption" on it to please the FDA and DEA. Otherwise, it would be illegal. On the sites, it sells itself by saying, "it's incense for burning" or some crap. The thing is that he's YOUR child, underage, living in your home??? I'd toss it and send him to rehab before it's too late. That may sound harsh, but you may be saving his life. This is what you actually found.
356518 tn?1322263642 This is a website that list any drug shortages that may be in effect. if you are taking a medication that is on this list speak with your doctor about making any changes that may be necessary. Here is the link... I also want to remind everyone about the FDA Recall group. It has important information. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Good link here on straterra - Basically it is an antidepressant. Has no stimulants in it. Thus I would think that it should pose no problem with urine or hair tests - unless, they are screening for antidepressants.
Avatar f tn I am 28weeks along now and I havent smoked in a few weeks and am passing my drug tests. I am due march 30th and was just wondering if anyone knew if I am passing my drug tests then my baby is alo right? Or could it still be in my babies system also?
1420486 tn?1384793153 Have to take pre employment drug test. doc hasnt called. Will I be able to pass it . While taking riba and interferion. This is just a drug test. But has anyone passed test while on tx?
Avatar n tn Hi. Well last year I was tested and the test was done in front of me. I was on Tramadol at the time and I passed the test. I asked what exactly they were testing for and they said "Opiates" "Speed" & Pot. Tramadol is a man made Opiate and when I was test it didn't show up as an Opiate. Good luck to ya and when you take the test just tell them you take them and your doctor gives them to you, like I did.
233616 tn?1312787196 I also like that if you float your mouse over any drug on this list it will tell you whether or not the PI increases or decrease the strength of the drug you are pointing to. Of course, this doesn't mean that something not on the list, that utilizes the same cytochrome, could not cause issues. Remember every other drug using that same cell is competition for the PI. I checked drug interaction softwares....
Avatar f tn i was referring to illegal drug use, howoever, that is interesting to know about anti anxiety medications as well
Avatar n tn I also have a five year old who has global delay as well as seizures and about an arms length list of other symptoms. We were told just recently that an mri showed shrinkage of the cerebellum. She, too, has undergone numerous tests, all of which have been fruitless. she has great doctors at the University of Virginia, im just curious to know what information your doctors gave you about this issue.
Avatar f tn It should be illegal to be pregnant and have a cold ... I've literally been up all night coughing.
Avatar f tn Is it true abortion is now illegal In the state of fl past 20 weeks or the dr thinks the baby can survive outside the womb? Heard about it the other day Jus wondering no hate.
Avatar f tn He says he feels as if the doctors are just stringing him along and there is no way he is ever going to get a heart transplant. I know there are different stages and classifications for the transplant list but realistically speaking what are his chances at his age? I'm looking for support groups and don't seem to be able to find any. There are days that I spend hours in my room crying but don't want him to know.
Avatar m tn I got a pre-employment drug screening today and they said they found something. The only thing I've taken in the last few weeks were these. Would any of these make me fail a drug test? Help. I really need this job.