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Avatar f tn About a week after the event, I camed down with an upper respiratory infection and was prescribed a Z Pak. I was to take the first 2 pill the first night, a total of 500 mg and 250 mg for the following four days. My question is... do you think that is effective against eliminating Gonnorhea if I were to have it? And what other STD's could this take care of?
615048 tn?1226186203 No we dont have a list of all of them most of the time here when people want to know how long a drug stays in your system its for a drug test and seeing as we are an addictionsite we are here to get clean. We dont give people info to help them beat a drug test .(there are times when people want to know for other reasons and if it for someing other then beating a ua we help).
Avatar f tn I visited this link they say that it is illegal to buy medication from internet without prescription but I have a prescription and it will be renewed, Also they have all the other medication on the list but not tramadol.
221387 tn?1210933058 If your asking if you can fail a drug test by taking over the counter unisom the answer is no. I used to work in a clinic where we did random and pre-employment drugscreens for many area companies including the hospital where we were located. A drug screen tests for marijuana,cocaine,PCP,benzodiazipene and meth.
Avatar m tn The reason why it is illegal in the US is why would any pharmaceutical company want a drug to come out that would cure addiction w one dose? The amount of money they would lose. It is more beneficial to keep people one **** like methadone. That is just my opinion, but I am thinking of going this route. Do your homework before you decide though. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn if its just a standard Five Panel Drug Screen none of that will show up.
Avatar m tn Whenever you have a question like this, Google the drug and there will be several websites that list contraindications. This particular drug acts like a benzo, as it targets GABA. While CBD oil doesn't target the same neurotransmitter -- CBD oil because it has been illegal for so long doesn't have great research on it yet but seems to act on serotonin but not in the same way or same part of the brain as other substances that affect serotonin.
Avatar f tn Then I looked it all up and found all the other symptoms I was having fell right into place with the list of side effects. Z-drug WD can really damage a persons CNS permanently, along with no sleep for quite a long time. So, I went back on the stuff and did a 4 month SLOW taper. August 8th marked my 3rd year clean from the stuff. Last night I woke up at 3:30am and have been awake ever since. Luckily I can take naps, I'm semi-retired. The drug mfg.
Avatar n tn If a doctor prescribes you a drug that is FDA approved, as appears to have happened in this case, you didn't take an illegal drug. It's only illegal if you take it without a prescription.
Avatar f tn U did not state ur dose of either drug. A high dose of anything should be tapered in the sedative/anti-anxiety world but benzos for sure. There is an example of a benzo taper in an article in the health pages by a british Doctor who specializes in addiction. It would be nice to find a dr who has experience in addiction to help u with this. many times people go to a weaker benzo during the taper.
Avatar f tn I was given an inhaler and Tylenol with codeine just for at night to help me sleep. I also suggest a good humidifier one that you can see the "steam" basically make yourself a tent, drink lots of water, and get the vicks handheld breather thing (sorry drawing a blank of actual name....) you put vicks pads in it and breath it in and nd it helps calm coughs and non will help open sinuses. I've had bronchitis 3 times this pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I began a round of the z-pack early this week for a bacterial infection (I have been sick for a month now; the dr. thinks it started as a cold and then I picked up a secondary infection), and just finished it up yesterday. I had started to feel better on the 3rd day of taking the antibiotics, but then yesterday on the day of the last dosage and even more so today (the 1st day off) I feel terrible again, with a lot of mucous, coughing, sinus issues. Can I go to the dr.
Avatar f tn Make a list of every drug and have your friend call the OB/GYN. Speak to the doctor or his nurse. They cannot share info about HER but they'll listen and take it from there. This needs to occur immediately! Keep us posted...
Avatar f tn I agree that you need to look into the matter. I once went to the chemist to get a script for a family member filled. I was given stalizine instead of selegiline. My mother has an OK relationship with the chemist so brought the matter to his attention and then let it slide. Being given incorrect medication can be extremely dangerous and I believe is something that should be investigated. (My grandmother died following a fall after she was giving incorrect medication.
Avatar f tn The only question is if they're allowed to practice, not if they're licensed. Most states used to ban them; this began with the robber barons in the late eighteen hundreds who decided the most money was to be made on allopathic medicine and got laws passed against most natural practitioners. Yet, they still practiced.
Avatar m tn I can repeat what others have said but I dnt feel it neccesary because u have already read it and both of the above posters r absolutely correct.Also just for your knowlege u can buy A LOT of illegal things on the internet.Its easy to obtain narcotic pills without a prescription online(like xanax,soma,lortab,oxycodone,roxicodone,oxycontin&any other pill u can imagine.
356518 tn?1322263642 This is a website that list any drug shortages that may be in effect. if you are taking a medication that is on this list speak with your doctor about making any changes that may be necessary. Here is the link... I also want to remind everyone about the FDA Recall group. It has important information. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Good link here on straterra - Basically it is an antidepressant. Has no stimulants in it. Thus I would think that it should pose no problem with urine or hair tests - unless, they are screening for antidepressants.
Avatar n tn August 2013. I know zopiclone is a non benzo "z class" drug. Question: in the category for benzo's in the UDS IS ZOPICLONE INCLUDED IN THIS CLASS.?
Avatar f tn Cause it's "illegal" that's why ppl fus so much about it ..... but I know plenty of women who have smoked up untill even their 8th month of pregnancy and their children are perfectly healthy....
Avatar n tn Hi, Tramadol will not show up as oxycodone. Tramadol is a non narcotic drug. Usually when you have a typical drug screen done for pain management it will show up as tramadol. It depends on which test as far as the extent such as the level in your system. Is the a test for employment or for pain management your asking about. They are very different test.
1420486 tn?1384793153 Will I be able to pass it . While taking riba and interferion. This is just a drug test. But has anyone passed test while on tx?
Avatar f tn Im still trying to debate on a name for my daughter and i just added a name to the list. Which do you ladies like?
Avatar n tn re doing good if you can just stick it out. Getting off a Z drug is very much like getting off a benzo which messes with your GABA receptors. Let us know how you fair, ok?