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366811 tn?1217422672 Most excellent suggestion by FMXSMKR to put the "common" name by the medication. Would also suggest that all generic names be included. I don't know if they would want to get into adding the names from other countries like Canada and the UK, but we do get a lot of posters from these countries and many of the same meds have vastly different names. Just a thought.
Avatar f tn two state employees have been placed on administrative leave, accused of creating a list of alleged illegal immigrants that was sent to state agencies and news outlets this week. The two employees work for the Department of Workforce Services but have not been identified. Their information will be turned over to the state attorney general's office as part of the state's ongoing investigation.
13782075 tn?1437961772 Im so picky with names and my son could be here any day i have a list of names if you ladies could help me narrow it down please... King, lequan, laquez, lavion, lamarious, tiontay, lavonte, lavaris, travone, tyzee, vequain, zaquan, payne, kaydron, ladron, ledron, kavion, or ryerson...?
Avatar f tn I have previously failed a drug test then passed a drug test showing high amounts of meth I take 3 prescription metoprolol escitalalopram methimazole cranberry plus vitamin c supplement could these taken together mess up a drug test
Avatar f tn t know of any tick control products that are considered to be unsafe for dogs with the MDR1 mutation. The list of drugs that are known to be a problem for dogs with the MDR1 gene is a fairly short list. If you know of any tick control drugs that are on the list, please post. Regarding the different names that a drug may be known as, there are generally only two -- the generic name and the trade name. Some compounds, if they are not patented, will only have a generic name.
Avatar n tn Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (commonly sold as benedryl) is an antihistamine which makes patients drowsy, so is taken in higher doses at bedtime to make patients sleep. It is sold in 25 mg pills and as extra strength, 50 mg pills. I found a list of drug recommendations on the Janis & Friends site last year and it said that patients were allowed up to 200 mg per night while on IFN/ribivirin therapy and it's what I used for sleep throughout TX.
408496 tn?1269603350 I know it is still a little early - but I think we should have list of our names/due date/boy, girl, or ?/possible names If anyone wants to participate, please do! I don't want anyone to be in charge of this - we can just copy the list and add/change what we need for each post for example: durhamjk1 - 5/1/2010 -?
Avatar m tn I dnt understand how they can say on the same page as the different strands,how much TO INGEST for different levels of intoxication,the names of different strands and the type of buzz u will get but n the middle of the page there disclaimer us basically"this is not intended for human consumption"but this information comes from natives who have ingested the plant/herb they are of average weight,these r the amounts if each they took to get the desired effect"as well as the"to o
221387 tn?1210933058 Most likely you will do a urine drug screen. My best advice to you is take a list of ALL medications used both over the counter and prescription. Now is not the time to lie about it. Also don't try fudging the test by bringing in someone elses urine. The cups have a temp reading on them and if the urine is to cool which it will be 100% of the time it will automatically be considered a failed drugscreen.
Avatar f tn She had fifteen names in her county, the first one on the list was a soldier deployed, the second legit and has voted every election for decades and the others were hispanics who had never voted in any election but she sent letters to them anyway. About half of those have provided proof of eligibility. All the other counties have encountered the same issues. So as a result all 67 counties have stopped the so called purge regardless of what scott wants.
Avatar m tn Whenever you have a question like this, Google the drug and there will be several websites that list contraindications. This particular drug acts like a benzo, as it targets GABA. While CBD oil doesn't target the same neurotransmitter -- CBD oil because it has been illegal for so long doesn't have great research on it yet but seems to act on serotonin but not in the same way or same part of the brain as other substances that affect serotonin.
551885 tn?1300383822 Ok, so we all know our kids names but how about a place to remember what OUR real names are? Just a reference. Seems to me that we all sure use each others supports and ideas and we may be doing do by the time our kids graduate high school, but it seems kind of funny that after all this time we are writing "firstcub", "eternidad", and so on LOL! dani71177- ok, mine is easy, Danielle, but I do go by Dani LOL!
Avatar n tn If someone has a prescription for Lortabs, and say they buy more from one of these people, if they are tested how would the test show their own prescription vs the illegally gotten Lortabs? They are all the same drug. The reason I ask is because I am a manager at a hotel, and I have had a hard time trying to find decent people to work the front desk.
Avatar m tn I don`t know about the USA. Find on the internet list of illegal drugs. And think is it worth of risk. Maybe it is, or maybe it`s not... I hope it`ll go well...
Avatar m tn s friend works at a pharmacy and that they have her on a watch list. I am not sure what it means, but I am guessing that they have a list of people they suspect (of bad scripts) and are waiting for them to mess up again.
317787 tn?1473358451 Hi I know I am very naive about all this so am coming to you all to ask your opinion. The link it to a channel 10 news article that lists the places that ISIS is going to attack. It starts with Texas but goes on to list other states