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Avatar f tn My gut tells me not to let him use it, especially where we need to monitor how well the Depakote will work for him. It's also very expensive. Thanks for the advice.
Avatar n tn If a doctor prescribes you a drug that is FDA approved, as appears to have happened in this case, you didn't take an illegal drug. It's only illegal if you take it without a prescription.
Avatar m tn These negative aspects make it a potential drug. That is why there are countries which have banned this drug. In the United States, however the drug is fairly new and it is banned only in a few states. If found possession of kratom in those states, you could land in up jail for 6 months or could have to pay a fine of $500 or both. Some people categorize kratom products as a legal high drug. Legal high drugs are those which can get you high but are still not banned by FDA.
Avatar m tn Could be Kratom. It is bought online, and they put "not for human consumption" on it to please the FDA and DEA. Otherwise, it would be illegal. On the sites, it sells itself by saying, "it's incense for burning" or some crap. The thing is that he's YOUR child, underage, living in your home??? I'd toss it and send him to rehab before it's too late. That may sound harsh, but you may be saving his life. This is what you actually found.
Avatar m tn Good link here on straterra - Basically it is an antidepressant. Has no stimulants in it. Thus I would think that it should pose no problem with urine or hair tests - unless, they are screening for antidepressants.
Avatar f tn I am 28weeks along now and I havent smoked in a few weeks and am passing my drug tests. I am due march 30th and was just wondering if anyone knew if I am passing my drug tests then my baby is alo right? Or could it still be in my babies system also?
Avatar f tn s why everyone talks about bad trips. When this drug first entered the illegal market nobody took it without a guide, then it became just another drug. Usually it's cut with speed, which makes the high longer but also makes it harder to come down from a bad trip. I was young when this drug was young, and most people handled it fine. The ones I met who didn't usually took a lot of it at one time or mixed a lot of drugs together at one time.
1420486 tn?1384793153 Have to take pre employment drug test. doc hasnt called. Will I be able to pass it . While taking riba and interferion. This is just a drug test. But has anyone passed test while on tx?
Avatar n tn Hi. Well last year I was tested and the test was done in front of me. I was on Tramadol at the time and I passed the test. I asked what exactly they were testing for and they said "Opiates" "Speed" & Pot. Tramadol is a man made Opiate and when I was test it didn't show up as an Opiate. Good luck to ya and when you take the test just tell them you take them and your doctor gives them to you, like I did.
Avatar n tn d like to express this in a different way, but trading one drug from another will not answer the problem, esp. with pot as it is illegal and look at the consequences you could face if you did get caught trying to find it or if it was on you. If you are in the process of w/d, please look for other ways to cope with w/d symptoms.
Avatar f tn i was referring to illegal drug use, howoever, that is interesting to know about anti anxiety medications as well
Avatar f tn It should be illegal to be pregnant and have a cold ... I've literally been up all night coughing.
Avatar f tn Is it true abortion is now illegal In the state of fl past 20 weeks or the dr thinks the baby can survive outside the womb? Heard about it the other day Jus wondering no hate.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 2005 because there was very little data available for the drug. After only a few injections i was miraculously cured. However, in 2009 I was told that I never did have hepatitis C or ID have antibodies and I don't have any HCV Antibodies. Why would Merck pharmaceuticals state that I was infected with HCV when in fact I wasn't?
Avatar m tn Or, are you talking about an illegal drug? If so, the answer is still yes, especially if you signed a contract with your Dr or clinic you're going to. In that contract it says that you will not take another persons medication and you will not take an illegal drug or the Dr can stop treating you.
Avatar m tn //dictionary.reference.
Avatar f tn I live in utah and I know mine drug test if they suspect or know there has been illegal drug use during pregnancy. I believe most hospitals in most states do.
Avatar f tn I have seen on here where a lot of you have to take drug test at doctors visits, I have been going to pm doctor since December of 2008, and never have had a drug test. Just wondering what the deal is?
657036 tn?1229923556 Depends what kind of drugs you mean and which ones? Some illegal drugs can cause long term brain damage. As for what you are saying you described having depression and anxiety. Now you have visual and auditory hallucinations, two signs of psychosis.
Avatar f tn Go to the "health pages" check out the Thomas recipe and the amino acid protocol .They have both been helpful for many members .the worst of the physical wd should be over in about a week but then you have to deal with the mental part .
Avatar f tn Here in the UK, they only do it if mother is a known drug user or if they have reason to suspect drug use.
Avatar m tn s illegal and mixing with prescription drugs can be very dangerous. No, it will not make prescription drugs negative. The illegal drug will show up in your screening. If you are in pain management, you will be dismissed and it will be merely impossible to get back in anywhere else.
Avatar m tn You are looking to introduce another addictive drug to help you through the withdrawal? Maybe you are right, maybe you will never learn. That is sad. Do not look for anyone to give you advise on this topic. It is against our guidelines. Good luck and I hope this time you stick with it.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone - If you have a question about the side effects of using a drug, that's fine, but we can not allow posts that encourage illegal activity. It's also safer for you if you aren't posting on the internet that you are using illegal drugs.
Avatar m tn Yes. Yes. Well there would be strokes, intracranial bleeds, talc or other adulterant embolization, still other illegal and deadly drugs. "Recreational" drugs. What a euphanism and cop out.