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Avatar n tn I have always had elevated liver enzymes and they have actually increased throughout treatment. At 1 month post treatment my alt's stand at 419 and my ast's stand at 358. Bilirubin is within range as is my p/t. I'm not sure yet about my creatin level. I live a very liver friendly lifestyle, don't drink....etc. I have also been undetected since week 12. The only other meds I'm on are synthroid, celexa and atavan. My enzymes were rising before these meds.
Avatar m tn Both resulted in increased liver enzymes. I haven't had any ibuprofen in 4 days. Is it possible that my liver enzyme increase is a result of the "overdose" with the ibuprofen. My doctor has scheduled another blood work screening in two weeks. Will my liver enzymes decrease in this amount of time? Is there anything I can do to help decrease my liver enzymes?
Avatar n tn I recently went to a G.I. doctor. I had some liver tests done and my liver enzymes came back "slightly elevated". Back in 2005 my AST & ALT were at 17 * 18. They currently register at 46 & 48 for AST & ALT. I am a 29 yr. old female w/ a number of gastrointestinal problems. I was born without a gall bladder, I have irritable bowel syndrome and I quite possibly over use ibuprofen, taking as much as 800-1600mg/ day. Are these levels high?
Avatar f tn I assume your liver was observed closely during your use of Lipitor? Ibuprofen can also cause liver problems. Too much calcium is bad for you, and should be taken in amounts determined by your doctor.
Avatar n tn Pre-surgery, all blood work was normal except for high (250) cholesterol and high LDL (193); also the ultrasound showed a fatty liver at that point, but my liver enzymes were normal. I have very litttle fat in my diet as it is. My doctor accused me of being a closet alcoholic (she is officially no longer my dr) and told me to cut down on dietary fat. She is not paying any attention to my history nor to what I say.
Avatar f tn Generally my hep c is manageable, I exercise regularly, mainly with running (hence the bursitis), my liver has some scarring but nothing too severe, viral load was about 2 million last time I was checked, only note of caution is that my ALT has been steadily rising and I believe ibuprofen does have a negative effect on liver enzymes. Any help / advice much appreciated.
Avatar n tn my sister-in-law had elevated liver enzymes and couldn't think of any meds she was on that would raise her numbers. She decided to lower her consumption of diet cola thinking the aspertame might be causing probs and her numbers did go down. When my liver numbers tested higher, I also cut the aspertame and my numbers went down. Is it a coincidence or not, I don't know.
382218 tn?1341185087 I had my bloodwork done on Tuesday and the results came back today. MS clinic nurse just called to tell me that my liver enzymes came down a LOT since the last test. AST is within normal range and ALT is just above normal. She will consult with my neuro on the results and for now says to stay at 22mcg Rebif. I asked what might account for such high levels initially, then for it to drop so fast. She said could be Tylenol, or alchohol use (I used neither during that period).
Avatar f tn Many conditions can cause high SGPT like liver inflammation, fatty liver, injury to the muscles, myocardial infarction, and acute kidney failure. Fatty liver is the common cause of mildly elevated SGPT. Refrain from alcohol. See a physician and get evaluated for determining the above possibilities. Treatment will depend on the exact cause of your symptoms. Keep me posted with more queries. Best luck and regards!
Avatar n tn He donated blood 3 months ago and the enzymes were elevated at 80 and we found out they were higher with this sept lab test. I dont know where to start to try and research what could possibly be wrong with him. I am desperate for some help- places to start, disease to consider or ANY advice you could offer me. He is now on a low sodium diet and he is in progress to begin losing weight. I am just lost here and its upsetting me that I dont know where to start.
Avatar m tn Acetaminophen has been known to cause liver problems and I, for one, can only use it sparingly, due to liver conditions. I would try to eliminate or moderate alcohol consumption and I would eliminate the Tylenol PM. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any liver friendly pain or sleep remedies. Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Naproxyn, etc., all tend to have negative effects on the liver. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn They also said my chest and rib pain is Costochondritis and at the time of the second test I was taking Ibuprofen but not at the first test. They have referred me for a liver scan and want to repeat the bllod test again. I am a moderate drinker and generaly feel well except recently I have been feeling a bit dizzy and light-headed. My question is could medications be causing my liver enzymes to be elevated or maybe it's an after affect of pregnancy or the meds I took for blood pressure.
Avatar n tn This could cause the enzymes to elevate and also you may be like me. A glass or two of wine here and there and my enzymes rise also. So, I am cutting out my wine. I have a total of 3 bottles 750 ml a year but my liver can't take it. I have a family history of liver problems. Also if you are using an antifungal of any type this jacks up your liver.
Avatar n tn The end result is that the enzymes began to consume my pancreas, they then moved on to my lower lungs and even to my liver! (Hence my high liver enzymes.) The stone has been removed but my pancreas is taking a long slow time to recuperate. I am still unable to eat solid foods. I will most likely be on a liquid diet for another 2 weeks or so. The doctor tells me that I will recover completely from all of this, but it is a slow process.
Avatar f tn They explained to me that it was only elevated 9 points, and it was probably due to ibuprofen...I explained I don't take aspirin or ibuprofen. They said maybe due to drinking. I drank on Friday. Would that leave ONE liver enzyme elevated on a Monday? Why just one? If it was from alcohol or ibuprofen wouldn't it be more?
Avatar f tn is needed and because my liver enzymes, chemistires wre within normal range, I did not have advanced liver disease and was able to loterate the treatment better if I took tylenol/ibuprofen for cramps the benefit outweighed the risks...many of the statistics and people I have spoken with who did not complete the treatment cited the horrible aches, pains, fatique as a reason...
Avatar m tn Alcohol could make your Alt higher than your Ast, and so could too much Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and manyother toxic to the liver chemicals. I think there are many reasons to have elevated liver enzymes, even an injury, which causes trauma.
2121656 tn?1395678349 Also, my other question is, If it's the lipitor (generic) or metformin that's causing my high liver enzymes and I've been off of them, shouldn't my levels be returning to normal instead of climbing each time I am tested? I would like to thank you for all you do. This is a great forum to get experts advice and help ease one's mind when scared and confused.
Avatar m tn They test for actual VIRAL LOAD, # of viruses per ml and mine is 1.8 million and my liver enzymes are just about like yours but I cant drink. I take tylenol in the Vicodin I use though I have tried a dozen times to get Drs. to Rx something without it. The Vicodin is Hydrocodone + Tylenol but you can get Hydrocodone + Ibuprofen, forget name, VicoPren? I rarely take just tylenol but any drug combo you might be Rxd, just ask that there is any Tylenol in it.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me if I had to take anything take Tylenol and not an ibuprofen type (darn I LOVE THEM) but in complete moderation and it was fine.
Avatar f tn Do his elevated liver enzymes indicate or point to a cholestatic problem? The ALP will tend to be much more elevated relative to both ALT & AST in this case. Also, does he tend to always have either loose stools or constipation ... never quite normal? I've had rectal bleeding in the past and it would vary from just a little to alarming then go away for sometime only to reappear again.
304573 tn?1345580938 So week 18......vl count at 15 weeks was 12 liver enzymes in july were 29 and today are 47( each test has been rising a few points....nurse yhinks i may not clear and to be prepared for that news....any thoughts????
Avatar m tn ALT is produced in the cells of the liver and is commonly elevated when liver cells are inflamed or die - the cells break open and leak ALT into the bloodstream. The ALT is a very sensitive and very specific laboratory indicator for damage to the cells of the liver. From what I understand ALT is very specific for liver issues.
Avatar f tn So now I'm home I don't take any Tylenol or ibuprofen products and I'm scared to death not knowing what my liver enzymes are right now And how to get them back to normal. I just felt that I didn't get any proper education from the doctors on what to eat what I can't take what I can take and I'm a bit irritated. And I'm terrified. I am still taking oxycodone for pain but I have decided today to wean myself down and I was told that they do not affect any liver enzymes.
Avatar f tn Hi, One of the most common causes of elevated liver enzymes is medications. Over-the-counter meds like Ibuprofen,Tylenol, Naproxen Sodium and also some common antibiotics can cause elevated liver enzymes. Statins taken for cholesterol often cause elevated liver enzymes. This list is from the Mayo Clinic:’ http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn The doctor ordered lab works aswell which came back ok exept for slightly high cholesterol and liver enzymes, borderline calcium Limit 10.4, Registered 10.5.The doctor did not think much about it and said go home. I was not so eased b/c I Know that I didnt feel right. I went to a neruo. b/c tingling pins needles and concern with (MS), Which he thinks it anxiety.2 Test were permored EEg, Cervical MRI, Both clear exept for a straightening of the spine (Slight) and disk-buldge c5-6.
Avatar m tn My liver enzymes were recently checked by my endocrinologist and found to be high, too. I, too, have been fighting fatigue for the past couple of years. I've also had strange neurological issues. The liver enzymes being elevated is new for me, though. My numbers aren't as high as yours--mine are 165 (ALT) and 109 (AST). Your doctor needs to rule out things like HIV and hepatitis. In addition to all those tests, you might also ask about getting tested for Lupus, too.
4152590 tn?1350776456 Restarted Rebif and only Rebif, stayed off the other meds, alcohol, etc, and liver enzymes shot up again after only a weeek or two. So I stopped and immediately started Copaxone. This was nearly 5 years ago. I've had no side effects other than the inital site reactions and one minor IPIR episode. On Copaxone my attacks went from 4 in a little over a year to 1 every 2-3 years on average.
Avatar n tn At the end of the week he went to see his doctor and she tested him for diabetes, white blood cell count and tested his liver counts. Liver was higher than normal. All other tests were normal. It is now a week and a half later and he had another liver test where it showed that it is continuing to climb. He had a sonigram and it came back with no abnormalities. Now his fever is a lowgrade one and he is feeling very fatigued and can only work 3 - 4 hours a day.
Avatar n tn He said yes but switched me to cholestipol and I take 3 grams a day.He retested my liver enzymes and said that the one which was elevated post surgery had returned to normal but another had become slightly elevated.I was then sent for a more in depth blood screen for hepatitis and other liver related diseases .All bloodwork was normal...my ultrasound and hyda scan from pre surgery are normal as well. The surgeons visual showed a normal appearance too.