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Avatar n tn Your symptoms sound very much like both hypoglycemia and/or low blood pressure. Yes, both of these can be identified by a doctor. Blood pressure is easy to identify, but sometimes identifying hypoglycemia is a little harder, for a blood test may not identify it if your body is not having a hypoglycemic reaction while your blood test is happening.
Avatar f tn i get very very dizzy and collapse as-well I see black and white flashes and get what people would call hot flashes my blood pressure also drops, I eat candy- or drink juice and the sugar helps me throught it.
Avatar m tn Before a meal/when I'm hungry, I have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia and have to eat NOW to feel better. So I'll eat a snack or my usual meal, but about 30mins to 1hour later I get tired, weak, lightheaded and hot flushes. I think my sugar level peaks and drops too fast, like I'm making too much insulin. It's making me feel horrible every day. Yesterday I tried cutting out all sugar and sticking to proteins/healthier food, and I feel slightly better today, but still lousy.
Avatar n tn Should I? No, I don't smoke or consume caffeine. Have normal blood pressure (more on the low side of normal), no heartburn/GERD, no anxiety/depression. I've covered the basics.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend is an active and fit 47 year who works out often and maintains a relatively healthy diet. He has slightly high blood pressure and has an occasional bout of indigestion/acidy stomach. HOWEVER, for many, many years I have watched him get headaches/migraines, feel dizzy and became very irritable. It almost always revolves around the lack of food. He seems to need to eat every few hours to avoid this. If he doesn’t eat anything in the morning he seems to be ok.
Avatar f tn However, you could be suffering from low blood pressure. I too suffer from low blood pressure and it can make u feel tired, weak and nauseous at times. I exercise daily to fire it up so to speak. I would be having a blood test and general check up to diagnose the problem. Good luck!
Avatar f tn No significant health problems. History of low blood pressure, iron deficiency anemia corrected with iron pills, mild mitral valve prolapse. After childbirth and cessation of breastfeeding, I began having episodes where I would be pale, anxious, hungry, shaky, lightheaded, etc. They were diagnosed by ER as panic attacks. At the same time, I began contraceptive pills. I quickly gained about 30 pounds and the episodes continued.
Avatar n tn As the years go by, many people continue to have symptoms of hypoglycemia, but the symptoms change. In this case, someone may not recognize a reaction because it feels different." I would say everyone is a little different here also. My son feels symptoms around 50 but does not get shaky until in the 30s. I worked with a lady who was shaky at 70. This may also depend on overall control.
946578 tn?1258666887 ) either i'd rush off to a new GI or just go straight to a ERCP specialist in your state or ask your current GI if you can go to a specialist (since you don't like him) and i'm not a doctor in no way but with those symptoms i'd be thinking about a stent in the bile duct to relieve pressure off your liver/pancrease (unless you've been drinking and hitting asprin a lot and have fatty liver but imaging would have shown that..
Avatar n tn I feel like I have no life at all. I still get low blood sugar drops, which range with different symptoms such as. sweatimg, heart palpatations, dizzyness, trembling of hand and legs. At time my hands shake so much I cannot even write a check. Diabetes runs in my Mother`s family and she has type 1. I am 47 years old, and need to loose about 25-30 pounds. I always fell lousy and have a lot of anxiety. What are my chances of getting diabetes and is a low carb diet my only solution?
2118271 tn?1337466704 I have a question, have you been diagnosed with diabetes, or hypoglycemia? If not, then why would you be checking your blood sugar? Were you instructed to do so by your doc? If you've decided to do this on your own, this is another one of those things that will fuel anxiety, just like someone checking their blood pressure or pulse frequently.
Avatar m tn hi, im a 35 yr old male that is having trouble with low blood pressure. I went to the emergency room last week and was adimitted into the hospital for 5 days. My symptoms were dizziness, slight chest pains,blurred vision,shortness of breath, and extremly week. On arrival to ER my blood pressure was 100/63 after 30min of setting my blood pressure was 80/49. I have had 2 MRIs,cat scan,numerous EKGs,sonigram of neck arteries chest exrays,EEG,partial tilt table test and a heart catherization.
1218873 tn?1300094816 A few weeks ago I went to the hospital for an LP the nurse took my blood pressure and asked did I have high blood pressure I said no ( I had had it taken a few months earlier and it was fine) and we put it down to apprehension of the LP. A week later I was at my GP surgery having my yearly Asthma review, the nurse said that they had not taken my blood pressure recently so she took it and it was 132/90 she felt this was high so wanted to see me again which was last week.
Avatar m tn In the past if I delay eating I will get the classic symptoms of hypoglycemia, nervousness, weakness, jittery, and nausea. Recently I have noticed at times I have had what I will call discomfort and weakness in my left arm with a headache and numbness in the lower part of my hand from the wrist to my little finger (which doesn’t completely go away. A couple of days ago I had the same feeling in my right arm and hand.
Avatar m tn Can you please find any solution which medicine might reduce sugar safely without affecting pressure. I have some food allergy too. I cannot take tyramine reach food, which makes blood pressure/ heart rate hight. I do not eat those My idea adrenaline is stressed out and made this sugar problem . Is there any way to rebuild adrenals?
Avatar n tn I had the impression that my blood suger decreased very fast and that the mentioned symptoms I were some kind of special alert. -very different from the "normal" symptoms of a Hypoglycemia- (I helped myself drinking a lot of coke and tried not to panic) Anyway, your comments, advice or explaination are very welcome. The fact that I am not sure what is happening to me in these moments really scares me. When I do not know what it is, I cannot react properly.
Avatar n tn I have regular hypoglycemic and my reactions seem to worsen into reactive hypoglycemia type symptoms when I take blood pressure meds. I am watching my diet and that helps but I wondered if there is some other treatment available.
Avatar f tn I feel like i'm going to faint, but not because of blood pressure like a head rush, more like go unconsious. These symptoms are either proceeded by: a) physical activity (cardio) 30 mins- 1hr. Extreme hunger, but at the same time a jittery stomach and the feeling I would throw up if I ate. b) having lunch up to an hour before. I always get these after physical activity. But, I only get these symptoms occasionally after I eat.
Avatar n tn I decided to research a way to safely stop the Paxil, since I had tried before with horrible withdrawal symptoms. SO after about a year and half of weanning I did it. My blood pressure is still high, I am still pre diabetic and have hypoglycemia, my thyroid levels still have not returned to normal, and my panic attacks still come and go. My doctor has ran many tests to try and figure out where all this is coming from, but he still does not know.
Avatar n tn Then I started having dizzy spells. I looked up the symptoms for Hypoglycemia and found that all of these things, plus hand tremors, headaches and exhaustion were also symptoms. So I went to my new PCP and had my blood sugar tested. It was 79, but I felt really good at that time. He said that was really close to normal and put all of my symptoms under the Anxiety category and prescribed Zoloft. Since the symptoms of both conditions are so similar, I would like to know the differences.
Avatar n tn What is Hypoglycemia? - the cause of hypoglycemia and its effects. Typical Hypoglycemia Symptoms - the wide range of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Testing for Hypoglycemia - standard medical testing and why it is often unreliable. The Solution to Hypoglycemia - a list of dietary and nutrient recommendations, with special notes and cautions. Recommended Reading - books and other references that will give you a more complete understanding. What is Hypoglycemia?
Avatar n tn Recently he was back in the ER after having a severe fainting spell from low blood pressure and hypoglycemia. He was feeling the afib that morning but it was gone when the paramedics checked his heartrate. His pituitary tumor was not visible on the catscan in the ER this time (they compared it to the one from 3 years back). They sent him home from ER with normal xray of his heart and all his bloodwork comes back within normal range from recent dr. visits except low vitamin D.
Avatar n tn Do you take steroid replacements too close to the evening - that can sometimes interfere with sleep. You may also want to do some more testing to see if things have changed.
1611319 tn?1378621999 As to the high blood pressure, again, you could be swinging toward hyperthyroid. Do you check your blood pressure between doctor visits? If so, is it high "every" time you check it? I have a blood pressure machine at home, and most of the time, my bp is okay, but invariably, when I go to the doctor it's high -- "white coat syndrome".
Avatar m tn Any ideas or suggestions?!
Avatar f tn Though not the typical symptoms of hypoglycemia; similar symptoms could also be caused due to autonomic disturbances, blood pressure issues, hormonal/ endocrine abnormalities etc. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by a primary care physician initially and depending on the cause diagnosed/ suspected, it can be managed accordingly or specialist care may be sought. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn (and once again if you have diabetes and already know these symptoms, forgive me) Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) - shakiness - fast heartbeat (could feel like anxiety) - impaired vision - hunger - weakness, tired (High Blood Sugar can cause frequent urination and large amounts) Again, I am unclear if you have diabetes. I perceived your post as a non-diabetic looking for answers.