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Avatar n tn Anyone out there get a headache from withdrawal? It's like the worse sinus headache I ever had. I am at tonight will be day 2 of CT from a month's use of Darvocet and Hydrocodone. I was taking 3 a day, 15mg total a day Should I take Advil, or just gut it out?
Avatar n tn So after a few days, any withdrawal you feel is going to be a tramadol withdrawal and not a hydrocodone withdrawal. And yes, it will be worse, there are many more horror stories about tram than hydrocodone. I had a doctor try to take me off of hydrocodone by giving me tramadol a few years ago when I was stopping meds after a surgery, and the withdrawals were terrible.
Avatar f tn prescribed by doc, six 7.25 a day (for lower back disc degenerative disease). script ran out and honestly am a weeks short of being able to get refill. doc said more or less, sorry cant do anything for you (i think pharmacy goofed on count, it involved changing pharms while on vacay - then changing back - no-one will admit to anything) facing a week of withdrawal freaks me out. i'm a 61 professional wondering how to lessen the withdrawal. please any suggestions would be sooooo appreciated.
Avatar m tn I wiened down to 2 a day in 2 months, The got some oxycodone and wiened down to 2 a day, Then got some hydrocodone and wiened down to 2 a day. I am now takin 2 50 mg tramadol to take the edge off the withdrawals ,am i gonna get addicted to the tramadol,am i screwin up here,or should have just cold turkeyed the 2 hydrcodone a day?????????
Avatar m tn I'm 59 and have been taking hydrocodone for 3 years. I lost my son from an overdose od oxicotin a year ago. I am seeing a new doctor and he will not prescribe hydrocodone for me. I have been without pain meds for 5 days. I am restless and my body aches very badly. How long does it take to detox. I am also a diabetic and have.
Avatar f tn hello Everyone...im on 7.5 hydrocodone 4-6/day and i dont like the control it has over me. One day i got up and just didnt take one and....I had an anxiety attack and I then for the first time realized that it had more control over me than I thought. I DONT LIKE THAT FEELING. How long do w/d's last if i start slowley reducing the intake amount? And...is there anything recomended besides rehab or saboxin to help with the w/d's.
Avatar n tn I was taking 4 - 6 7.5 500 hydrocodone a day for 2 years after a nasty car accident and surgery. I stopped cold turkey and went through a rough 4 days. I am approaching day 9 off (it feels like more than it sounds!) and I am symptom free without cravings or any more withdrawal. My withdrawal was not fun, but consisted of misplaced pretty intense anxiety and sleep depravation. I had the sweats and was pretty uncomfortable. That is the bad part.
Avatar n tn I have had difficulty sleeping for years. I was prescribed hydrocodone-apap 7.5-750 tamck for pain recently from my dentist. I don't have any side effects, am not dopey - but the medicine has allowed me to rest in and out of sleep for 4-5 hours. Is it addictive and could I typically order it through say a canadian respected mail pharmacy without a prescription?
Avatar f tn Please talk here and ask the members what we have done in the way of natural remedies to get off of ALL pills. And other remedies we can suggest. Best of luck and I hope you stick around.
Avatar n tn How long and intense will withdrawal be if I stop 4-5 vicodin a day that I have taken regularly for months?
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever experienced the following symptoms during hydrocodone withdrawal: dilated pupils, nervousness, cold hands, sweating and talking about things which make absolutely NO SENSE. My husband is recovering from surgery and has stopped taking the pain medication. Last night, he began talking nonsense. He is also having vivid dreams that he swears are reality. I don't know if he is hallucinating or what but it is very scary. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if hydrocodone withdrawal causes calcium, Vit D and potassium levels to drop?
Avatar f tn Does anyone out there have any advice for pregnant women coping with hydrocodone withdrawal?