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Avatar n tn What are the withdrawal symptoms from Hydrocodone and how long will they last? I've been taking 1 or 2 10-325s a day for about a year for knee pain and quit a few days ago. I'm suffering from nausea that lasts from the time I wake up in the morning until about 12:00 noon. And I still don't feel well even then. I would really appreciate this information, as I'm starting to think there is something seriously wrong with me. Thank you!
Avatar n tn At any rate, through some strange twist of fate, Clonidine is one of the few high blood pressure medications that actually lowers my hypertension without causing blistering headaches, as all the others I tried did. But I'm afraid that it didn't quell the withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone when I stopped taking Norco cold turkey. Perhaps, though, this is because I take it (Clonidine) on a daily basis. Still, I've yet to find anyone for whom it did much good where withdrawal was concerned.
Avatar m tn Like I said, I enjoy the high. Is a headache a symptom of withdrawal? I feel like I'm getting one.
Avatar n tn Your brain has too many opiate receptors and not enough opiate to bind to them all, this causes withdrawal. Taking your vicodin (5mg hydrocodone/500mg tylenol) as prescribed does not pose a threat to your health before you can talk to your doctor, Stoppind suddenly does pose a threat to your health. I hope this helps some. I skimmed over and I can see that a lot of great people already posted and had some great stuff to say. I probably just repeated a lot of what they did.
Avatar f tn Hi . I have been taking hydrocodone pretty regularly for 2 years. Used to have 5mg/325 and take one or two per day. Then got a doc who prescribed 10/325 and have been taking 3-5 per day for maybe 3 months. I have 9 pills left and the doc has disappeared. I don't want to doc shop as I actually no longer need for pain. I recognize I have been using these to feel "normal". for past couple days, I couldn't handle how I was feeling after taking just 2 in a day so I turned to alcohol.
1109982 tn?1260732608 Hi, I have been prescribed hydrocodone for probably close to 10 yrs. Before that it was darvocet. I never knew what addiction really meant when I first started taking them for fibromyalgia. I know, I'm naive. Now I am worried that it's affecting my quality of life. I have become very lazy and I have very little desire to do anything. This past year I have been slowly decreasing my activities. I stay in bed almost all day, many days of the week. I am 46 yrs old.
Avatar n tn Anyone out there get a headache from withdrawal? It's like the worse sinus headache I ever had. I am at tonight will be day 2 of CT from a month's use of Darvocet and Hydrocodone. I was taking 3 a day, 15mg total a day Should I take Advil, or just gut it out?
Avatar f tn The second day I sweat like crazy and I was nauseous, irritable and had a headache. Third day I had a headache and mood swings as well as today. I am a bit scared since it is day 4 and people have said it gets worse before it gets better so I'm praying that I have already suffered the worst bc that was fu@#$* unbearable! I'm just trying my hardest to stay positive! If I suffer another migraine I'll go right to a doctor for something other than Tylenol just to abort the migraine.
Avatar n tn He took hydrocodone for about a week, and we are trying to determine if his symptoms are from withdrawal from hydrocodone or just the flu. He has a fever of about 101, hot and cold flashes, headache, general body aches, and a lack of energy. Is his week-long use of hydrocodone enough to have produced habituation? Do these symptoms match those of hydrocodone withdrawal? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Replace the APAP by taking Tylenol throughout the day, along with some coffee or tea. We withdraw from the APAP as well and that causes the rebound headache. Fluids help the headache, as well. Are you having restless legs, arms, body? That's where the Hyland's restful legs tabs will help. Taking potassium and magnesium in the form of capsules or food helps and the Epsom salts in a hot bath is wonderful.
Avatar f tn You are going cold turkey? Your doc said? Cant you taper off? You will have 2 horrid weeks of nausea, vomiting, chills, headache, depression, disconnected feeling, sweating, just like your body is in the eye of a tornado. Please discuss w/ physician for assistance ---taper off, do not cold turkey alone. Kindly, Concerned, keep me posted on your progress PS/dont be embarrassed about the addiction to hydrocodone--we are only human, and living with pain of anykind is torture.
Avatar n tn My doctor has continued to prescribe me hydrocodone for a back injury I had 5 years ago. He has recently increased the dosage. I am pretty sure I am dependant as when I wake in the morning I am extremely anxious and have to take one immediately. After about an hour I feel calmer. Yes they do still help me with daily activities, I am unsure if I'd be able to cope without them. My sleep is poor, I have been on sleeping pills for as many years, first ambien, then ambien cr and now lunesta.
Avatar n tn I wasn't sure if it was the flu or withdrawal symptoms. So, I took a vicodin to see if I would feel better. I didn't. Went to the dr at 4pm and she said it likely was WD symptoms and to taper off, so I started just taking a lower dose - 5mg/500 - 4 times a day. Well, I've taken the hydrocodone now for a full day and I still don't feel better?? Does anyone know if I could still be having WD symptoms?? Or do I really have the flu? I did lower my dosage, but would I feel this bad??
Avatar n tn Hello all, methadone/hydrocodone has almost destroyed me!! Could anyone please reply to my message just to let me know i'm not the only one feeling these....er, feelings. NO doubt there are people out there who have gone through alot worse than me... but nevertheless, its still hard to endure. 10 days free of it now.... (13/09/07 was the last dose) Say i took a small 10 dose at 9pm, go to bed for 11pm, by 1am i would be wide awake sweating, dizzy and feel like pukin my guts up...
Avatar f tn Hi, im need some help on a hydrocodone detox issue. I have been trying to detox from hydrocodone for some time now. Here is my story, maybe you can help. The short story. Back in December 2000 I broke my back at work. My doctor prescribed hydrocodone as the pain killer, starting at 5mg/500. I worked with this broken back for five years while steadily increasing my dose to 10mg/650 X 8 pills a day.
Avatar m tn So SWIM's on day two now. Had some really weird dreams last night, none about hydrocodone thank god! =P Anyway, woke up with some of the runs, some chills, and felt like a 10 lb weight was attached to SWIM's back. Took some ibuprofin and an imodium and feel better. SWIM's looking forward to a brighter tomorrow and only regrets not realizing what the drugs were doing to him sooner.
Avatar f tn I have been taking hydrocodone 10/325 4 sometimes 5 per day for 2 years. i had a fusion in my back and severe arthritis. i will be married 15 years next month to the best husband and I have 3 of the most awesome children who are now 13, 9 & 9). About 6 months ago my husband took the RX bottle and locked it in the safe (i have no key).And would leave me 3 pills to get me through u til he got home . My 4 th was at bedtime. 3 days ago I decided I want my life back.
Avatar m tn I've been taking 10mg hydrocodone for 2 years now for chronic neck/back pain. I'm trying to taper down and quit taking them completely in order to attempt a 30 day drug holiday. Ive been taking 3 or 4 daily. When I have run out in the past, the withdrawals have been horrible. My husband is helping me taper off, but I think I need additional help. What should I do? I know a lot of people will say 3 or 4 a day isn't much, but I've been on them for a long time and thats the main problem.
Avatar n tn I, like others, have taken Ultram. It certainly will keep the withdrawal symptoms of hydrocodone away, but only causes its own. I am just curious for any responses; I want to quit this, but I know if my doctor calls back and I have a prescription, I'll be at the pharmacy within 30 minutes... I guess this is a cry for help, so Help!
Avatar f tn Ive been taking hydrocodone for the last few years, I was given darvocet for tooth pain and thought that maybe by swiching pain meds it may be easier to get of the hydrocodone. It has been three day's off hydrocodone, and my first day off darvocet tomorrow, and I am in a panic, let me know someone what to expect.
Avatar n tn I started taking hydrocodone regularly when my husband left me for the fourth time. He's a crack addict. He's been in and out of rehabs for the past 20 years. And can you believe I stayed sane and with him through all of that except for the last one. I finally gave in. I always played around with it, but never like the past 2 years. Today is day four. I'm still very tired and I have a fear of being tired. The drug gave me energy to do anything and everything. Now I can barely wash my hair.
Avatar f tn Hello. I have a question for current or former hydrocodone addicts. I have been taking this medication for about a year now and have turned myself into a monster when it comes to the drug. I have 10/325s. I am to the point of wanting to stop, and I have made a plan to do so. But I have a question about something that concerns me. When I take this medication, I obviously do not take it as prescribed. I am an over-doer.
2333944 tn?1342915967 I have never done drugs or even drank alcohol, prior to going on hydrocodone about four years ago for my very bad knees. I am 65 years old. My doctor prescribed me 120 per month. I usually only took two a day, sometimes 3, but I got to the point, if I didn't have some with me at all times, I felt panicky. I didn't even have to take one....I just had to have them..."just in case". I found my self liking them and taking them because they made me feel "happy"....
Avatar n tn I have been taking 4 hydrocodone a day for the past 2+ years and have been increasing up to 7 per day. I feel like its destroying my life and am scared for my little girls 4 and 8. I need to get off for them as well for my health but withdrawel is the worst feeling and I feel like I will not get through it and succeed. I know many will tell me it will last a few days and get better in about a week. But will the craving for it ever go away or will I live with the feeling forever?