Hydrocodone withdrawal systems

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Avatar m tn I've been taking around 30-40mg of hydrocodone daily for about 4 months. Today is day 2 of completely stopping. I know the withdrawals could have been worse, but my main symptoms are the stomach pain and muscle aches. The muscle aches started last night while trying to sleep and they are starting again right now. It feels like my muscles in my arms and legs need to be stretched out but when I try to stretch them (to the point of shaking my entire body), I get no relief at all.
Avatar m tn Its too early for PAWS - Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome must follow an acute withdrawal. You are still feeling the last withdrawal effects. Sleep is one of the last things to return.........and energy. I liked the amino acid protocol...especially the 5-HTP and SaMe for depression - - - probably saved me an antidepressant. Pamper yourself - - eat well and take care of your body - - and good luck to you!
Avatar n tn So after a few days, any withdrawal you feel is going to be a tramadol withdrawal and not a hydrocodone withdrawal. And yes, it will be worse, there are many more horror stories about tram than hydrocodone. I had a doctor try to take me off of hydrocodone by giving me tramadol a few years ago when I was stopping meds after a surgery, and the withdrawals were terrible.
Avatar n tn How long and intense will withdrawal be if I stop 4-5 vicodin a day that I have taken regularly for months?
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever experienced the following symptoms during hydrocodone withdrawal: dilated pupils, nervousness, cold hands, sweating and talking about things which make absolutely NO SENSE. My husband is recovering from surgery and has stopped taking the pain medication. Last night, he began talking nonsense. He is also having vivid dreams that he swears are reality. I don't know if he is hallucinating or what but it is very scary. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if hydrocodone withdrawal causes calcium, Vit D and potassium levels to drop?
Avatar f tn Does anyone out there have any advice for pregnant women coping with hydrocodone withdrawal?
Avatar m tn Last week I posted a question pertaining to the symptoms associated with hydrocodone withdrawal. I don't seem to be able to locate the responses to my post. What am I doing wrong? I recently had a severe back injury and was taking as many as 10 vicodin per day .When the pain began to subside I discontinued the hydrocodone and immediately began to experience symptoms of nausea,weakness and general malaise. I'm down to 1/2 a pill in the morning and 1/2 pill in the late afternoon.
Avatar n tn What are the withdrawal symptoms from Hydrocodone and how long will they last? I've been taking 1 or 2 10-325s a day for about a year for knee pain and quit a few days ago. I'm suffering from nausea that lasts from the time I wake up in the morning until about 12:00 noon. And I still don't feel well even then. I would really appreciate this information, as I'm starting to think there is something seriously wrong with me. Thank you!
Avatar m tn m getting ready to quit this Hydrocodone, just a little scared from withdrawal and what to expect. will it be bad after just three months. averaged about 40 mgs. daily. I heard the Tramadol was worse, but it was nothing.