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Avatar m tn I would say its more likely he would need to go to the hospital for APAP toxicity than hydrocodone overdose. APAP (tylenol) is mixed with the hydrocodone and is not good for the liver in high doses. Just tell him not to go crazy and make sure he doesn't mix with alcohol or other drugs (besides weed), and he should remain alive. Might end up with a wicked addiction though!
Avatar n tn This cough syrup combines an anti-histamine (chlorpheniramine) with a codeine-like cough suppressant called hydrocodone. Tussionex stops coughing well, but it carries a risk of potential side effects, including drowsiness, constipation, lightheadedness, and vomiting. The hydrocodone component is also an addictive medication and should be used with caution.
Avatar f tn Xanax , in combination with opiates/opioids contributes to huge numbers resulting overdose deaths. Both types of medications can cause respiratory suppression, and using them both together compounds the effects. Most PM doctors want any and all scheduled medications prescribed by one office, making it easier to track usage, fills, and compliance.
Avatar f tn Due to it being buffered with such a hefty amount of tylenol, you are quite likely to get sick and vomit before you actually exceeded the lethal level of hydrocodone.... the truth is the danger is not from an overdose so much as it is impossible to know if your central nervous system will respond in a manner that will cause your physical body to reach for that amber plastic pill bottle...again ....and again....and again.....
Avatar m tn i have a friend who takes hydrocodone 6 pills(10mg) a day, in addition to adderoll..... is there a risk.....
Avatar n tn Can a baby overdose off of hydrocodone, oxycodone , or Roxycodone through breast milk if the mother takes the right dosage, or slightly more, only once a day and not everyday. If he breastfeeds while its in the mothers system, is sleepiness a sign of overdosing? If so, can l the overdose possibly death happen after the mother is no longer on medication?
Avatar m tn i am addicted to hydrocodone. ive been taking them for 3yrs. the last 7 months about 10 pills a day. 10/650 or 10/325. i stopped a couple of weeks ago. my dr. put me on suboxone. my question is: ive seen alot of stories about addiction, like i said i was taking 10 pills a day, which i thought was alot, and maybe. but some people on here were to 30 and 40 pills a day. i havent seen a post where people talk about the damage the pills have caused their liver or kidneys.
Avatar f tn Seek emergency medical attention if you think you have used too much of this medicine. A tramadol overdose can be fatal. Overdose symptoms of a tramadol overdose may include drowsiness, shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, extreme weakness, cold or clammy skin, feeling light-headed, fainting, or coma. Tramadol may be habit-forming and should be used only by the person it was prescribed for.
Avatar n tn Cymbalta (60 MG), Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen (5-500 MG), Ibuprofen (800 MG), Mobic (15 MG), Oxycodone-Acetaminophen (5-500 MG), Plaquenil (200 MG), Xanax (0.5 MG).
Avatar f tn My doctor did prescribe ultram, which as I have been reading other posts, it seems to be a controversial topic. For me, however, it has been wonderful. Today is my 5th day hydrocodone free and I feel better already. My question is, when should I leave the ultram alone and should i wean off of that? I take 2 4x's a day as needed (it has really helped). Any advice or suggestions would be great!!
Avatar n tn But Iv done it all weed,abused xanax,Booz ,beans(extacy) coke , sad to say but even opioids like OC,hydrocodone ,ext. let me say this Iv taken adderall and other add med sence like 5-7 years old I currently been take adderall for the last 3 month. Please believe me man plz. Addereall is a very real drug it can be very dangerous to even take your recommended dosage your doc gives u let alone the amount u took.
Avatar f tn Talk to your doctor about the hydrocodone use and ask his advice for tapering off. Three months is a long time to be on hydrocodone, your femur should be feeling better by now.
612876 tn?1355514495 The stronger ones such as hydrocodone are schuduled more wisley than these in my opinion. Having them seem less effective therefore some may think they can take more of it to control their pain.
Avatar f tn After that the situation has improved, the blood level of b6 decreased (first test i have 29,43 and in second 25,33 ... maximum safe level is 27.20) My permanent symptoms: balance and coordination problems, unsteady gait, spine and head movement (an easy rocking and a strange feeling from top to bottom of spine). From what I feel i think the all problem is about spine .... May be this a form of ataxia? Is here someone who has passed through this? Sorry for my english.....Thanks!
229538 tn?1300377767 Jimmy WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal health advisers want new restrictions on hydrocodone, the highly addictive painkiller that has grown into the most widely prescribed drug in the U.S. The recommendation from a panel of drug safety specialists would subject Vicodin and dozens of other medicines to the same restrictions as other narcotic drugs like oxycodone and morphine.
699217 tn?1323438700 I wanted to know what the difference is between hydrocodone and like-oxycontin or oxycodone, Percocet, tramadol, is this all just types of hydrocodone? All I ever took was hydrocodone....
Avatar m tn I have taken a 1-milligram Xanax bar, 5mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, and I'm drinking Moscato how much can I drink without an overdose
Avatar n tn I already get 90 hydrocodone a month. I will go to a pain management clinic and pay for 90 more hydrocodone a month soon. I already told my primary care doctor I run out early but he said he could only write me 90 a month. I will pay for the other 90 myself without my insurance company acknowledgement.
Avatar f tn I haf surgery a couple weeks ago and was on morphine and hydrocodone. Also, I was prescribed hydrocodone. A doctor wouldn't prescribe you something that could harm your baby. My baby is perfectly fine and healthy! Don't fret!
Avatar f tn I found that hydrocodone could "get me by" for a few days when I ran out of ultram. I still did not feel good. I would call your doctor and explain what it happening. If he is smart he will figure out what to do. Some doctors still are not aware of how addictive and dangerous tramadol/ultram is, so he may need to get up to speed on the current research.
Avatar m tn I'm 59 and have been taking hydrocodone for 3 years. I lost my son from an overdose od oxicotin a year ago. I am seeing a new doctor and he will not prescribe hydrocodone for me. I have been without pain meds for 5 days. I am restless and my body aches very badly. How long does it take to detox. I am also a diabetic and have.
Avatar m tn I was miss prescribed by my Dr. a much higher synthroid dose. I was taking half of 25mcg (that's the lowest level) and my Dr changed my prescription to 125mcg (so I was taking then 67.5mcg). It got to the point I thought I was having a heart attack, would wake up every other minute at night. In a period of about 4 months my triglycerides jumped drastically, and I gained 40lbs.It seems my metabolism went cocoa puffs.