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558096 tn?1255887002 Well the 1/2 life of hydrocodone is about 2 hours which means basically that 1/2 of the hydrocodone is metababilzed in that period of time. The rest metabolizes over the next 36 hours. Of course this is always dependent on the persons metabolic rate. Also there is a dependency on how much someone has taken of how long a period.
Avatar f tn t mind me asking? Are you trying to make sure it is in your system for a test? If your in pain management and take the Hydrocodone as prescribed then you should have no problem with the medication showing up in your blood work. Unlike UA tests the blood work will be accurate.
Avatar f tn how long does hydrocodone stay in your system been takin about 6-7 a day for 8-9 months?
Avatar m tn m assuming they will check therapeutic level) will show the level of hydrocodone and its metabolites in your system. Neither of these tests have the ability to show which dosage of hydrocodone you have used, but bear in mind...half of a 7.5 is less than the 5 so your levels will likely be less than they should be. Please note - the 750 and 500 are merely the doses of acetaminophen in that particular pill.
Avatar f tn It didn't say how they tested them? & it didnt say how long hydrocodone stays In their system! That's what I really need to know! Please & thank you for helping so much! & yes I am done!
Avatar m tn How long does it take for hydrocodone to get out of the system I took it for 3 consecutive days I am a 5`3 and 160 pound male?I am conserned about it because I took a u.a. at work.
Avatar m tn sorry no doctor on on this forum but narcotics effect people in different ways I got a very sleepy euphoric feeling from the same thing that gives others bursts of energy I guess it just the way your brain is wired wish I had more for ya but I dont even think science can enplane this fanamana .........
Avatar n tn The truth is, all you're doing is prolonging the withdrawals. to switch from the hydrocodone straight to the tramadol, you're just switching which drug is filling your endorphin receptors. So after a few days, any withdrawal you feel is going to be a tramadol withdrawal and not a hydrocodone withdrawal. And yes, it will be worse, there are many more horror stories about tram than hydrocodone.
Avatar n tn I've been off hydrocodone for 2 weeks now and I feel great. It's the first time being clean in 2 years. But I've been starting to feel weird little spasms in my stomach. Sometimes food goes right through me or it feels like my stomach is burning. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn I am totally scared right now. I have took hydrocodone a few times will being pregnant. I have not told anyone about this. I only took them a few times for pain I was having in my lower back. The problem is, I am now 33 weeks pregnant and starting to become scared about it. The last time I took them was when I was 31 weeks. Like I said, I was not taking daily. Just every now and then I would take a couple to take away the pain.I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn I have been taking hydros thru the whole pregnancy but no more than 2 a day! If I stop by 30 weeks will the hydrocodone be in the baby's system when he is born? How long does the hydrocodone stay in the baby's system? When should I stop taking them? I'm 28 weeks pregnant now! How does Texas test newborns? Please help I'm scared!
Avatar n tn You should ask your pharmacist. I don't know how much hydrocodone Tussionex has in it, but I wouldn't take both of them. Both medications contain hydrocodone, which you probably already know. That is a very strong narcotic and not one you want to OD on. You can take as much as 10 mg of hydrocodone at a time. That could leave yoy feeling quite out of it though if it is too much for your system. I would probably wait 6 hours from the lortab to take the tussionex. Feel better.
Avatar f tn Hi MollyGray, Welcome to our Pain Management Community. I'm glad you found us and took the time to post. Yes I've heard of opioid-induced hyperalgesia. It's an opioid-induced abnormal sensitivity to pain. It's usually observed in ppl with long term use of opioids. It is not usually associated with one particular opioid but rather opiates in general. My personal opinion is that it's over used with physicians.
Avatar f tn I did test positive for oxycodone once, but insisted on a retest and it came back just the hydrocodone in my system.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else tooken hydrocodone during there pregnacy any how long did it take to get out yours an your babys systems? No rude comments.
Avatar n tn i think they should be out of your system in about 3 days. maybe depending how mcuh you take. but the better question is how do i get off. there are several ways to approach it. but i really need to know how many and how often and how you are taking them.
Avatar n tn no, hydrocodone is vicodin. Morphine sulfate is the active ingredient in morphine. If you are worried about a possible reaction to the medication, I would speak to your local pharmacists. I'm not sure if hydrocodone and morphine are in the same family of drugs. I know vicodin and percocet are in a similar family (due to codine), but morphine is much different. refer to this website. http://www.rxlist.com/duramorph-drug.
Avatar f tn They have a thorough understanding of the nervous system, the spine, the use of advanced pain medication, and are trained in techniques that can deliver pain relief with injections and other non-invasive procedures to specific areas of the body. They are also experts at diagnosis of rare pain syndromes, like central pain, CRPS, and RDS. They treat LBP all the time.
Avatar f tn Do you take any anti-depressants now? I wasn't depressed when I started the medicine, which I take for pain, but I'd rather be in pain then feel the way I do. I through the Hydrocodone away and told my doctor to never give it to me again. I am not craving it, I just wish my zoloft would work like it had, but now I don't know if I have just messed up my system for a while. Depression or pain - I'll take the pain.
Avatar f tn she has quit taking the hydrocodone 6-7 weeks ago but the hives are still coming (every single day) and in different places on her body. is this an allergic reaction to the hydrocodone? and can it take this long for the hives to go away?
Avatar f tn What if I only use them until the hydrocodone is out of my system? I don't plan on taking them long term, I only have enough to last me about 5 days so I wouldn't be getting addicted to them. They do not give me a euphoric feeling and I have no issues taking them as prescribed. They just help subside the pain a little. I have a 2 year old so I have to be able to be functional enough to care for him. I'm also doing the Thomas recipe minus the large amount of bentos.
Avatar f tn Lately, my sister has noticed I have slurring of speech occasionally and use the wrong words in a sentence sometimes. Can hydrocodone use cause this? Thank you for any response.
Avatar n tn The problem with HCV and vicodin abuse is going to weigh heavily on the acetaminophen component rather than the hydrocodone. Opioids are fairly liver friendly relative to long term high dose acetaminophen. If you can obtain straight hydrocodone rather than the combo, you might be better off; no one should be ingesting more than 2 grams acetaminophen/day.
Avatar n tn Not sure if I am posting in the right forum. I have had two c-sections and two additional surgeries through the same incision. After I eat certain foods, or every couple of months, I get a severe, burning pain that extends from my belly button through the right side of my abdomen. It feels like someone is stabbing me with a sharp knife and twisting. There is also a large knot when pressing around on the abdomen that is extremely painful if pushed on.