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Avatar f tn I had a tooth pulled a few days ago and I was prescribed Tylenol 3. I know it has codeine so will my baby go through withdrawls?
Avatar f tn They are not taking Vicodin off the market completely, they are changing it from 500mg of Tylenol to 325mg of Tylenol. Hydrocodone can make people itch, its not necessarily the Tylenol that causes this, it just depends on your body. One thing, i would NOT ask your doctor for 30mg roxicodone. If you were to ask for something that powerful that would send out a HUGE red flag.
431143 tn?1214479427 thnks i was prescribed norco went to pharmacy and this is what they gave me it's yellow with a v on one side and 3601 on the other side
Avatar m tn Vicoden is (hydrocodone) and (acetaminophen "tylenol") and theres Vicoprofen (hydrocodone) and (ib-profen) the hydrocodone and acetaminophen in 5/500 Vics equal eachother out as the 10/325 hydro and aceta equals out.
492921 tn?1321289896 I woke up Saturday morning with my shoulder acting up and everytime I move my neck I get a very sharp shooting pain down behind my shoulder blade. I've been prescribed hydrocodone for when this acts up but last time was about 5 months ago before I was pregnant. I can't see the chiropractor till Monday afternoon and I haven't gotten any sleep for two nights already. Is it safe to take a half of hydrocodone?
Avatar f tn Tylenol is safe to take , my dr said if necessary to take medicine then take tylenol . But dont do it often.
Avatar m tn there is hydrocodone and oxycodone without tylenol for this reason...i was easily at my 4000 mg limit of tylenol daily and often more...
Avatar f tn s, I have been taking cholesterol medication for about 2 months, I also take Hydrocodone 10/325 and Tramadol 50mg daily. I take 3 and 3. I was told that if my liver enzyme's were not down by my next visit on 3/23 I would no longer be able to take the Hydrocodone nor the cholesterol medication. My question is what alternatives to I have to replace the Hydrocodone10/325. Please reply with any advice or suggestions. Thank You.
Avatar n tn I have Hydrocodone and Tylenol with Codeine #3. My story is a long one, but right now I just need to know which will help with my pain more. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn The 10mg comes in 325 tylenol also.If you like your doc and have a good open relationship talk with him and see about the 5/325 or call the pharm and ask if they still have it as an option and ask him to switch you.You could run the risk of changing to a doc who you might not like as well or might find one you like better. But I hope I have provided you with some medication options that help.
Avatar m tn Codeine (in the Tylenol 3) could be the culprit. It metabolizes in a complex way into morphine and many other substances. You might ask your PM about that? Could you stop the Tylenol 3 for a month and see if this affects your urinalysis?
Avatar m tn My doc allowed Tylenol 3 because I was already taking it when I started a clinical trial. That soon got switched to oxycodone as the sfx from tx were not handled with the #3's. I feel better not taking any acetaminophen although my family doc says they still give it to people even in liver failure if it is called for. Find that strange but as far as I know its ok as long as you're not an addict crushing and shooting/snorting it up.
674555 tn?1272600376 im a member on this site and my lil brother called me cause he was high and (because im in college he thought id know) me mixed hydrocodone (10mg) cough syrup and a tylenol 3 (30mg codeine) with a shot of vodka and i want to know if thats a dangerous mix after he did it of course ...i honestly dont know and was wondering if anyone does??
Avatar f tn However according to PM Dr. last 3 dit have shown increased amounts of hydrocodone. I take ibuprofen, Tylenol #4, Prozac, diazyde, devastating, multivitamin, exception, and a topical compound which is formulated under Dr. order. I do not take hydrocodone. I am allergic to hydrocodone. I am at my wits end, what would cause this false positive.
Avatar f tn are just trademarked names for the generics (hydrocodone and oxycodone)...also, those opiates can be combined with other analgesics instead of tylenol....example, "Percodan" is oxycodone with aspirin. Sorry...hope I didn't confuse you...but while the drugs are very similar, and both strong opiates, there are a lot of differences, which people do not always realize.
Avatar n tn 15 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen(paracetamol), 30 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, and 45 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen per capsule: 5 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 10 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 15 mg/80 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 10 mg/100 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 15 mg/100 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 10 mg/200 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 15 mg/200 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 5 mg/500 mg hydrocodone/acetaminophen, 10 mg/200 mg hydrocodone/ibuprofen, a
Avatar f tn t feel like it is healthy for my baby.. Has any one been through this while pregnant?? I go back to work in 3 weeks and there's no way I can work with this much kidney pain!!
Avatar f tn Hi there! I have a very bad migraine which I get often and I have hydrocodone prescribed. I went out last night and drank alcohol, though (I had quite a few drinks!). I finished my last drink around 11:30pm last night and it is currently 4:30 pm right now. Is it safe for me to take a vicoprofen (5-7.5mg hydrocodone 200-325 mg ibuprofen) after this event. It has not yet been 24 hours, but I have eaten a substantial meal today as well as 2 snacks and have been drinking water.
Avatar n tn d run out and have to w/d till I could get more. Anyway, I had surgery about a week ago and the dr put me on Tylenol 3. I still had about 5 of the 10/325's left. I'm done with those and I'm on the 3's now. I still have pain from the surgery but it's NOTHING like w/d from the years of the taking of the pills. I will get through it and SO WILL YOU MY FRIEND!!!!! Stay strong. 1 day at a time.
Avatar f tn Hello Dawn, There is no difference between the two. Both are hydrocodone, and each contain a certain amount of acetaminophen (tylenol). They both come in different strengths. For example, Vicodin can be 5mg of hydro and 500mg of tylenol as can Lortab. Or Vicodin can be 10mg of hydro and 325 mg of tylenol and so can Lortab. So they only way one will be stronger than the other as if the Vicodin was 5/500 and the Lortab is 10/325. I hope I have been clear in anwsering your question.
Avatar n tn Vicodin is not quite as strong as percocet and you have to make sure you dont go over the tylenol. How much tylenol is in each tablet? However it is still a narcotic and will keep you from going into w/d's.
Avatar n tn A regular strength Tylenol has 325 mg of acetaminophen. Take one regular strength Tylenol with your hydrocodone 10/335 and you will have the same medication as a hydrocodone 10/660. I wonder why your physician didn't tell you this.
Avatar n tn I also have some tylenol 3's and I used them the first couple days of going cold turkey off vicodin, I found that it just made me feel worse and I was also worried that it was just dragging on the withdrawals so I stopped all opiates... I put all my darvocet and tylenol 3 away so I wouldn't be tempted and my detox has been going pretty good. I've been using the amino acid protocol and battling the symptoms head on.
Avatar f tn The lowest amount of tylenol that I know of that comes with hydrocodone would be in Norco tablets. They contain 10mg of the hydrocodone and only 325mg of tylenol. Maybe talk to your doctor about switching you to oxycodone instead? Oxycodone comes in tablet form that's just pure oxycodone, it has no tylenol or acetaminophen in it at all. It's stronger than hydrocodone, too, so the 5mg tablet (the smallest one they make) might even work as well for you as the 7.5mg vicodin.
Avatar m tn Hydrocodone (AKA.Lortab,Vicodin,Zydone ,Vicoprofen,Ect.). All are a preperation with tylenol/asprin and hydrocodone. Varies in hydrocodone dose from 2.5 (Pediatric dosage) to 15mg (15 mg made by special compound pharmacies. Make sure you read your bottle well. Please follow your doctors instructions! Its important for a few reasons.
Avatar f tn Just about exactly almost... ETylenol NO. 3 with CodeineĀ®: Each round, hard, white, flat-faced tablet, bevelled-edged, engraved with "3" on one side and "McNEIL" on the other, contains acetaminophen 300 mg and caffeine 15 mg, in combination with codeine phosphate 30 mg. Nonmedicinal ingredients: cellulose, cornstarch, and magnesium stearate. This medication does not contain gluten, lactose, sodium metabisulfite, or tartrazine.
Avatar m tn I decided to continue to go with hydrocodone. I saw my nurse today and she wrote me up for 5/325 norco. If the tylenol becomes a problem I will probably see my doctor to give Oxycodone a try without the tylenol. That sounds like a much more manageable way to adjust med dosages.
Avatar f tn I have been addicted to hydrocodone for about 3 years, i could not take it anymore and quit cold turkey.. and have been hydro free for since jan 23. im slowly feeling better, but i just can not sleep!! its driving me crazy. im tired and i will just lay in bed all night hoping to GOD i can just doze off. but i may get two hours max every night and its wearing me down. i also take cymbolta for my severe anxiety and depression and kloapin 0.5 mg about every other day.