Hydrocodone and oxycodone at the same time

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5769649 tn?1373931353 in a urine test will tylenol 4 and oxycodone show up as in the same family?reason i'm asking is in may i was told that i had tabs in my urine and i have not taken anything but my oxycodone and tylenol 4 !so i'm wondering if the tylenol 4 showed up like lortabs ?i honestly haven't taken any and i'm worried i might get kicked out of my pm clinic and i couldn't live without my pain meds!!!i have had 4 back surgeries and about 20surgeries on my stomach !!
Avatar f tn One thing I have not see anyone say about the differences in hydrocodone and oxycodone is that hydrocodone is schedule III while oxycodone is a scheduled II......
Avatar m tn Not sure if you are talking about oxycontin or oxycodone pills in various mixes and forms. Either way, oxycontin and percoccet have the narcotic oxycodone in it. Oxycontin is pure oxycodone in a time release form while percoccet is a mix of oxycodone and another OTC pain reliever. Oxycodone is a stronger narcotic then the narcotic in vicodin which is hydrocodone. Both will cause WD. The WD from oxycodone was always much worse for me then hydrocodone but some say it's the same.
699217 tn?1323438700 I believe that oxycodone is the generic name for Roxicodone, which is also obviously percocet without the tylenol. Oxycontin and oxycodone are the same thing, EXCEPT oxycodone is a quick release tablet, and oxycontin is a slow release of the same med. Hydrocodone is the ingredient in Vicodin and Lortab. Although they are all narcotics, vicodin and lortab are lesser strength than the oxy's and morphine.
Avatar f tn idk but hydrocodone is highly addictive stuff its not something u want to take alot of just use when neccessary.
Avatar n tn By the same token, if a doctor prescribes, say, 50 Vicodin or hydrocodone (or any Schedule III narcotic) for you and you cannot afford to buy the whole prescription at once, you CAN buy whatever you can afford, leave the rest at the pharmacy, and go back at another time to pick those up. With Schedule II narcotics, if you cannot afford to purchase the whole prescription at one time, you must forfeit however many you cannot afford to pay for at the time.
Avatar f tn They are two different drugs. Hydrocodone is the generic of Vicodin. Oxyxodone is the same as Percocet without the Tylenol xomponent. I can't take hydrocodone due to itching. It's extreme, the itching is all over including itching in my ears and nose. Oxycodone is also stronger than Vicodin.
Avatar m tn Hydrocodone has the same side effects as does Oxycodone. If you are susceptible to become drowsy from Oxycodone, then it is safe to assume the hydrocodone may make you sleepy as well. On the other hand I have heard some people say that Hydrocodone gives them more energy and insomnia when they take it, so it really depends on how your body reacts to it. No two people are the same in that regard. I remember when I used to take Norco I never knew if I would get drowsy or hyper when I took it.
Avatar f tn Some like oxycodone better, some like hydrocodone better. Here's what I've heard: for short term pain (like after a root canal, surgical procedure, etc., where the doctor gives you 2 or 3 days worth of a prescription), oxycodone works well. But, for long term pain (e.g. pain lasting weeks, or chronic pain), some find that although oxycodone "hits the pain hard," it wears off quickly. And some physicians and patients find that to be a recipe for dependence and addiction.
Avatar n tn Vicodin/Lortab/Hydrocodone-2.5 mg, 5mg 7.5 mg,(ES) 10 mg, they come with 500-750 mg of Acetem. Norco(=vicoden/hydrocodone too) 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, they usually come with 250 mg acetem.(Tylenol) Percocet/Percodan (Oxycodone) 5mg, 10mg anywhere from 250-750 mg (tylenol) Oxycontin usually comes in 10, 20,60,80 mg and typically doesn't have any tylenol. Morphine comes is pill form as well as intravenous for severe pain.
Avatar f tn The lowest amount of tylenol that I know of that comes with hydrocodone would be in Norco tablets. They contain 10mg of the hydrocodone and only 325mg of tylenol. Maybe talk to your doctor about switching you to oxycodone instead? Oxycodone comes in tablet form that's just pure oxycodone, it has no tylenol or acetaminophen in it at all. It's stronger than hydrocodone, too, so the 5mg tablet (the smallest one they make) might even work as well for you as the 7.5mg vicodin.
217599 tn?1202850952 I am not sure they make the 160mg anymroe, but they do still make the 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, and 80mg oxycontin(which is a time-released oxycodone) Much stronger.
Avatar f tn And I only took them when I was supposed to then I would take one and a half then two until I was taken 6-7 at a time!!! Today I am 5 1/2 days clean and let me tell you Life is good and I really like myself. I'm funny and happy and have more energy. Best of luck to you!
Avatar m tn It really depends on the individual. I am 195 lbs. and I take 25 to 30 mgs of Oxycodone a day and it has started to give me the effects you speak of after about 8 months. I notice that I feel more awake after taking my medication but then tired as it is time for the next dose. This is probably because my body has become tolerant and dependent on the medication. I also don't sleep well because of my pain and that may have something to do with it also.
Avatar m tn One correction though, I am taking oxycodone and Lyrica, not hydrocodone. I assume the side affects are probably about the same, anyway.
356518 tn?1322263642 I am taking lorcet 10/650 and a long release med but I want to change my break thru to a med without the tylenol and that is around the same price or cheaper. I pay about 60 dollars for a months supply of 90. Any suggestions. I want to try oxycodone IR is it expensive?
Avatar n tn a 5/500mg vicoden is probably down on the list where an 80mg oxycodone is at the top. It also depends on how many are prescribed at whatever time interval because most addicts do not stick to their presctiption such as myself.
968560 tn?1307451498 Hi mpace6983, all I can say is I had the same problem with Tramadol and I also got insomnia from Tramadol and hydrocodone. So, I think you could try Valium but that is stronger I think. Maybe you have a cross reaction with another drug too? I know you will get a better answer on this site. Good luck and hope your pain gets better.
779368 tn?1252646346 Oxycodone is stronger than hydrocodone. As for the dentist, it really just depends on the specific dentist. I had a root canal go bad awhile back and was first prescribed hydrocodone and it didn't help much. He then prescribed oxycodone. My sister had a root canal done from a different dentist and all she got was codiene. I guess it's all just personal preference of the dentist. Lortab is just a brand name for hydrocodone.
Avatar m tn I am going to see my Dr. today and I have been perscribed hydrocodone in the past to treat chronic lumbosacral pain. How is Oxycodone 5mg compared to Hydrocodone? I take Hydrcodone 5/500 APAP. Is Oxycodone a good alternative to Hydrocodone? What are your experiences?
1778305 tn?1314483931 Hi! I'm 32 years old and 6 weeks pregnant. My dr has me on 5mg oxycodone 5-6 times a day for degenerative disc in my neck. I've been on this medication for 3.5 years. I know this medication shouldn't be used in late pregnancy because the risk of withdrawal is very high. I'm so worried that although my dr says this med isn't hurting my baby...it is. Any real life stories or advise would be greatly appreciated. Please don't judge me and leave unhelpful comments at the door.
Avatar f tn In the generic form, it would give the mg strength of the pill (ie, 5/500) and then say APAP on the label. The 5 is the mg strength of the narcotic, the 500 denotes how many mg of tylenol are in it, and APAP is the generic denotation of the Tylenol. Since fibromyalgia is incurable, chances are you are going to be on these for a very long time.
Avatar n tn t want to overtax your organs with too much pain medication in your body at the same time. You can assume when it normally would be safe to take your next naproxen dose according to the directions on the bottle, it would be safe to take your prescripton of hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn THey are both way stronger than codcamol (which is panadol and codeine) and neurofen (which is ibuprofen) Codcamol and neurofen are both avail over the counter at the chemist but you should only be able to get oxycodone or hydrocodone on prescription from a doctor.. Let me know if I have this wrong tho...
Avatar m tn They all have to meet the same FDA standards. Oxycodone is oxycodone regardless of which manufacturer produces the tablet. They will all test the same. With GC/MS or LC/MS testing, Hydrocodone may show metabolites of Hydromorphone but it shouldn't read as Oxycodone. Oxycodone may metabolite to Oxymorphone but should never read as Hydrocodone. GC/MS or LC/MS is the most accurate of the UDTs.
Avatar f tn Each time I went to get the prescriptions filled I was told that they were out of it and it was on back order due to some problem with the manufacturer. I went to 3 different pharmacies and got the same story. Is there something I should know here? Also both prescriptions were subsituted with Hydrocodone which contain acetaminophen. Due to my condition I am not supposed to take anything containing acetaminophen. Is there a viable subsitute that I can take?
Avatar f tn Philnoir u are right about the hydrocodone not having the acetaminophen in it. My mistake i was thinking of the norco or vicodin and miss spoke. Thank u for correcting that for other readers. I also understand that when hydrocodone is broken down in the body some of it is converted to hydromorphyn. Just not clear on when it would be more beneficial for a person with chronic pain to use one over another.