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Avatar f tn One thing I have not see anyone say about the differences in hydrocodone and oxycodone is that hydrocodone is schedule III while oxycodone is a scheduled II......
Avatar m tn Oxycodone is a stronger narcotic then the narcotic in vicodin which is hydrocodone. Both will cause WD. The WD from oxycodone was always much worse for me then hydrocodone but some say it's the same. What form and strength of oxy were you taking? If you were taking 1-2 oxycontin, whatever the strength, per day and then switch to hydrocodone down to 15mg of it per day, IMO you most likely would feel some form of WD.
Avatar f tn I just realized that I didn't answer your question -- which medication is right for you? The answer requires a knowledge of your pain condition and medical history, so let me answer in general. But before I start, remember this: the decision to enter into chronic opioid therapy (COT) is not to be taken lightly. While opioid analgesics can be effective for some chronic pain, for certain pain syndromes, it does not relieve much pain.
356518 tn?1322263642 Oxycodone is cheaper and better for you than variations of hydrocodone, b/c oxycodone does not contain any aceteminophen. Oxycodone is also a stronger opiod than hydro's. In some places you can only get oxycodone IR in 5mg tabs. However, you can get regular oxycodone in strenghts of 5,10,15,and 30 mg. They are all very reasonably priced, it's just that the strengths of 10-30mg are not IR so it will take a little bit longer to get pain relief....
590280 tn?1310087366 Percocet is Oxycodone and Vicodin ES is Hydrocodone.
699217 tn?1323438700 I wanted to know what the difference is between hydrocodone and like-oxycontin or oxycodone, Percocet, tramadol, is this all just types of hydrocodone? All I ever took was hydrocodone....
Avatar f tn are just trademarked names for the generics (hydrocodone and oxycodone)...also, those opiates can be combined with other analgesics instead of tylenol....example, "Percodan" is oxycodone with aspirin. Sorry...hope I didn't confuse you...but while the drugs are very similar, and both strong opiates, there are a lot of differences, which people do not always realize.
Avatar n tn I have ovarian cysts, so I deal with quite a bit of pain almost daily. I had a prescription for oxycodone(tylox). I ran out of it, I took a couple of my mother-in-laws hydrocodone(lortab). I have to take a urine drug screen. Will they be able to tell the difference between the two opiates? I know I should not have taken a script that is not for me but sometimes the pain is almost unbearable!
Avatar m tn ve been diagnosed with RSD and have been on Demerol, hydrocodone, oxycodone and Lyrica. After seeing what works and what doesn't, I am currently only taking the oxycodone(2-7.5 every 4-6 hrs) and Lyrica(3-75 mg a day). The side effects I'm experiencing are constipation and my libido is mia. I can deal with the constipation, but at 45 and married, the libido change has GOT to be corrected.
Avatar n tn Vicodin (Hydrocodone) can be detected within 6 days and Oxycodone from 6 to 24 hours. Some labs have changed their testing procedures lately to enable different drugs to be identified during a drug screening.
Avatar f tn It is stronger than Vicodin and probably the reason your doctor prescribed it rather than the hydrocodone (vicodin) is because oxycodone is available in a pure form without acetominophen in it. Hydrocodone is not. When taking larger amounts of the Vicodin you are not just getting more Vicodin, you're also getting more acetominophen, which is toxic when you take too much of it.
Avatar f tn hydrocodone or oxycodone? I have not heard good things about oxycodone, so I would be hesitant to try it but I am curious which works better for you. I want to be on the lowest dose possible (of whichever my doctor sees fit) that is sufficient enough to do everyday activities. Is there anything you have tried that you felt works for you that I should ask my doctor about?
401095 tn?1351391770 i hear on the forum that oxycodone is stronger than hydrocodone so i told her this and to be careful as she needs a pain med right now post fusion to her lumbar region....she is trying to be careful and she is doing a good job ...she had relapsed on alcohol after 5 years sober and just gave that up again as well a few weeks ago,,,,i just do not want to see her get in any more trouble as she gets addicted/abuses everything including lyrica/says it makes her euphoric) and ambien .
779368 tn?1252646346 Oxycodone is stronger than hydrocodone. As for the dentist, it really just depends on the specific dentist. I had a root canal go bad awhile back and was first prescribed hydrocodone and it didn't help much. He then prescribed oxycodone. My sister had a root canal done from a different dentist and all she got was codiene. I guess it's all just personal preference of the dentist. Lortab is just a brand name for hydrocodone.
Avatar m tn One thing I can tell you is that you will usually be prescribed the lowest strength and type of medication to manage your pain. There is a vast difference in hydrocodone and oxycodone. If you were truly allergic to hydrocodone (hives, swelling of the throat, etc.) and had that documented in your medical records, they would give you something else. Getting nauseated or even throwing up is not considered an allergy, but a sensitivity.
Avatar f tn The urine test WILL show the difference in the two medications. Vicodin is HYDROcodone, which is different than OXYcodone, different drug, different chemical breakdown and different metabolites. Why did you run out of your prescribed vicodin early? The prescriptions are supposed to last 30 days, if you are taking them exactly as prescribed, you should not run out early.
Avatar m tn today and I have been perscribed hydrocodone in the past to treat chronic lumbosacral pain. How is Oxycodone 5mg compared to Hydrocodone? I take Hydrcodone 5/500 APAP. Is Oxycodone a good alternative to Hydrocodone? What are your experiences?
Avatar m tn s for 20+ years. recently along with the hydrocodone-10 mg -4per/day---- soma-350 mg -4per/day----and valium 10-mg-2perday__ ( all med's are generic's) about 2 years ago i started having some numbness and tingeling in my feet so i was put on neurotin 400 mg-3/per day . in the last 6+ month's i was prescribed MS contin 30 mg 2per/day. well that didn't do well! skull busting headache's from the jump. so i was told to discontinue .
Avatar f tn Hey I was originally put on pain meds for kidney stones, I mean I was given everything ( Oxycodone, stadol nose spray, Darvecet, Dilauded, hydrocodone,) I have taken all of them at one point or another for the pain, but then I noticed how even when I really wasn't in alot of pain they made me feel so good, energy happiness powerful like I could accomplish anything so that is when the trouble began then I ended up on hydrocodone I should have never taken that first pill for the Fake Happy fee
Avatar n tn I have cancer in my pelvis, taking hydrocodone and oxycodone, get my meds from the VA, they started mailing scrips thru the mail instead of picking up at VA, I have run out befor new scrip arrives, my question is can I take ultrcet til new scrip of hydrocodone arrives without adverse effects. this is just for pain, I do not drink.
Avatar f tn The lowest amount of tylenol that I know of that comes with hydrocodone would be in Norco tablets. They contain 10mg of the hydrocodone and only 325mg of tylenol. Maybe talk to your doctor about switching you to oxycodone instead? Oxycodone comes in tablet form that's just pure oxycodone, it has no tylenol or acetaminophen in it at all. It's stronger than hydrocodone, too, so the 5mg tablet (the smallest one they make) might even work as well for you as the 7.5mg vicodin.
217599 tn?1202850952 s and most people I know are aware that oxycodone is a much stronger opiate than hydrocodone! Plus the strongest dosage of hydrocodone is 10mg if I am not mistaken(unless a special mixture of pill has been requested to be made by a pharmacist), but oxycodone has came as high as 160mg pill form in a time-released pill(oxycontin).. I am not sure they make the 160mg anymroe, but they do still make the 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, and 80mg oxycontin(which is a time-released oxycodone) Much stronger.
Avatar f tn so tonight I got an e-mail from him and he said that it was suggested that I use oxycodone because it has no tylenol in it and it is a little stronger than the hydrocodone...and then after the first week, I can taper back over to the lortab...so my question is, how similar are these meds? I mean will I do through withdrawls on this...I know it is an opiate but I just dont understand how this works. I have only been on Lortab for a year and honestly it was by accident that this even happened...
Avatar f tn I've never heard of any vicodin containing 35mg of hydrocodone. The highest i've ever witnessed was in germany at 15mg. something you cannot get in the states. Norco or lortab is the highest amount of hydrocodone you can get out of a "vicodin" at 10mg of hydrocodone here in the u.s. I could be wrong but i just wanted to share the facts.