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Avatar n tn I don't think HCTZ is a very powerful water pill however it is a great cheap blood pressure med. If you don't have high blood pressure, I would be very wary of taking this med. It could make your b/p drop dangerously low!
Avatar m tn I know hydrochlorothiazide can be used for blood pressure, but you do seem to be on a strange mixture of medication. When you exercise you will become dehydrated much quicker than anyone else and dizziness can be a sign of this. Are you drinking plenty of fluids when playing squash?
Avatar n tn My blood pressure is 164 / 111. The doctor I saw prescribed Hydrochlorothiazide 25 MG. Is this ok to start with? My eyes are bloodshoot and my calves and ankles swell and my knees hurt.
Avatar f tn When the doctor prescribed HCTZ, which evidently has sulfa in it, my sister reacted to that. There are lots and lots of other blood pressure drugs beside the three or so that you have tried. But because you've had adverse reactions to three different drugs, you might want to try natural methods to control your blood pressure. You may be able to minimize the use of medication that way. If your natural approach is successful enough, you might not even need medication in the long run.
Avatar f tn What questions should I ask re what type of blood pressure medication I should be on? I tried benicar and lisinopril and caused sinus drainage - however, they worked Then tried hydrochlorothiazide which cause major constipation .... Now on amlopidine beselate and coreq cr and have fatigue....seems the latter meds are overkill as I had only one coronary stent over 10 hrs ago and cardiologist a few weeks ago said my heart is fine.
Avatar n tn I have been on Statin therapy, Zocor, for about 2 years and my blood pressure had dropped from 140s/90s to 120s/80s. I was recently put on Celebrex for my arthritic knees and during this time I have seen my blood pressure increase to low 130s/mid80's. Could this be the result of taking Celebrex? It has leveled off now and I know these are not dangerous numbers, but I would be more comfortable back where it was. I have had great results with the Celebrex, but should I look for an alternative?
Avatar n tn However, I do not have any low blood pressure symptoms(dizziness, lightheadedness, etc.). Is this too low a blood pressure without symptoms? Should I consider halving my daily Norvasc to 2 1/2 mg per day? Any other comments would be welcome. I do have a yearly physical and my complete blood count has always been normal as has the rest of the physical. My present goal is to maintain good blood pressure control.
Avatar n tn My mother, who is 83 years old, 5' 6" 135 lbs, took her blood pressure three weeks ago at her cousin's house and was shocked to find that it was 205/92! She doesn't take any medication for anything, eats heathier than anyone in our family and takes a variety of vitamins daily for the past 15 -20 years. Her bp in the last few years has been around 150/70.
Avatar n tn This is the first time I have been on blood pressure medicine, and the drug has worked very well in terms of my blood pressure itself. I take my pressure at home with an electric blood pressure monitor and I now average about 130 over 72 to 75. My question is, are there side effects associated with lowering blood pressure that much that fast? The reason I ask is that I feel as though I do not have good circulation in my feet.
Avatar n tn The doctor put me on 20 mg of lisinopril and 12.5mgmyl of hydrochlorothiazide. He also ran an EKG, chest xray and blood work, all of which came back normal except they described the EKG as borderline (but they didn't say what that meant). I then had an echocardiogram, which they said the results were normal for someone with an elevated blood pressure (but they didn't explainn what that meant).
Avatar n tn The Norvasc does not seem to help with the high blood pressure significantly, even after I take it my blood pressure will still rise to about 150/100. My blood pressure also does not seem to be salt sensitive, as it will be high on days I avoid salt and low on days that I eat salty foods. My doctor has ordered me to take a 24-hour urine analysis to test for adrenal tumors, as well as a ultrasound to test to ensure the veins surrounding my kidneys are working properly.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am supposed to take hydrochlorothiazide, 25mg a day for high blood pressure. I noticed that when I DONT take it, my urine is much darker. Obviously, I urinate a lot less, could the darkness be explain by more "concentrated" urine, due to not urinating enough? Thanks p.s: did a panel of blood tests, including liver function, etc...
Avatar n tn Does my body have to acclamate to the change in ace inhibitors before I start noticing a drop in my blood pressure? 4. Does Altace and Vasotec work differently to lower my blood pressure even though they are both ace inhibitors? The basic reason for the switch from vasotec to Altace was because of the rise in the systolic blood pressure. Also, my physician indicated that Altace had a longer half-life than Vasotec and it would be more compliant.
Avatar n tn Yes certain blood pressure medications such as diuretics (or water pills, like hydrochlorothiazide) and beta-blockers (like Atenolol) can cause erection problems. Stopping these drugs usually reverses the problem. There are many other class of compounds which can lower blood pressure without affecting the erection. Talk to your doctor regarding this, and your medication will be changed. Take care!
Avatar n tn Recently, I have noticed an increase in my blood pressure, especially the systolic from 120/75 to 150-155/78. My physician changed my ace inhibitor from vasotec(20mg) once a day to Altace(10mg) once a day and I have not seen much change in my systolic measurements. Of course about 2 hours after jogging or 2 hours after dinner my systolic will decrease to a more normal level but then it will begin to rise again to the 150-155/78 level.
Avatar n tn My sister will be 31 on Dec24 and she refuses to get put back on blood pressure meds. Her blood pressure according to 2 different digital home machines was 150 over 120. She has had thhese kind of readings on many occassions. I know that is way to high and have begged her to go get it checked out. She thought she just had it before because she was pregnant. I would say its been 2 years since she last took meds for it. Did you have any symptoms if yours was that high.
Avatar f tn When medics arrived they immediately, took my blood pressure and already found my reading at 300. My symptoms blood would trickle out the side of my nose to a slow continuous stream of blood. Till I would become aware of my blood all over my body, floor,etc. Constant headaches for about a month. All these symptoms occurred till the dizzy-drunk sensation. It wasn't till my dizziness magnified that cause my entire left side to drop.
Avatar f tn around 80 - 90), and also put me on hydrochlorothiazide for water retention. Is this high of blood pressure and pulse normal because of my pcos? I am overweight, 230 lbs, 5' 7". But I walk 2 1/2 miles 3 to 5 days a wk. I have retained water for years, which i always figured was from my pcos. No one in my family has bp problems. I take 2000 mg a day of metformin. I have also been having hot flashes with sweating.
Avatar m tn Well the doctor did an ekg and said that my heart was enlarged and i had high blood pressure and that she was going to start me on hydrochlorothiazide. Well now I am terrified that I'm going to die very soon from this... has anybody been diagnosed with this? Did it go away after treatment? Please help I'm sooo scared that this is going to take me away from my family... Forgot to mention that I am a 24 year old male about 5'9 160lbs and have asthma.
471949 tn?1236907626 Problem is, the new med caused me to swell badly and for some reason my blood pressure was low. So, to fix the swelling problem, the VA doc (they aren't the smartest)....doubled the med!!!! Now I have low blood pressure and am dizzy all the time, but doc is happy that the swelling is better and my potassium is normal. Does anyone know of any other "potassium-sparing" hbp meds out there? My VA doc doesn't seem to know of any. It's scary at the VA.
Avatar m tn Dizziness is unlikely to be caused by high blood pressure unless it is excessively high and/or associated with blood pressure fluctuation between high blood pressure and low blood pressure. On the other hand, if you have never had high blood pressure in the past a complete evaluation, including testing for unusual causes of high blood pressure should be performed, even if you did not have dizziness.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if Viagra is safe for anyone with high blood pressure. But I think if my blood pressure was as low as yours I would have my doctor lower or change my level of BP medicine. Lopressor/(Metoprolol) is the worst. My dad was still taking the same dose for 20 years...even though he had lost 100 pounds, quit drinking and quit smoking. I have found if you don't tell you doctor...they really don't care. Well except about their Caddy & house payment. Good Luck !!
Avatar m tn 5 hydrochlorothiazide. This does not help. It does lower by blood pressure further down (106/65) on most days but I still get this "attack" occasionally. 2 years ago I did stress test and the result was good. How long the result is valid? I absolutely have no clue on what is happening to me.
Avatar n tn My kidney function is still excellent and I joined a Mayo Clinic study to test the effects of low blood pressure on the progression of the disease. The meds I've been taking are Telmisartan, Hydrochlorothiazide, Lisinopril, and Metoprolol simultaneously. My blood pressure is now about 100/60. I'm a runner, non smoker, non drinker, a health freak and am in really good physical shape. My erections are weak though. I was abstinent my whole life until I met my girlfriend about two months ago.
1355431 tn?1369978906 Im really worried about my husband he is 35 years old and he is on 4 different blood pressure meds. He is on Lisinopril 10mg , Atenolol 50mg, Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg and Amlodipine 10 mg. Even with all theese meds his blood pressure is still way to high! It seems every doctor visit they add more meds. Ok I guess my question is, is it nessasary to be on 4 different blood pressure meds and is it safe? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn My question is how much relation is there to the cardiomyopathy and my blood pressure? If my blood pressure is ever under control will the cardiomyopathy improve? What are the risks that the cardiomyopathy will worsen? Is it normal for blood pressure to be so resistant to mediciation? There are others we have tried (lopressor, cardizem, to name a few) with no results. I am 53woman and slightly overweight. My doctor says my blood work looks like a 20 year old (no problems).