How long does tussionex last

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Avatar m tn Does anyone know anything about this cough syrup.?it is supposedly time released and I don't how that works. What is the deal with this stuff everyone says it's very dangerous but no one says why.
1003776 tn?1360201182 Does that mean for sure it wont work? Does anyone know for how many days I should stay at a certain amount? This will allow me to get started on the plan.And do you think I should do this very slowly so that the kids will be back in school when I really face the hard withdrawal phase? Or is that just pushing it off because I know its going to be hard, I dont want to make excuses, but i do need to face the reality of my life situation, like family and stuff.
Avatar n tn i feel sorry for all addicted to tussionex,i am on it and feel nothing but extremely tired so i have stopped it ,,how long does it take to get out of ur system??
Avatar m tn I believe you have a very conscientious doctor who is concern about your wellness and health. She is cautioning your against taking Tussionex long term, and she has a good reason. ************************************************************************************** Per FDA News Release on March 2008, "The U.S.
Avatar n tn ) Anyway, how long will these symptoms last? Don't know b/c I was hauled off to rehab last time. I'm going to try to not get that refill, but we all know how hard that will be!! Thank you guys for taking the time to listening. I know this is way long!
Avatar n tn feeling that constantly goes through my body. Have any of you had similar symptoms? How long does this last? I am scared. Addiction runs rampant in my mother, cousins...I know that I am rambling, but I feel I have no where else to turn. Please...someone...let me know how to do this! I so desperately WANT2BHEALTY!
Avatar f tn Unfortunately there is no time period for RLS because about 40% of cases are inherited and a study in Iceland has actually marked a gene for RLS, so this means once onset occurs it can be off and on or continuous for we don't know how long and we have no cure b/c we do not know the exact cause just yet. If the symptoms are from opiate withdrawal they should subside as the withdrawal symptoms do (see how long it took me to get to the original question!
Avatar m tn The cough started again in the Fall of 2005, and I again took Tussionex for it. It seemed to last longer this time, but went away, and I stopped taking the Tussionex. The cough started again last Fall, but this time it continued. My doctor has denied a refill for the Tussionex (I believe due to the hydrocodone). I have seen an allergist, as he believes the cough may be allergy related. He gave me some stahist, which keeps the cough at bay. I am being treated for depression with Lexapro.
Avatar n tn But it's not's just my first step towards a life free of drugs. How long have you been using? How much have you been using? Do you want to stop? We are here to help you, and not judge you, but bring you strength, encouragement and hope...and a ton of love. Hope to hear back from you.
Avatar n tn I was sick to my stomach, had diareaa my heart pounded in every part of my body even relaxing and my anxiety was pretty bad. if I put these down 4 good how long does this last. I'm scared. imagine that,guys are supposed to be stong and fearless but this is breaking me. any help would mean the world!
1071153 tn?1255372815 Can I go back on Ultracet? It isn't a narcotic and it will take this emotions away. How long will this depression last? It has been 7 days now. This *****!
Avatar n tn I usedit for legitmate pain on one occassion and was impressed by how consistent the effect was. In some ways, it reminds me of the long-half life behavior of methadone. Any way, good luck and feel better, my friend.
Avatar n tn Anyway, im discusted with myself and needed to talk to someone who understands. Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to get these withdrawal symthoms over with, has been a week and im still feeling lousy??
Avatar n tn I was getting a buzz for a long time, then one day it did not matter how many I took, nothing. But I had to keep taking them otherwise...w/d. A vicious cycle.
Avatar n tn What is the difference between l-lysine and l-tryosine??? extremely curious... btw that tussionex idea sounds good but as long as this lysine works ill be fine.. ALSO after being oxy free for a week then taking it again will i feel like i just started again?? or at least will my tolerance have gone down a notch or two>>??? i saw what that other guy said about the body re-programming the nervous system..
Avatar m tn No, having a crafty wank beforehand doesnt work either. It seems to be getting worse, ive lost interest in sex because I dont have proper orgasms anymore just the dreaded 2 pump squirt. Ive tried everything, dunno where to turn now.
Avatar n tn ), methocarbamol (muscle relaxant not like Soma but better than something like ibuprofen), and Clariten-D. Does that sound like a good detox cocktail? Any suggestion? Can you tell me about how your day to day withdrawal were like? Like which was the worst day? When do you start to feel better? Are you still experiencing detox?
Avatar f tn You have Oxycontin/Tylox (only pure oxycodone), Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) which is 6-9 times stronger than heroin, Heroin, MS Contin/Kadian (Morphine), Fentanyl which is very potent over 300times stronger than heroin, many overdoses with it, Opana (Oxymorphone) 9 times stronger than heroin, Buprenorphine which is about 25 times strogner than morphine, Methadone, ver very strong and addictive, both buprenorphine and methadone are treatment drugs for opiate addiction, but unless its a severe addic
Avatar n tn I'd be interested in hearing your story, but only if you promise to tell me how you managed to get so much Tussionex. LOL. Gotta pry one of those scripts out of the doc's dead bleeding hand (another humorless bunch).
Avatar f tn She's been on antihistomines, acid-reducers, Nasonex, Prednisone, and Tussionex - the last 3 cleared up a second cough due to mucus but she still has the tic-like cough. Her tic-like cough is like just a sharp, quick exhale of air but her whole belly moves. Almost like a throat clearing but no vocal sound. She does this 4-6 times a minute. When I ask her WHY she coughs she says her throat tickles and she coughs because of it.
Avatar n tn I see a lot of people on many boards talking about Clonidine and telling people to take it to help with WD's. Clonidine DOES help but it is a BLOOD PRESSURE medication and you have to be very careful with it so you don't drop your blood pressure to dangerous levels! You have to take your BP before taking this drug and as long as your BP is in the normal range (Systolic up to 140) you should NOT take Clonidine!
202347 tn?1189759425 I fell asleep over 5 times while typing her an e-mail asking her to post for me. Emilyanne!! Hi hunny, how are you? I hope you are having A NICE MEMORIAL day weekend! I just finished breakfast and I could barely stay awake for that, my baby girl still lying with me and my oldest kitty Grey still standing his post at the corner of the bed for over 3 days now, faithful to the end.
Avatar f tn I remember months of the 2 weeks shuffle. I never really felt good, even during to 2 weeks on part. The guilt of failure and full knowledge that I wasn't in control of my own actions ruined the high. It became harder and harder. Once of my near death experiences happened during that period, as my body couldn't handle it when I started a 2 wk binge after not taking any for 2 wks. I decided to go to counseling and AA/NA meetings a build up a support army. I realized I couldn't do it alone.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know what this drug is used for. Is it similar to buprenx? Can it be used in the same way for withdrawals?
Avatar n tn I need info? how long will this bogus back thing last? has anyone else had this? does lowering dosage ever work? please help. tell me something good.....
Avatar n tn Every recovering junkie is different as far as how much, how often will cause the return of WD symptoms. Tussionex is a truly steady release of hydrocodone, usually over 8 to 12 hours. If you take enough of it, you'll get one of the most exquisite narco rides available from the pharmacy without a gun. However, if you use it as prescribed for the duration of your cough, I doubt if you would experience any serious WD symptoms.
Avatar n tn From what I've seen during the last 2 years, most adults are intially mis-diagnosed as having colds, asthma or other things like allergic chronic bronchitis and symptoms can last as long as a year or more in some people. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn Since I quit smoking about 2 days ago, pior to that I was having 1-2 a day for a week. Anways I've been having this spuratic sharp, but not painful little jolt(shock?) in the middle of my chest. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn NO! this does not sounds horrible and is not a bad thing. Just because you are able to function better on an addictive medication does not make it bad. It means that you have found something that works for you( something many people strive their entire lives to find). Benzodiazepines(xanax, ativan, valiun, temazepam etc.) are etremely addictive and even more dangerous to withdrawal from than any opiate and these drugs are used all of the time to treat depression.
Avatar f tn Just dropping down 2 pills from 4, I think you'll have some discomfort, like some restlessness in your legs, but it won't last for very long. Just a guess. This is the first I heard of the new law. I think they're cooking up something here in MI also. I know what you mean by the Vicodin has stopped working on your pain. It quit on me also. I was on 7.5/750. So I just finally gave up on it along with all mind altering drugs and alcohol. I feel much better.