How long does it take for toprol xl to work

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Avatar n tn i take a old bb timolol which is tenormin (atenolol) same family drug. but the atenolol was way to stronge for me than she put me on toprol xl i took it 3 days and after i read the side affects and yeah like you found a site where people were begging people not to ever take it i called my dr went in next day and went off of it.
Avatar f tn I've taken Toprol XL for several years. It controls my PVCs and PACs very effectively, although it apparently doesn't work for everybody :( I take 50 mgs. at night as that is when they were most troublesome. My doctor also suggested that Toprol would be helpful for my my own version of stage fright...fear of flying! Popping an extra one does seem to control my anxiety, although nothing less than being comatose would really work. Best of luck, hope it works for you.
376186 tn?1219283105 So, I am just wondering how many of you have been on this med or are on it and what your experience is or has been? How much do you take and does it help the arrhythmias? If you got off of the Toprol XL and are on another med do you mind saying what it is, etc?? I am just getting more and more frustrated and don't know whether I need to stay on this, esp when I have not noticed a real decease in symptoms.
406399 tn?1201887900 its hard but you will get threw it .. I know I did it.. it seems to take like forever.. but be strong and you will make it..
Avatar f tn Sorry, my question was will this have any lasting effects on my heart or body and when can I expect that I will be back to normal? For instance, how long does it take to get out of my system? I'll be going back to the Doctors that treated me and have them re-run the blood work, etc. I'm really surprised you have not heard of this before, could you perhaps look it up? I think people could be really suffering out there like I was and they really need to be put back on the TOPROL XL brand.
343006 tn?1314450071 Since it's only been Day 2 for me, I am going to stick it out for at least a few more weeks to see if the symptoms subside. I used to take Lisinopril and I remember how awful it was for the first few weeks until my body adjusted to it. After that, I had no side effects except for the occasional bout of dizziness when my BP would drop too low.
343006 tn?1314450071 How to loose waight while on Toprol xl - ? Iv been the med for while - gained about 8 lbs within a month or less! I eat like a bird, and no junk foods at all.. think I could drink water and gain 2lbs.. overnight ! I bloat in mins after eatting anything or drinking something (even water) Never had this happen before , untill taking Toprol xl. I was never overwaight and exersize daily walking 2miles per day and like I said dont eat bad foods. and eat very small amounts. and no breads!
Avatar n tn Have you ever had anxiety problems? For now I would try switching back to Toprol XL. If that doesn't work, consider trying an anxiety medications like zoloft or paxil. You will get better, but it may take some time. Good luck.
Avatar n tn It has been 5 days and I still feel tired/dizzy. It took them some time to work so I assume it will take just as long if not longer to get the levels right again. Hang in there, it will get better. You can't worry about what you can't change.
570795 tn?1217007685 now I also went to Natural healing center for help and took a few herbs and things to detox my body of the drugs, after I weened off them slowly it took 4months to get off the toprol xl - and to be honest I got withdrawal symptoms afterwords for about 3 months ! these drugs if your on long enough will hook you ! another problem is your b.p will go high, once your off the medications cold turkey ! sometimes even when you ween off slow it happens !
Avatar n tn My cardiologist wants me to take Toprol-XL 12.5 mg. After reading all your entries I am scared to take it. My mother is on the medication and having no symptoms at all. My father was taking it but it lowered his heart rate and his dr. took him off. My resting heart rate is sometimes in the upper 40;s especially when I sleep. Should I worry about the Toprol causing my hr to go even lower, and if so, isn't that extremely harmnful? Thanks!
1054923 tn?1258523671 The Nurse mentioned to me that possibly they should take me off Toprol XL and switch me to one other BB that Thyroid patients take that has fewer side affect, the name escapes me now. Honestly I hate the way this stuff is making me feel. But I tend to be a controlling wench and now I'm leery of trying yet another pill. I tend to be a investigator of sorts so the side affects stear me away. Of course until I end up at the ER with my doctor smiling at me....Now thats scary!.
1490386 tn?1301382186 Does anyone take propanolol? If so, did it work for your fast heartrate and high blood pressure? I have been prescribed that until my lab results come in next week. I have also been referred to a cardiologist. just wondering if anyone else has been through this.
Avatar n tn I also take Toprol XL 50 mgs to prevent PSVT, and it works great on the palps as well. I have gone as long as 2 years without a run of PSVT. Then sometimes I may have 2-3 episodes in one year. It is weird, The PSVT most always started when I was bending over working or lifting. Seems positional. Once I was stacking wood. Another time I was digging out a water line to my house, crouched over. And another time, I was bending down nailing a board.
Avatar f tn Like any kind of chronic situation you have to learn to manage it. Positive thinking and meds can help. Try to find something that works for you. I tried lots of meds, some with not so great reactions, but you have to try something. It would be wrong to tell someone to ignore there migraines or any other situation that is "not going to kill you". I just have to accept that this is me, they take the joy out of everything I do.
Avatar n tn Did your doctor tell you to take it at a particular time of day...sometimes it makes a difference. I am not sure how long it will take for you to notice a difference. When I started on Inderal in the early 80's, I was taking it a couple times a day b/c there was not time release available. Now, I take it only on BAD days and it usually (not always) works within 20 minutes.
Avatar n tn I was on Inderol 80mg(time release) for 5 weeks and toprol xl 50 mg for ome week......they told me to stop it that it would be ok(maybe because I was not on it that long and they say "I have a healthy heart" .......I will be watching for anything weird....I go to see my doctor Wednesday for anxiety med. I suppose if my heart is "healthy" then I do not need "heart" meds...right? so I am going to try it this route and hope it helps.
687614 tn?1244201579 I was just curious as to how many adjustments you had to make and for what reasons. For the most part though my resting pulse sits around 90-98 at which the doctors didn't see much of a problem with and the being up rate hangs around 106-130 except showers tend to make it spike. Just curious. He kind of left it up to me as to whether I wanted to move the first to the morning and add a second lesser dose at bedtime. I am very de-conditioned, have not exercised or done anything for months...
Avatar n tn As for the body, it seems like since the heart is pounding or racing it would good for it to exercise therefore direct the blood to the moving parts. My worst enemies are work stress and way too much exercise all in one day. Or the combination of the two. Its the xanax that stops the palpatations for me but I don't like the idea of the substance being habit forming and I read in an earlier post, could cause heart irregularities!
Avatar f tn It scares the life out of me!!! I don't know how you did it for that long!!! He put me on the Multaq because it is similar to Amieradone but without needing to be hospitalized and has less side effects. It works the same way though. I just don't really like it because you have to eat each time you take it. It about kills me to eat something in the morning and that is a tough one for me. I haven't had much side effects, just tired and that new weird feeling my stomach/throat. It is weird.
Avatar m tn ( It takes me forever to get comfortable with things. I simply dont know enough, and it takes that long to find out enough information until I get comfortable). Then I go about my own business as usual and analyze everything to death, basically ignoring the advice I just gave to someone else. OK, so when I analyze something, I dont get too excited about it until I am finished, at least now.
Avatar m tn The problem in listing blood pressure meds that you can take is that there are a lot of them and people respond differently. In addition, the doctor usually picks a certain medication or a certain category of medications for a reason. You are on a calcium channel blocker but none of us knows why your doc picked that drug. We would be taking stabs in the dark suggesting any number of drugs that may not be indicated in your case.
Avatar n tn The stress showed some ischemia and hence the cardiac cath but that was normal. He prescribed nitro for the chest pain along with taking toprol xl, lotrel to control the htn, and he couldn't rule out coronary spasms all together but with my history of esophogitis, gerds,ulcers etc.. he feels that this is the best treatment. I also see a internist who recently did a EGD and found that I did not have Barrett's esophogus but some scarring and inflammation.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed PTU as well as Toprol XL to take some of the stress away from my heart. My thyroid levels, which at the time were dangerously high, have been relatively maintained over the last couple of years, however, in the past couple of months I have noticed some severe changes. Although I have always had a small goiter, over the last month or so it has gotten a great deal bigger even impairing my ability to swallow normal amounts of food.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I take a beta-blocker for pvc's called Toprol XL at 100 Mg. a day. Lately it hasn't been helping so my doctor just recently increased the dose to 150 mg. He gave me the option of either increasing the dose or changing to a different beta-blocker. I didn't know which would be better so I just agreed to take a higher dose of the Toprol. Is there a difference in Beta-blockers when it comes to treating pvc's?
Avatar n tn I have to pass a Holter but the waiting list is long ( will get it Oct.14 2008 ) but meanwhile my doctor told me to take Metoprolol because my tachycradia is almost 24/7 (with some exceptions, like at night most often) but runs around 120-170 bpm about all day. This caused me lately to be very exhausted and constantly fatigued, and having trouble excercising. It also generated ALOT of anxiety in me. So, today I took my first dose, I'm prescribed 2 pills a day of 25 mg.
Avatar n tn Because the stuff worked on my heart it was worth it to me to try to get used to it or work with the dosing with my doctor. After several different trials, I am now taking 5 mg bystolic and no lisinopril and my body seems to have adjusted. While I am overweight, I did not gain any additional weight as others have mentioned. I am also not exhausted. I recently had blood work so we will see if it had some kind of effect on my cholesterol as others have had. I hope not.
Avatar n tn I generally just feel much stronger and better. I can only recommend it. It did take a while to kick in for me (a few weeks) so be patient. Last week, I started eating bad stuff (too much pastry, 1x Maccas) and I did have more pvc's again, so food is a trigger for me, but I recovered much more quickly, and I notice as soon as I take the fish oil, the pvc's disappear. I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Avatar f tn I can definitely relate to not wanting to move...I have a 3 year old and it makes me useless to him. I was on toprol and that made me feel crappy all of the time and it did not seem to help me at all. My pulse was 190 during the episodes while I was on toprol and 160's during the episodes that I wasn't on toprol...Doesn't make much sense, but I don't know why. I want to have more children and I have put that on hold until I have an ablation in Sept.
Avatar f tn I also had an adrenal gland function test done in March and it came back normal. Thanks for the info. though. It gave me a place to look.