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Avatar n tn the toprol xl, if diet and exercise will do the trick. I have also heard of really bad side effects like difficulty breathing, weight gain, elevated heart rate and depression after being on this for a couple of years. I don't want him to go through that if it absolutely isn't necessary for him to be on it. What should we do? I am so worried about this, I feel sick. Please help.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have been taking toprol xl 25 for about 3 months for palpitations and high blood pressure. Recently I had a visit with an awesome electrophysiologist who is 95% convinved that I have SVT due to my symptomology and triggers. He was happy to do an EP study ASAP but I am not entirely convinced and so I asked to do a holter monitor in 2 weeks and he obliged. Problem is he wants me to completely stop my beta blocker Toprol XL 25 before I strap on the holter monitor. I am terrified!
Avatar n tn The only thing I have been concerned about is the long term effects. I run about 3-4 x/week and up to 5 miles at a time. I know that Toprol lowers the heart rate so I have some concerns. I usually take it in the morning, and after I run. I was hoping that my doctor would take me off, but it looks like I will be on it indefinitely. I am also on 10mg Altace, and baby aspirin. Does anybody have any comments about this regimen?
343006 tn?1314450071 I've been taking 100 mg toprol xl for about 4 years. Just recently switched to the generic-taking 50 mg am and 50 pm. Never noticed any side effects from the toprol, and haven't had any from the generic, either. That 200 mg sounds like an awful high dose to start on. In fact, I've had several people tell me that 100 mg a day is a lot. Of course, I don't have any idea how they determine those dosages. Have you tried splitting your 100 mg between am and pm? Just curious about that.
212161 tn?1537898045 k - beta blockers are not used long term anymore! due to adverse side effects, and they found that over long term useage - it caused low or high blood sugar and can cause diabetes . the bbc news put out a report on it a few years back . they also found that cal channel blockers ccb's were not to good use .. and doctors were told give them as short term only. as thre is a cancer risk factor for long term useage ! another bbc report .. so far I havent found one u.
Avatar n tn You can get off the Toprol - its not easy - weening slow works the best your side effects are pretty normal of toprol - I took toprol xl for about 6.5 years - long term useage ! I hated it - have to say it was the worst beta blocker iv taken in my life ! and I would never take it or anything like it again ! if you get help from Doctor in weening off it , expect to be put on another drug after your off the toprol - for h.b.p. ccb or ?
343006 tn?1314450071 it works good lowering b.p but omg ! so meny side effects. blurr vision - wow ! Toprol xl was the worst beta blocker long term it causes meny unwanted side effects and conditions! its also very hard to get off of .. the longer you take it !! well fingers crossed. this is now no#12 Doctor iv seen in 4years .. its always the sos. when I see them ...oh well !!
Avatar n tn Toprol is a beta blocker with all kind of side effects, especially when used long term. This is a serious heart medicine fellow! Your dose isn't that high but....Also you cannot abruptly stop taking any beta blocker!!! Lexapro is an antidepressant. It is one of a class of drugs known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (SSRI) that increases your serotonin levels to treat depression. Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication and is addictive they say.
214864 tn?1229718839 I tryed generic toprol xl and had very bad side effects and problems from it.. forced me to buy the non generic toprol xl for $$$ out of pocket !! due to Medco plan for meds. I think the FDA should check all the b.p meds Generic and Non Generic for problems as well. and really check the big pharm companys outside the U.S.A . that send us some of these drugs ! I would be 9 out of 10 companys wouldnt meet the u.s. standerts !
Avatar f tn The smallest dose of synthroid is 25 mcg and many people split that in 1/2 for a beginning dose of 12.5. The main side effects of levo or synthroid are those of hyperthyoidism, which results from over medication, unless you are sensitive to the fillers/binders. It takes between 4-6 weeks for a med change to take effect, so what you're feeling after only 2 weeks is most likely not the synthroid, unless you are especially sensitive to meds. What are the ranges for the Free T4?
Avatar n tn Amiodarone has many short and long term side effects and I only use it when I have to. The best thing to do is take nothing or a beta blocker for PVCs or PACs. If the symptoms are too much, I will try the antiarrhythmic mentioned above. I hope this answer your questions. Good luck and thanks for posting.
Avatar n tn Im a long term user of toprol xl and diovan (over 5yrs now) for high b.p. never had any real big problems. other than normal side effects that suck ! for the last 3 days iv had itching on top and bottom of my left foot ? as well at night when laying down in bed..the foot aches on top and at the ankle area.. no swelling - if I rub it it helps the ache go away for a while - lasts most the night. in a.
Avatar n tn I take plavix, lipitor, toprol-xl & diovan. Have been taking them for 2 1/2 years after stent implantation. Any ideas on how long you should be left on each of these..or are they classified as 'health maintenance'. No real side effects to speak of.
Avatar f tn I absolutely hate the side effects from the meds. I have vision disturbances, no appetite, no energy (although even though I was a gym rat, my energy level had been really bad the past year or so leading up to this), chest tightness, and increased anxiety. When I was on a higher level of metroprolol (before I switched to the name brand toprol) I had great bouts with depression and severe cloudy thoughts. Also right now it is hard for me to fall asleep before 4am no matter how exhausted I am.
343006 tn?1314450071 im also slowly weening off the toprol xl - as I can no longer take the adverse side effects. oh yeah im seeing a Holestic Doctor soon, so will have help weening off the meds. as I know there are with drawal symptoms that happen. been there done that !
Avatar n tn consult your doctor.. If the side effects of the toprol are bothersome, he/she will likely switch you to a calcium channel blocker.
Avatar n tn I am now on toprol XL 50mg once a day. My blood pressure is running 120/71 now. when the PVC are happening I am dizzy and cannot think straight. I dont know how I can just live with this when I feel so flush and cannot function. Seems like 1/3 less pulses means 30 % less oxygen carrying RBC are circulating. It seems debilitating to me. Can the toprol XL dose be increased without running my blood pressure down too low. How high can it be raised safely.
Avatar n tn Is this the best choice for someone my age and for someone who loves to workout? Is there any long term side effects I should be aware of?
Avatar n tn wanted to try a different med. called Toprol XL. Many adverse side effects, but I stayed with it and my last echo showed improvement!! (+1 MR, better heart measurements etc). I have better exercise abilities also now. My question: Can this medicine actually heal the heart and/or valves or do mitral valve conditions improve on there own?? I inquired to my family Dr.
Avatar n tn I was weaned off of propranalol three months ago, due to low blood pressure, which was diagnosed as neurocardiogenic syncope from a borderline tilt table test. We tried Toprol XL(50mg/day) and it did not help and discontinued. My tremors have came back, but are manageable. Until 2 weeks ago, I was having at least 7 episodes of pressure in the head and weak, like I was going to pass out.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a 32 year old woman, normal weight, don't smoke, exercise daily, in good health except that I have very mild MVP with trace regurgitation. I started taking Toprol XL last October because I was waking up in the night with tachycardia (probably anxiety-related). Since I've gotten my anxiety under control, I have decided to get off the beta blocker. I take Xanax, .25 mg 3X/day, Celexa (anti-depressant) 10 mg/day and was taking Toprol XL, approximately 12.
183202 tn?1219857259 But it begs the question, just how much coffee are you drinking that would make you even ask this question? How long have you been on the ativan? One of the side effects when starting therapy with this med is drowsiness. Perhaps you are over-compensating for this by drinking more coffee than normal which is then throwing your sleep off.........and you've gotten yourself into a cycle of more coffee to stay awake, too much coffee to get to sleep. And whether you drink coffee or Coke or Dr.
Avatar n tn I don't know whether to ask to take the Amiodarone again and feel better once it loads into my system and worry about long term side effects or just endure and hope it will get better as I pass Menopause. I am so confused and really just want to be Electrically Correct!!! The impulses in my heart are misbehaving too often. I could use some reassurance and or suggestions from peers....and if necessary, I will check in with the cardiologist again.
1569985 tn?1328251082 Can't stay on the amioderone forever, too many side effects in the long term. If anyone has any suggestions on how to manage the Toprol, or what my expectations should be from this new doctor, I'd appreciate hearing them. I would like to get thru the holidays without a hospital visit. I am anxious to get rid of the afib. My only options other than open heart surgery are av node ablation and pacemaker. He said they could do better than that for me.
Avatar n tn didnt do a thing to help me !! - you might ask for older well known beta blocker that has less side effects or problems with it. it all depends what you can or can not tollerate ? and how much you can take or cant take ? you might check for interactions with xanax and whatever beta blocker you get -before taking it. as I knew someone who took xanax for years and then was put on beta blocker and had a world of problems and hurt . also remember if on a beta blocker or ccb or ? b.
Avatar f tn I've been on this stuff for a long time and worry some about he long term affects. Sorry if I have drifted off-topic, but I share the above BB experience just as one sample/example.
Avatar n tn I am told this is an excellent medication and typically very well tolerated. I tried Toprol XL before for several months. Did not tolerate it well, mainly due to severe nightmares. Once removed from the Toprol, nightmares stopped. Is this a different class of beta blocker that is safer and what (if anything) should I be concerned about? Meds are aspirin (81), protonix (40), HCTZ (25), Lisinopril (10-20) sertraline (50) and now the 6.25 carvedilol.
Avatar n tn I forgot to say that I am 34 years old, and the time of month does seem to make a difference to me, too. I didn't ask about long term effects of the Toprol. I am taking 50mg right now and it is working so far. Is it dangerous to take a beta blocker for a long time?
Avatar f tn While looking on the internet yesterday, I cam across alot of posts where people were talking about getting sick when the dr, changed their Toprol XL to generic. I was on name brand Toprol XL for probably 10 years or problems. They changed me to generic in October and in November is when I started having the PVC's. Has anyone heard of this causing the PVC's?