Does toprol xl cause hair loss

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343006 tn?1314450071 I eat like a bird -and only eat good foods (no junk foods) I have done some reading on the subject of Toprol xl (beta blocker meds) and found it does cause waight gain (rapid) and bloating belly problems. side effects !!! as I was never overwaight before being put on Toprol xl . You see , I can loose waight and drop a few pounds.However the waight comes right back 2fold ! while taking Toprol xl its no joke .
Avatar n tn I have been on Toprol XL 50 for one year. Recently I have had a problem swallowing and loss of appetite, All tests so far have come back negative, including blood, thyroid, diabetes, endoscopy etc. I have also had some lightheadeness, dizziness, weak feeling,shaking sometimes, feel like I am on a boat at times. I am doing best to eat more and have not lost anymore weight. I am just wondering can side effects appear after a year of none.
343006 tn?1314450071 geez i feel like if my hair gets better i can conquer other fears difficults but i need my hair honestly does anyone else feel this way? best od luck ....
Avatar m tn It helps me, also what helped me w/ heart racing after drinking was switching to a calcium channel blocker, I was on toprol XL, NOT anymore, I take 180mg SR of verapamil 1 x a day and my heart doesn't race all day anymore nor does it race when I drink. Not a suggestion, just something that worked for me. Those beta blockers can cause all kinds of strange things, especially orthostatic hypotension (dizziness, lightheadedness, heart-racing) upon standing or sitting from a laying position.
Avatar n tn I've seen two cardiologists who say my heart is fine after multiple EKG's and an Echo. Prescribed Toprol XL 50 mg to manage heartbeat which was pretty well maintained until 3 weeks ago. 3 weeks ago it feels like my body went crazy on me.
1015629 tn?1251150488 I have had a fluctuating TSH for several months along with hair loss, diarrhea, insomnia, 9 lb wt loss in 5 weeks, tremor, vision changes, dry skin, palor, and anxiety. I had a LAVH with left ovary removed and have not had any symptoms of early menopause. I had lab done becausee I cannot beat the fatigue postop. Otherwise normal recovery with no excessive bleeding or postop problems. Very healthy preop. In Feb. 09 TSH was 0.98, June it was 2.0, Aug. it was 0.32, and 3 days after the O.
1015629 tn?1251150488 I have had a fluctuating TSH for several months along with hair loss, diarrhea, insomnia, 9 lb wt loss in 5 weeks, tremor, vision changes, dry skin, pallor, and anxiety. I had a LAVH with left ovary removed and have not had any symptoms of early menopause. I had lab done because I cannot beat the fatigue postop. Otherwise normal recovery with no excessive bleeding or postop problems. Very healthy preop. In Feb. 09 TSH was 0.98, June it was 2.0, Aug. it was 0.32, and 3 days after the O.
Avatar n tn such as getting out of breath , cramping - stomach pains- bloating belly conditions- hair loss thinning hair - rapid waight gain ! - ringing in ears - on and on it goes please check online atenolol side effects - its there in b&w. also has interactions with other drugs. very helpfull info .. I did ok - on a few beta blockers over the years- but when put on Atenolol or Toprol xl both beta blockers, I had the worst side effects ever ! and had rapid waight gain ..
Avatar n tn So I have been drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day. It seems to help. Also, ask your doctor about toprol xl for public helps to control the heart racing and you can take it before speaking. It is a beta blocker to control heart rate. Hope you feel better soon.
282804 tn?1236837191 But my energy level is good and continues to improve and there's no nausea, hair loss, mouth sores, etc from the Avastin. There are a few very serious side effects that occur in around 2 to 4 percent of ovca patients taking Avastin (perforated bowel, blood clots, stroke) but I figured that's 96 to 98 percent who don't get those. However, they were very careful to warn me about them and to tell me to call immediately if I had any symptoms I hope you do well on this treatment. All the best.
Avatar n tn 1 I was put on 50 mg Toprol XL and 5 mg Tapazole 3xday. After one week on Tapazole my doctor called and wanted me to discontinue meds and have another uptake scan so that he can confirm GD diagnoses and rule out thyroiditis. I refused test. I was retested 6 wks later. My results: TSH - .03 (.49-4.67) FT4 - 2.28 (.7-1.85) FT3 - 3.80 (2.0-3.5) I was told me continue on the same dosage of Tapazole and retest in 8 weeks. My question is this...does this follow the ATD treatment protocol?
Avatar n tn I was placed on Topomax for severe migraines. My migraines started when placed on Toprol Xl 75mg for a heart condition. I am now at 275mg. and have not had ANY WEIGHT LOSS. Everyone else that I have spoke to has had weight loss with the drug. I had a series of blood tests done and of course everything has come back normal. The only good that came from it, is I don't crave soda pop any more, but then again I hardly drank it anyway.
Avatar n tn I am careful about diet, exercise and try to make smart choices every day so that I do not get these v bothersome palps. I have seen many cardiologist, so I have had all of the tests that I need and I started on Toprol XL, 50 mg a couple of yrs ago, to do avail, really. I am wondering if an ablation would help with these and I would v much wonder, Linier if you could give me any more details about your 'condition' etc...
Avatar n tn It began around 1991 when I would get stomach aches and noticed hair loss. Then I started getting alternating constipation and diarreah. The diarreah went away and now I am severely, chronically constipated (only enemas seem to produce an effect more often only minimally. Every once in a blue moon I will have a good week or two where I have normal bowel movements, for no understandable reason. I have tried many GI tests, specialists and naturopaths.
Avatar f tn He has put me on 100mg metoprolol - I'll be taking the 2nd dose (50mg) in a few minutes. He wanted me on the brand name Toprol XL, but the pharmacies are having a hard time stocking it right now so I'm on the regular (not extended release) version, taking it in the a.m. and again in the p.m.
Avatar n tn I was prescribed PTU as well as Toprol XL to take some of the stress away from my heart. My thyroid levels, which at the time were dangerously high, have been relatively maintained over the last couple of years, however, in the past couple of months I have noticed some severe changes. Although I have always had a small goiter, over the last month or so it has gotten a great deal bigger even impairing my ability to swallow normal amounts of food.
Avatar m tn ) Eyes/Vision Double, blurry or dim vision Increased floating spots Pain in/behind eyes, or swelling around eyes Over sensitivity to light Flashing lights Optic neuritis Ears/Hearing Decreased hearing in one or both ears Buzzing or clicking noises in ears Pain in ears or sound sensitivity Ringing in one or both ears Pressure or feeling of fullness in ears Digestive and Excretory Systems Diarrhea, irritable bowel Constipation Irritable bladder (trouble starting, stopping) Frequen
Avatar f tn Toprol should slow your heart rate but it does not work the same as a Calcium Channel Blocker. I was taking Cardizem CD 240, for 17 years and all of a sudden it caused Bradycardia for me. My pulse was going into the 30's. My doctor has now put me on Norvasc which works well you just have to watch your salt intake. As I said earlier, I had just had my medication changed about a week or two before my trip to the ER so I am just as confused as the rest of you.
Avatar n tn 150mg once/day, Toprol XL 12.5mg once/day and Prilosec OTC once/day, a multivitamin, and fish oil tablets twice daily. I am also a strict vegetarian. No meat, fish, or poultry. I have been a type triple A personality my entire life and I have been married two years to gorgeous woman with heart of gold. Three years ago before I got married, I ran about 3-5 times per week, averaging about 3-4 miles. Did some weight training..
Avatar f tn Now I understand things better. No I'm in the good old USA. I'm REALLY worried about hair loss too because I've already thinned to the point that I can't afford to loose any more or it's gonna be wig time. Would it come back if the meds caused me to loose more? OH God I certainly hope not. I'm gonna ask my Dr. about the Free Thyroxins & make sure they get lab orders for the Free3 & Free4.
Avatar n tn I keep telling my doctor but he does not seem concerned. He put me on Toprol-XL 50mg, but I have not started taking them. He also says I have sinus Tachycardia. My heart is between 76-88 normal, when I get to the cardialogist is starts beating fast up to 140. He doesn't understand that I bring this sudden rapid heart beats on myself because i very nervous. I keep trying to make him focus on the PVC's but he is just concerned about the rapid heart beat.
Avatar f tn I am hoping an ablation I had earlier this year was successful and if it indeed was, I am planning to begin tapering off a daily dose of 25mg Toprol XL (extended release Metoprolol) in about January and have been looking into this at some depth since when I was instructed to stop my BBs cold turkey for my recent ablation, the first few days seemed fine, but within about 3 days I was having significant symptoms.
Avatar n tn I had an unbelievably fast heart-rate, shaking, tremors, jitteriness, more bowel movements that I care to say, hair falling out, trouble sleeping and rapid weight loss. Just bizarre. I literally thought I was dying because every system in my body went loopy! I went to my Internal dr., they did a blood test and determined I was hyper-thyroid. Not fun because I swung from one to the other for a while!
Avatar f tn I was on toprol XL when I first went hyper and it did not help at all. For some reason, the extended release does not work as well for this. Atenolol or others similar that release everything at once make a WORLD of difference in how you feel. Atenolol was a life saver for me and I read a few studies in which doctors prefer it in for those with hyperthyroidism. Sometimes people take it twice a day during this time too. I pray that you can get relief soon. I do understand.
687079 tn?1230952212 I was put on a Beta Blocker called Toprol XL. I take 25 mgs a day. it is helping SO much! Now, I only have symptoms of Fatigue, tiredness, sometimes dizzy, and as long as I am taking it easy, Before when I would try to just walk to the bathroom, My heart would start pounding. One time I hyperventalated. I lost 10 lbs in just a couple of days. I had TOO much energy. I stay hydrated now as I know that is not good for you to be dehyrated. The doctor called my condition Postpartum Thyroiditis..
221122 tn?1323014865 At the reception they started back up and have been going strong for the last 10 days. I began toprol xl - 25 mg. about a week ago. A couple of days in and I was starting to drag - a few more days and I was sick to my stomach all day long. The heart beats became more normal but I was either 1/2 asleep or on the verge of throwing up all day long. Not a great condition to be in when trying to run a 7 person household.
Avatar f tn I've been taking Toprol XL for about five years. I take 25mg in the morning around 6am and 25mg around 4pm. The generic versions don't work for me. I had a PSVT three years ago that lasted 20 minutes but otherwise I've only had about one 5-minute PSVT a year. I've had tons of PVCs though. The main trigger for me is my thyroid. I have thyroid disease and so when I become hyperthyroid, I get PVCs and PSVTs like crazy unless I go up on my beta blocker dose. Magnesium really helps too.
Avatar n tn However I have given up on finding a cause although I am still undergoing investigative procedures. Because off the symptoms however no one believes a thing I tell them. Even writing this email is causing me issues at this moment as not only my vision is effected but also my hand coordination. I have problems with my vision, jumpy eyes, reading, typing (finger coordination), dizziness.
Avatar f tn They prescribed and stated I had to start taking Toprol XL to keep the speeding and palpitation away. I read up on it and was shocked and scared at the side affects but I am more scared of the speeding heart and palpitations so today I swallowed it. 25mg. I just new in my heart and mind that some how these symptoms were related to food digestion and after reading this site I am convinced this is so! Now what does one do?
Avatar n tn Decent shape but alittle heavier than I'ld like. Toprol XL for keeping my heart regular. I am not taking vitamins, so I don't believe medications are causing this. My best guess would be nerve issues. With the stress we all deal with, I really think we need to start stretching more. Our lifestyle, I believe is our problem, and lack of exercise. Although, exercise alone without stretching can be hazardous if you are tight.