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Avatar m tn Yes it means you've developed AIDS. Once you are classified as having AIDS you will always have the classification no matter what your numbers do.
Avatar f tn I have tried to get off them, but the desire to sleep wins every time after about 4 hours of tossing and turning with pain. What I do not know is the side effects? Could this be causeing nerve damage? What else are the side effects and it is better to not sleep?
Avatar f tn I should have immediately attributed the scab to an irritation caused by the ingrown hair, but of course, it is still evidence of a needle prick from an HIV needle. I have stayed away from medication in recent years due to side effects. I used to take Prozac, but now it really upsets my stomach. I have heard that some meds make you gain a lot of weight.
Avatar f tn s a toxic, hard core medication that has repeatedly caused side effects that range from mildly annoying to deadly. And people who've taken it and reported back here have said the side effects last long after quitting the pills.
Avatar m tn Every medication has benefits and side effects. Kudos to you for choosing to wear condoms, because they also protect against many other STDs (that PrEP will not). Everyone needs to weigh out the pluses and minuses of taking PrEP, and it's good that you brought up the potential downsides, as many may not know.
Avatar f tn i really dont understand why use of truvada which is simply tenofovir plus ftc in one pill, tenofovir is the most potent drug against hbv replication and has no resistance so truvada has meaning as a business way to make money from patients with only side effects added to patients, truvada is more toxic on kidneys than tenofovir monotherapy the only thing that may justify your doctor is the need to suppress hbv very fast in weeks instead of a couple of months but 151000iu/ml maybe suppressed in
Avatar f tn Really? I've been doing some research on this topic this month and thought it works like this: you get HIV, after few years develop AIDS, no? So if you don't develop AIDS, you don't die early, right? I'm asking because from what I read here, you seem to know this stuff. Thanks.
Avatar m tn EWH / HHH, I was recently reading some article and it got me curious what the life expectancy of people living with HIV currently is with modern medication. From what I understand current medication has evolved so much and is very potent. Is it more of a chronic condition now with modern drugs or not? Magic Johnson is living with it for a long while it seems and looks healthy every time I see him on TV. Thank you.
Avatar n tn has anyone tried low dose naltrexone for chronic fibro pain prescribed by my rheumatologist . wondering about side effects . zanaflex has been most successsful so far of all the meds i have tried, although it makes me pretty sleepy and dopey and doesnt completely releive the burning pain in my shoulders, arms, chest.
Avatar n tn i am really worried about her as she is taking b.p. medication and she is terrified of going to check for hiv/aids. i have led her to this site but, she is still very depressed. Are these ARS? what is the risk that she contacted the disease? i am praying for her. someone please help!!!!!!
Avatar m tn bacterial infections! So I started researching side effects to Adderall and after much digging around I finally came across a post in a woman's forum regarding a common STD which is a bacterial infection and the women were discussing Adderall. Sure enough, there were tons of ladies complaining that they have had an increase in all that is bacterial infections since taking the medicine. It seems to be linked, Bacterial Infections and Adderall.
Avatar n tn Since your panic attacks are happening less, are the headaches numerous and a reason that you cannot take the medication anymore? Or are some of the side effects okay with you now that your anxiety is much better? What does your prescribing doctor say about this? Headaches can also be caused by an endless number of factors in my opinon. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you still under a lot of stress? The point is, that the headaches may not even be related to the medication itself.
1768366 tn?1321974823 Can HIV/Aids person survive on ARVs for 50 years? What about the side effects of these drugs; can the toxins levels be too high for the body to tolerate!