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Avatar m tn I am also aware that HIV is not diagnosed on the basis of symptoms, but I was wondering whether face fat loss and redistribution of fat is caused by early HIV infection, anti-retro viral medications or long-term HIV infection that has progressed to AIDS?
1689583 tn?1387752394 It's scary to me too. I spoke with my doc and she said that those with HIV never complain about any long term effects, it's always the hcv folks which may indicate it could be the hep c impact, not the cure. Most people i have seen post on long term erects have treated multiple times or for two years +. I am hoping that the new drug and shorter treatment time reduces the risk if it is the drugs. Still scary.
Avatar m tn Also, we are learning that long term HIV survivors probably have higher rates than HIV uninfected persons of coronary heart disease, stroke, and other health problems -- and perhaps higher rates of various cancerns as well. It remains to be seen how much these problems will undercut the benefits of reduced mortality due to AIDS itself.
Avatar n tn I am an early-30s gay man and am considering getting the Gardasil vaccine. My reasons: to reduce the risk of warts (which I haven't had before) as well as anal/penile cancers. I'm expecting to pay out of pocket since at my age/gender this is "off-label". I'm interested in hearing your opinion on my choice to seek it out, but my primary question is about long-term side effects. I've read about and am not very concerned about the short-term effects.
7163794 tn?1457366813 myself to get up? Is this in my head, or is it possible there are long term effects to pain meds and suboxone use? Could it just be me? Has anyone else felt this?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know the long term effects of abusing pain killers? I found out today that a friend of my husbands actually had seizures because of how long she was on vicodin. Just curious.
Avatar n tn What are the long term effects? Now that the issue is resolved. what can we do to head off any long term problems from this?
Avatar m tn s dopamine structure and that i will never be happy again or feel as good as before i began the drug use. can anybody tell me what some of the long-term effects maybe and weather i will be able to fully recover. Did i permantely damage my brain's structure? Please, i need some medical information on this. I have been looking on the internet but not much exists.
Avatar n tn i dont know if these are possible long term effects of the drugs or something else. everyone keeps saying im having anxiety attacks but these feelings come when i am calm and seem very serious. if anyone has any advice on whats going on ,whether drug related or not,, or any advice on good doctors to go to PLEASE let me know immediatly.
Avatar f tn BUT, I have to take it or I am in pain. So try not to worry so much about the long term effects when you are trying to survive today. If you are worried about this I would talk to my doctor and let them know what you are experiencing and there may be something they can do differently. Just dont stop any seizure med without a doctors help. Hope you feel better..
Avatar m tn I have no symptoms and feel great; I am 54 and wondering if HEP C would kill me or if the treatment could cause long term effects that could ruin my health. The longest living male in my family was my father 86 and had slow progressive dementia the last 10 years.
Avatar m tn Hi, On HAART what is the longest people can live post infection to death? Some people say a long 'normal' life... but data shows only up to around 10 years before conversion to AIDS then infection prone and risk of death within 5 years - usually 2-3. Anyone got any idea/ data?
747988 tn?1396536878 hi folks-just looking around for info re long term side effects of treatment and came across you lot ranting away on your keyboards! I successfully completed 6months tx in april 2007 and am now unable to do very much due to the fatigue,pain and confusion I've suffered since. Just wanted to be added to the list of damaged souls. Have lost a lot of friends to this horrible disease so am very glad to have cleared it but at what cost?
Avatar m tn dont be too scared as said above few people experience sides but one thing is for sure long term use for decades is not healthy and only cirrhosis or severe damaged liver can justify such use so i'd definitely combo with other therapies so that nucs can be used short term from latest easl conference we have now tests for sustained immune control of hbv cccdna equal or less than 5 copies/cell we now need an hbsag level equal to 5copies/cell, mybe hbsag 500iu/ml
Avatar m tn The theory of these groups is that hiv is not the cause of aids, and the medicines are really dangerous in long.-term. And as you said teak you have been livin almost 30 years infected...
Avatar m tn How long does it take to have skin ploblems from hiv like red or purple spots.Or is that later in the advanced stages of hiv?
Avatar n tn No, because neither have specific symptoms. AIDS definition is when ones CD4 drops down to 200 or less or one has a low CD4 but also has an O.I. Once you are in the AIDS classification it no longer matters how high you CD4 level gets, your classification will stay as having AIDS. If you don't care for the term AIDS, you can use Advance HIV Disease it means the same.
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn What are some possible long term effects of crushing up and snorting adderall mixed with norco?
Avatar f tn i wonder did a doctor tell you you had multiple chemical sensitivites....
Avatar f tn I'm recovering from an abscessed tooth. Mine developed 3 weeks ago and 2 days lator I had to have an Endodonist drain it on an emergency basis because the swelling was already moving up to my eye. I was told to get the tooth extracted because of my medical condition (Type 1 Diabetic). After I got it drained my dentist put me on 4,000mg of Amoxicillin a day becasue I had to get rid of the infection and the swelling had to continue to go down before he extracted the tooth.
Avatar n tn what are the long term effects of gonorrhea if you hsave gone untreated for more then a year? does it mess up your fertility?or could you get cancer? or what?
Avatar n tn org--so, can anyone out there, by chance, please point me to some good information on the potential long-term side effects of cisplatin, adriamycin (a.ka. "the red devil") and cytoxan? Blessings to you all.