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Avatar m tn Just a little confused about HIV risk and infection. I've read that HIV is extremely difficult to contract, that the chances of infection are around 1 in a 1000 through unprotected vaginal sex with an infected partner. If that is the case, why are so many people infected? I've read that around 1 million people in the U.S. are believed to be HIV positive. In some Sub-Saharan African countries the infection rate is 30%.
Avatar n tn I spoke with a person online that had these strange results after repeatedly taking the DNA PCR tests that came back negative he took an HIV RNA test that came back with viral load of >75. His doctor diagnosed him with some unknown HIV subtype and thinks that he can be one of those "carrier" people that may never develop antibodies to HIV. Can something like that really happen? I told him that it is most likely he got a false positive RNA test.
802256 tn?1238095156 I am always nervous about STDs, and when we became sexually active together we used condoms. We talked about HIV/AIDS, and he told me that he had always used condoms in his home country, that the Kenyan government requires yearly tests for all citizens, and that he had to be tested before he was granted a visa to come to the U.S. After being together for a few months, we both went and got tested and were negative for everything, and we began having unprotected sex.
569422 tn?1232501490 In these studies, men who had been randomly assigned to the circumcision group had a 60% (South Africa), 53% (Kenya), and 51% (Uganda) lower incidence of HIV infection compared with men assigned to the wait-list group to be circumcised at the end of the study. In all three studies, a few men who had been assigned to be circumcised did not undergo the procedure, and vice versa.