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Avatar f tn One cause of heartburn is celiac disease. This and lethargy were the ONLY symptoms my coworker was having. She's about 50 I guess. Her doctor checked her labs and she was positive for celiac disease. She had low levels of vitamin D and some other vitamins and minerals. No heartburn medicines were helping. Upper and lower endoscopy were done, and upper endoscopy showed the damage from the celiac disease. She went gluten-free.
Avatar m tn After doing that for about a week, I started having symptoms of heartburn - usually upon awakening and during the morning hours; it usually subsides by noon. When I eat during this time, I often feel the food going down the esophagus with some discomfort at times. My question is this - could this be a symptom of hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism or related in any way to me taking half the dosage of levothyroxine? How should I proceed?
198627 tn?1203057607 Hi Rhonda......it probably is just heartburn, however, if the pain is severe and you're feeling nauseated, you should go to the ER. It could be an ulcer. A couple months ago I thought I was just having severe heartburn, but it turned out to be 2 duodenal ulcers and it was a good thing I went to the er because they admitted me for 5 days. Better to be safe than sorry. Of course, it could be a heart attack as well, but you're pretty young for that.
Avatar m tn The pain is terrible from the heartburn under my left rib cage. I am now eating blander food but I still get the heartburn. I am on prilosec but it doesnt seem to help much, Any other suggestions?
Avatar f tn Hi All, Seem to have finnally go things under control now have a TSH of 1.27 (after being at 5 & 7) Feel much better all my symptoms have virtually gone, apart from the odd palpitation. However I am now suffering from heartburn all the time. I never had this as a symptom before. Does anyone else have this and does anyone knowif it's because my TSH is now so much lower? P.S.
222011 tn?1265475648 I always a bit of a mild heartburn problem, but shortly before my hashi hypo dx (and the onset of my hypo symptoms), I developed raging heartburn, all the time, bad enough to wake me up every night. I was sent to gastro MD and diagnosed w/ reflux. The endoscopy is nothing to fear, in fact I slept through the entire procedure and I don't remember ANY of it!!! They gave me an IV w/ some sort of drug/anesthesia that completely put me under!!! My friend had exact same experience.
378497 tn?1232147185 For about the last four weeks, I've had heartburn/reflux (real reflux, too) pretty much every single night. I almost never have had heartburn (unless in late pregnancy), and now, I'm waking up every night, reaching for the Zantac. I can't really take it pre-emptively right before bed because it might interfere with my BCP. Anyone had a problem like this? I don't take in much caffeine, this doesn't appear to be food related in any way. And when I say "reflux," I mean...
Avatar n tn I had no flu like symptoms no diarea no muscle cramps nothing. Today I only took 1 pill in the AM and I feel fine no ill affects at all. As I said people do abuse them but most addicts I know start taking pill's for the high. Which ultram at low doses does not give. Well I wish all of you the best with your struggle. Anything is possible if you really want it. Or as many of you say IT IS DOABLE.
Avatar f tn Have you looked at the signs and symptoms of GERD or GORD. This is chronic reflux which causes heatburn and gas. Increased stomach acid after eating exacerbates symptoms as does the sleeping position. Usually the GP will prescribe PPI's like Omeprazole. If you aint happy taking meds, try some lifestyle changes. Google GERD and GORD though and you'll get some good info.
Avatar m tn I've just started tri-cor (about 5 days now) and am having mild heartburn and slight belching. It is not really bad but it is a noticeable difference from how I felt from before I started the med. My triglycerides are 750, total cholesterol was 337 and my good cholesterol was 28. My gut feel is the side effects are telling me that the medicine is working and I am hoping that they will subside after a while. Am I fooling my self? Should I just switch to a statin and see how that works?
7797471 tn?1397192258 I take omeprazole which I think is the off brand Prilosec. And I'm also allowed to take Pepcid twice a day. It really helps. Don't keep all symptoms down and I still have to watch What I eat but it's definitely better than being on nothing.
Avatar m tn I am a 22 year old university student, and have been experiencing both symptoms of Angina and Heartburn for almost 2 years now. I know that at my young age it isn't likely that I have heart problems..but some of my syptoms seem to point towards that direction from the little research I've done online. I have dull, aching pain in the left side of my chest slightly above and to the right of my nipple almost all throughout the day.
Avatar f tn Be careful of what u take some heartburn medicine can stop u absorbing iron. If u can't ask ur dr try asking a pharmacist.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like it could be angina of some sort, rather than heartburn. My father had symptoms for at least 3 yrs and a reduction in his level of activity - significant, he could not walk even a block, without chest pain by the time he was cath'ed. He minimized it completely to everyone but especially my Mum and the three of us.
877337 tn?1249848050 Very relieved to know that heartburn is a definite symptom. They took my off my thyroid medicine to get my iodine levels down enough to start the radioactive treatment. Has anyone else gone through this?
Avatar n tn Does every woman who is pregnant get heartburn? Im 25 and havent had heartburn a day in my life. Maybe if I eat certain foods I won't get it?
Avatar m tn The doctor suggested this could be a form of anxiety attack and prescribe xanax to take during episodes and also kapidex to see if it affected the heartburn symptoms. I have noticed little change with the use of these medications. Despite the good EKG, the doctor referred me to a cardiologist to make sure there was no heart issue. Another EKG was performed and came back without issue... they also used an ultrasound to look at my heart and everything looked healthy.
Avatar n tn You can take prilosec or omeprazole same med ones name brand other is generic. I have to take it twice a day my heartburn is so bad. That medicine helps. You can buy it over the counter or get doc to write a prescription for it if you have insurance that will cover it. Good luck.
222011 tn?1265475648 Hi, I had part of my thyroid removed 2 years ago due to a benign nodule which resulted in having to take Levothyroxine (100mg) daily. Haven't felt really well since my op with numerous symptons. Have had ECG,Ultrasound,Barium Swallow, CT scan on neck, tested for Helicobacter pylori, blood tests but every test has come back negative. Have constant pressure in my chest and suffer greatly from heartburn and cough (not chronic & no weight loss).
Avatar n tn I have severe, painful heartburn. I don't seem to be able to associate it with food and tums don't help. It scares me to no end because of the chest discomfort I have been having. It happens sporadically and every time I think I'll let it go because it's happened before -- but I can't. I have worn a 30 day monitor too. I had this nasty heartburn at the time and it recorded nothing, well except NORMAL cardiac activity. I still have a hard time with that one.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed Thursday with a hiatal hernia based on symptoms alone. I get extremely nervous when going to the doctor and I know I should've asked him these questions but failed to. Hoping someone here could offer me some insight. I've been having a dull ache just under my breastbone for quite sometime. My abdomen is also tender to the touch from below my breastbone down to my belly button, as well as on the right side and a little aching in my back.
Avatar n tn For appr. 1 yr. I have been experiencing heartburn-like symptoms. Should state that I am in overall good health, non smoker, non drinker, not overweight, good physical shape, 58 years old. Initially started with chest pain, thought I was having a heart attack. Ever since, I have had burning in my upper chest and throat. My doctor has done a procedure where he went down my throat and into my stomach. He said everything looked fine. Had a little reflux, but not bad.
Avatar n tn I ate only rice, chicken, pork, bananas, and drank only water until my symptoms started to go away. I slept with my head raised and listened to my bodys signals as often as I could. I layed down when I was tired and so on... In about a month I was 80 % better. The meds started keeping the acid pain away and I could start splitting my 40mg pills in half after a while. About 3 months later I came off and only take them when I feel the acid coming back.
Avatar f tn Why is my current medicine (prilosec) not working? I had a hiatel hernia removed about 20 years ago, and since then have been on Nexium(which my insurance no longer covers), and I am currently taking Prilosec, and I still have constant heartburn, pains in my chest, sometimes it feels like the belch is stuck in my chest, and I have to force it out. What is this?
Avatar n tn Even if you were asymptomatic, you are at the age when screening for colon cancer is indicated. Given your symptoms, i think that discussions with a physician regarding colon evaluation is warranted. Seeing pill casings in your stool is not that uncommon.
Avatar m tn None of them ever helped at all. So I lost my job and left things as they were for 1 years symptoms did not get better or worse. Did notice that once a week I had bad acid reflux. My symptoms have alaways been sore throat, burping even when I drink water, feeling full all the time...
390388 tn?1279639813 Hi, If you are truely having the symptoms you described you need to see a health care provider, preferably an internal medicine specialist ASAP. Repeat asap. While diabetes should be considered, I think ruling out cardiovascular problems and a stroke would be my major concern. I am sure you will get addional advice from our regular responders on this forum.
Avatar f tn So far other than some mild cramping(no bleeding), and sore breasts I have had no other symptoms. Is it normal not to have morning sickness?? I have read that people who have morning sickness have a lower rate of miscarriage? Am I to early into the pregnancy for these symptoms to be surfacing?? I am getting very concerned and I do not go back to my OB until 6/5 for a sonogram. Any insight would be appreciated!