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Avatar f tn I have started having severe heartburn in my throat and esophagus and am asking if the accumulative drops can be causing the severe heartburn ? Thanks for any information about this.
Avatar n tn because of the absence of the classical symptons of heartburn in the chest. LPR causes problems higher up. Symptons can include burning in the throat, trauma to the vocal cords (hoarseness), difficulty swallowing, even ear and sinus infections. I have no idea what may be causing your problem, but there are many articles that what has long been considered simple "sore throats" is really one degree or another of LPR.
Avatar f tn b) Then , for sometime in morning there are spasms and RUQ which sometimes causes Irregular Heart Beats , sometimes fast and sometimes slow . Dizziness at times .Nausia /Bloating Initially i used to get worked up and this would increase my anxiety and further make me restless . c) Such episodes 2-3 times a day hence passing each day is challenge by itself . d) Increase in spasms during air travel ,and fast pressure changes tend to increase this .
1496859 tn?1304519034 ) but they do not know what chiari or syrnx is, they have never heard of it so they guessed a really bad case of heartburn and gave me more meds, ....great, or not.... Is there a connection between Chiari/syrinx and heartburn or could this be b/c of all the pain meds I am taking? or is there something else that causes this? Is this heartburn??
222011 tn?1265475648 An endoscopic exam (which is very easy, no big deal. I had one) can tell a lot. I found the best treatment for my heartburn and the (minor) damage it had done to my esaphagus was prescription proton pump inhbitor. I had to try a few before I found one that gave me 24 hr releif (prevacid). Also, when I started thyroid med, I was first on the generic (levothyroxine) and it gave me lots of side effects including bringing back the reflux and heartburn!!!!
Avatar n tn So I cut back to one swallow one time a day and the symptoms were still there but not as bad. When I cut it out all together the heartburn went away (except when I ate something spicy or greasy etc.) and the really pronounced burning, itching, and swelling went away. I do still itch when my skin gets cold. After I got a handle on that I remembered that I had some of the same symptoms when I was taking medication for and ear infection.
924817 tn?1244038009 It can take awhile to recover after treatment. I went on AD's after treatment, didn't need them while ON treatment and was on them for four months after which I was feeling well enough to let them go. My physical and mental energy is back and then some. I have more clarity than I can remember having for a very long time. The depression after treatment stopped was pretty bad for me but it did eventually lift.
Avatar n tn I am now taking Prilosec, which appears to have alleviated my heartburn symptoms altogether (globus and burping still persists, but not enough time has passed to see whether these will heal as well). I am hoping with a strict exercise/diet regimen that once I draw close to my projected weight (a 125 pound loss), my GERD symptoms can be managed without medication. Previously I had noted that even a 30 pound loss was able to make a notable difference in alleviating reflux.
Avatar n tn I have recently gone through a VERY stressful period during which I've lost 3 family members and have experienced severe anxiety and subsequent depression. I have begun antidepressant treatment in the hopes that it would alleviate my digestive issues. I've had a general lack of appetite and a hard time eating for several months. I've read that eating while stressed can cause indigestion, but the problem seems to be WORSE now that I'm getting the stress moderately under control. 2.
11072290 tn?1415066835 i have fibro and osteo and i cannot take any meds as i also schizophrenic and olanzapine poses a prob with regards to tremadol and gabapentin,i tried lyrica but doesn't help,i am slowly getting worse with the pain and my fingers are swelling to the point they look like sausages,i have a hiatus hernia and it causes heartburn but i can take ibroprufen for the pain even tho it does enhance the heartburn,i have and still am considering asking my G.
Avatar f tn These symptoms slowly appeared and worsened after birthing an infant (who was also premature) Hypo problems: Mild weight gain even while dieting Extreme fatigue in the morning and throughout the day/napping GERD/Heartburn/chest pain constipation Abdomen swells for no apparent reason Depression forgetfulness/brain fog Neck/jaw pain/swelling/pressure Scratchy voice Very cold feet and hands and sometimes a feeling like ants are biting my feet Endometriosis (2 years ago – cured after one year o
Avatar n tn I have the same issues. And have had my heart checked. Echo, stress test, EKG... nothing. The anxiety and panic worsens when my stomach is full and I have reflux. It's as if the pressure is being placed on something triggering adrenaline. My heart races, I feel afraid. I'm wondering, does anxiety and panic CAUSE the reflux, or does the reflux cause the anxiety? I am now on Paxil, reflux medication and Ativan. This is debilitating.
Avatar f tn I was sick for Two weeks before diagnosed . One evening I got horrible heartburn and now again last night after eating a few crackers. I am on my 6 th day of the prev Pac. I have gained most of my appetite back and the growling and gnawing is gone. I noticed a few months back that I was having pain in the center of my back and radiating to my upper shoulders mainly on the right side. To my surprise I was having this pain last evening before the heartburn started.
Avatar f tn Sometimes the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus can be weak and allow for some of the stomach acid to pass back up. This causes irritation to the esophagus and can lead to severe pain and discomfort often mistaken for chest or cardiac pain. Has anyone suggested your daughter have an endoscopy? This is a procedure where a scope is passed throughout he mouth to visualize the upper GI system. The patient is kept comfortable and relaxed with medication during the out patient procedure.
Avatar n tn When you are stressed more acid builds in your stomach which then causes heartburn. I feel the same way and pop a tums and that relieves my worry and the heartburn. But if it keeps getting worse definitely have some further testing. I never had heartburn until a few months ago when I first started having panic/anxiety attacks so I'm sure it related. I hope this helps....
Avatar n tn i am so confused between PMS and pregnancy symptoms.. are they similar? Coz i usually tend to look bloated, feel tired and have a larger appetite prior to PMS. Lately, I have been very very moody.. in fact, i cry at the slightest issue. I'm not sure if this time round is pregnancy symptoms.. I do hope it is. Have been waiting for good news.. my menses is due this week.. I pray and hope I will not get my menses.. wish me luck!
Avatar n tn Also, when afib episodes happen on a regular schedule, as if were, what insights does this set pattern tell you about possible causes and potential treatment? Thank you. Kathy p.s. My father is 53 and I'm trying to learn all I can to help him with this.
Avatar n tn In March of 1999 (weight almost 200 lbs) I started to have frequent heartburn (I had previously only had infrequent heartburn) and made an appointment with my doctor for a full physical two months later this May. The physical was normal, and routine blood work + diabetes screen was done (I asked that SGPT and SGOT be tested as well). In addition, an upper GI and abdominal ultrasound was ordered at my insistence due to my symptoms.
748543 tn?1463449675 I, as most responsible medical professionals, believe in using the most conservative successful form of treatment. As one who treats patients with most severe TMD symptoms, I can assure you that my patients are unable to manage the pain associated with these conditions by simply receiving counseling on their habits. What's more is that I find that dental malocclusion is frequently one of the principle causes of the TMD.
Avatar f tn All of my obvious symptoms of illness are gone and now I'm left with occasional dizziness and arm muscles that get tired easily. However, are they true symptoms or from my anxiety over this and carrying around my 25 lb. child? I also consulted with a former co-worker who is now an herbalist. She is a chronic lyme sufferer and has been treating lyme since 2008. I am starting on an herbal tea she puts together for Lyme patients and teasel root extract.
Avatar f tn My daughter is a cosmetologist and she told me the topo causes the hair follicles to close. What has fallen out, wont grow back, but the hair loss should stop when you discontinue the drug. The Topo really messed up my cycle too. I think my adrenals took a hard hit from just two weeks on the drug. For me it was not worth it. I was stupid, depressed and started having panic attacks on it. I would loose blocks of time. Huge blocks.
Avatar n tn I have been on medication for a few months and still have these symptoms off and on. Do you have any advice? Thanks for your time.
181789 tn?1269798004 I am 23 years old and weigh 105lbs, for a year now I have been having acid reflux and heartburn everytime I eat and even when I haven't eaten. I also become nauseous and feel very full even if I only eat 3 bites of food. I went to the docter and she gave me Nulev for the nauseousness, it worked for awhile, but i still couldnt eat alot and I started get a pain on my left side below my rib cage. I went back the docter and she did nothig.
Avatar n tn My right tonsil is enlarged (always has been bigger than left) and very sore. I have been having a lot of heartburn and ever since being pregnant (daughter is 20 months now), that has been something I noticed, whereas before that, not bad at all. Not sure about the flu w/ your symptoms. When you have the flu, you feel like you've been hit by a Mack truck, have no energy, chills and ache and feel ROTTEN. I am always in bed the whole time until it gets better.
443136 tn?1210539925 It very well could be Celiacs, but I will tell you that your symptoms sound like it is more likely a candida overgrowth; you have described the symptoms of candida basically exactly. Candida can cause many of the same symptoms as Celiacs, but some of what you have mentioned mimics exactly what my girlfriend went through and got better through candida treatment. The candida overgrowth can be caused by taking antibiotics, taking "the pill", and other causes.
231178 tn?1333212359 Last Summer I began to experience extreme itching after a day working outiside. I had attributed this to high perspiration and bacteria growth. I took lots of showers using bacterial soap to no avail. Then, I experienced an extreme case of facial swelling (lips, eyes and asthma like throat restriction) after a dinner meal. The symptoms disappeared in about 24 hours. That came and went in over a period of several months.
Avatar n tn 30-days after seeing the neurologist, I have now developed symptoms of shortness of breath, and a sensation that food is stuck in the back of my throat and flem build up making me clear my throat constantly after I eat. Some of the severe bloating has returned making breathing difficult during these episodes. My physician has scheduled me for endoscopy in April which seems like a lifetime from now considering my symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have similar symptoms to yours and I have IBS. Sometimes I am up all night going the bathroom and finally, I break down take immodium and the cycle of constipation starts again. I also have GERDS and foul burbing which makes treatment tough. The medicine that helps GERDS makes IBS bad and visa versa. I will mention that my niece had vomiting with bowel movements and she always had headaches. She was diagnosed with abdominal migraines. Apparently, it is like a headache in the stomach.
Avatar n tn Hello All, New here - just Dx'd Hashimoto's hypothyroid eight weeks ago. Because I am overweight, I have lived with the symptoms for a very long time because I figured I would be told to "lose weight and start exercising" (which I try HARD to do.) My doctor ordered a TSH along with other tests for annual exam and the result was 55.67 . He ran the T3, T4 and T3-Uptake tests to be sure it wasn't pituitary trouble. So I started on 50 mcg of Synthroid six weeks ago.