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Avatar f tn You can have tums! And take anti acid pills. My Dr prescribed me some zantac you can also get it at any CVS Walgreen's rite aid etc..
Avatar f tn A tip from a nurse hotline I called when I couldnt take the pain. Couple minutes later it was such a huge relief of no chest inflammation or burning pressure. Slept so good right after.
Avatar f tn im going in for antireflux surgery next month and have suffered with severe heartburn for 6 yrs, my question is can it cause arm and hand pressure/pain as well as head pressure?
Avatar f tn I have tried taking it as needed, however, that doesn't work. I have tried zantac, and others with short time relief. I have difficulty swallowing, pain in throat, cough, headache, full feeling around jaw and ears. I am 67 years old.
7758733 tn?1402593020 I'm a medical assistant at an OBGYN and although I can't give you medical advice, I can speak from personal experience as a mother of 3 and one on the way. Mustard is one food that can cause heartburn due to it being highly acidic, but it can also counteract it for some people.
Avatar f tn omg I get heartburn a lot don't knw if I can take them but I just bought some Alka-Seltzer heartburn+gas relief chews, Are they safe for the baby?
Avatar f tn I am breathly heavily from the crippling pain.
Avatar f tn Omg yes heartburn is a killer !!! I feel your pain girl!! I take Tums and zantac on a regular basis!!! Sometimes it's so bad that the zantac doesn't even do it! It's kinda one of them pregnant things haha, good luck to ya!
Avatar f tn Please help me get some relief from heartburn. I have tried all the over the counter meds and nothing seems to work. I do not feel like I am going to vomit, or feel the burning in my throat like acid reflux, I only have severe heartburn now and then. At least 1/2 of the week. I am very active, have a pretty stressfull job, I work out at the club 4 days a week and run 3 miles at least 4 days a week. I stay away from fattie and fried foods, I eat lots of chicken and fish no red meat at all.
Avatar m tn It started a couple weeks ago with some heartburn, that wouldn't go away. Now most of the day I have a sharp pain in my left shoulder blade and burning/random pains in my left chest. I've been to the doctor, been to the ER, 3 ekgs, chest x-rays and blood work, and they tell me its not my heart. It doesn't seem to be triggered by food, its pretty constant. I also sometimes feel bloated, kind of warm in my stomach. No acid in my throat however.
Avatar f tn so, in the past few months, I've been woken up out of my sleep by a weird stomachache. I can't really even explain the pain... it's localized entirely in my stomach, & feels like an almost cramping pain. it occasionally makes me feel somewhat nauseous, but not always.
Avatar n tn Shes 13 now, so I have had it for a while.,.. My question is does anyone know WHY my heartburn pain starts in my upper back, right behind my heart area, and then proceeds to a bad burning sensation in my neck and throat...its very painful and is relieved my antacids, although only for a short period of time, which leaves me taking several doses before all is over.
Avatar n tn These completely fixed every single symptom I have except the severe chest pain. I have a high pain thresh hold. As a boxer/martial artist/powerlifter, I deal in pain daily and it doesn't phase me one bit. But this pain is enough to make me want to cry after suffering from it for several hours. I can't get rid of it. I don't regurgitate acid. I don't have a brash in the back of my throat. I have no symptoms at all whatsoever of any gut problems except this incredible chest pain.
Avatar n tn I'm 34 weeks along and have continued morning sickness, heartburn, vomiting, constipation, continued weight loss, hands and feet going numb, insomnia, mood swings, jaw pain, wrist pain, groin pain, swelling of hands and feet. I feel like I'm losing my mind and that my body is turning against me!! I feel like my doctor either thinks I'm crazy or making it all up. The baby is growing and healthy which I am ecstatic about but I can't get my doctor to do anything for me.
Avatar n tn I Have had a Heller myotomy done, and several endoscopies, last one Nov 06, which showed nothing all was good. I take Nexium once a day, but still get a burning pain in throat, sometimes in Jaw, and ear. Sometimes will start in back in between shoulders and then into chest. I try taking maalox, and or tums,,,sometimes getting relief within a few min. I was in the hospital last Feb for these symptoms, and Pain on my left side.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 26 years old and got a significant relief from LPR reflux after 4 years unbelieveably. The only thing that i have changed is avoiding cold food and drinks and too hot drinks 3 days ago. But i want to know why this has helped me? I havent seen or heard any kind of suggestions from my doctor or anywhere else. I had the most symptoms of LPR like were endless chronic coughing, the feeling of lump in my throat after eating and bad taste in mouth after getting up.
222011 tn?1265475648 stomach pain, pressure in throat + neck, gagging feeling under chin, burning esophagus, chest, throat, even tongue at times. I stopped taking the Armour and will try Nature-throid. I am thin, excercise, and healthy, so it is beyond odd to get these awful symptoms. I have been off of the Armour for 2 days and feeling some relief of these symptoms. I have had some relief from following a alkaline diet. Also avoiding acidic foods I.
378497 tn?1232147185 For about the last four weeks, I've had heartburn/reflux (real reflux, too) pretty much every single night. I almost never have had heartburn (unless in late pregnancy), and now, I'm waking up every night, reaching for the Zantac. I can't really take it pre-emptively right before bed because it might interfere with my BCP. Anyone had a problem like this? I don't take in much caffeine, this doesn't appear to be food related in any way. And when I say "reflux," I mean...
Avatar f tn please tell me someone out there has a remedy, aside of tums for extreme heartburn. i have it everyday, all day. im 31w preggo with ds, and the only thing ive been able to take has been tums. the directions say chew 2 tabs twice a day. how???? thats not enough, and i dont want to take a dosage not recommended. i even wake up in the middle of the night from it. this is too much for me. i have a 6yo dd, and never experienced this while pregnant with her. any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn I have had severe heartburn, trouble taking a deep breath and a pain in my left side for a few days. What could it be? I exercise regularly, and find it worse at night that during the day.
Avatar f tn Over all every night when i lay down i get the worse pain in my throat and chest, im already short of breath and this makes it 10 times worse. Any advice?
Avatar f tn I don't even have to eat or drink anything and I have heartburn and I am really getting discouraged. I have even tried aloe vera juice with no relief. I am at my wits end and help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I told the doctor to call me back since it wasn't helping but he never did and that is the only guy that is on my insurance.
Avatar m tn Anyway I was wondering if heartburn could come even without eating anything (other than Cokes) several hours before the symptoms begin and could last (in spurts) for as long as it has without any relief. I also cannot pinpoint what makes the pain better or worse, as it seems to be able come on if I am sitting, lying down or standing (though less when standing). I am 22, quite a bit overweight, and started my second year of law school this week.
Avatar n tn How long should it take for Nexium to start giving pain relief? I have been on it about 5 days & still have bad heartburn. This is after trying Prevacid for three weeks with no relief. I am tired of hurting. Background: I am a 47 year old female. In April 2005, a number of non cancerous tumors were found in my abdomen and something was seen on my pancreas; I also threw a piulmonary embolism in that time.
Avatar f tn I'm currently on Atenolol for the tachycardia. Anyways, this heartburn pain scares me that it's heart related because of the back and left arm pain, though I had all those cardiac tests come back as negative. Is it possible for heartburn to be so severe that I feel it in my back and left arm as well?
Avatar f tn i have recently been to the doctor for severe stomach pain. the doctor found traces of h pylori in my stomach i took a pack of three antibiotics for my stomach, throat and acid reducer..i did the whole course and it seemed to help but my throat started feeling worse after i smoke and drank one night..my symptoms are constant feeling of throat inflammation, i feel nauseous when i lie down, i feel tingles in my lips and my jaw feels restless..
Avatar f tn Is anyone dealing with heartburn and indigestion? I'm having a combination of both. Is there anything that I can take that will help and be safe for the baby as well? I can hardly get any rest or even eat at times. I be in so much pain....