Heartburn and abdominal pain

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Avatar f tn I was prescribed nexium. Prior to that I was on prevacid for many years. Nexium did not work and pain and heartburn was worse. I switched back to prevacid. I am also on librax and something for nausea and also on misoprostol. Nothing is making me well. I am a breast cancer survivor so of course am terribly worried that I have colon cancer. I have another appt. with gastro on Thursday and intend to ask for a colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn This heartburn is unbearable. I can't sleep and this lower abdominal pain is terrible. I don't remember being this sick when I was pregnant with my Jaydan. Anyways I'll check back in soon.
Avatar m tn I haven't been feelisg so fresh lately and today was the worst - it's like a mix of heartburn and nausea and bigtime discomfort. Will go doctor tomorrow. Exhausted.
Avatar f tn Severe musculeskellatel pain, abdominal and pelvic pain severe
Avatar f tn Severe musculeskellatel pain, abdominal and pelvic pain severe
Avatar f tn wicked bad gas and heartburn all day and evening.
Avatar f tn heartburn, ibs aching and pain
Avatar f tn it hurts under my right rib sometimes quite a bit. i also started to get really bad heartburn and chest palpitations and pain a week ago so the docs prescribed me omeprazole capsules which also seemed to help a bit but the pains are still there a bit even though i had an ecg that proved normal and i get really sore pains in my stomach.
Avatar f tn Back, shoulder and minor abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn Got up in the middle of the night and felt pain. I get heartburn from time to time.
Avatar f tn I'm week 33 now and I am having some sharp pains in the middle of my upper abdomen. I thought maybe it was heartburn or indigestion as I read that that's very common during the third trimester. But it's not a burning pain like heartburn usually causes. Anyone else have this??
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623944 tn?1244035490 Itchy all day. Bad heartburn w/ abdominal pressure. Fatigued. RAR palyed out tonight. 4 Mixed drinks, tall, not double btw 8pm - 1am. First drink caused some stab like pain cervical lymph/glands. Didn't last long.
Avatar f tn Trying to decide if it is heartburn or chest pain. Comes and goes but it feels like what I would think heartburn feels like but...a niggling in the back of my brain says it is chest pain. Uncomfortable....ongoing until I fell asleep at about midnite.
Avatar f tn i noticed ten years ago i had a heartburn problem it was not constant on and off. with in the last 4 years i have been with pain below in the middle where my ribcage ends the pain is only in that spot.
Avatar n tn Experiencing back pain and heartburn.
1720585 tn?1313603810 Sore neck and abdominal cramps.
Avatar f tn Recovering Abdominal/pelvic and musculaskeletal pain severe, getting alot of R and R need to catch up with sleep.
Avatar m tn At random points through out the day the sharp pain comes on and off on my left side of chest right near my rib cage and also on and off the same pain in between my belly button and sternum. I do suffer from chronic heartburn and indigestion. Any idea what this could be?
Avatar f tn To my surprise I was having this pain last evening before the heartburn started. I took a dose of mylanta and the pain went away. So my question is....can h pylori cause heartburn and can this pain in my back be possibly related to my stomach. I had a gallbladder ultrasound, abdominal ct scan, extensive blood work and also an ekg. I'm afraid that I may have stomach cancer. Please help if you can. I'm desperately trying for get better.
Avatar n tn I have also recently noticed pain in my upper abdomine. The pain is right below my rib cage (both sides, left and right). And an occasional pain right between the rib cage. Yesterday I tried to take a nap and every time I layed down on my side either right or left, it made the pain a lot worse on the right side. The pain comes and goes and may last a minute or two at a time. My doctor gave me a blood test and that ruled out pancreitis and gallbladder disease.
Avatar n tn I have been having right upper abdominal pain and fullness for about a month with reflux for about 3 months. I take nexium for management of the reflux, but even with medication, I still experience it at times. These sensations at first were just associated post solid food intake and now it is associated with any intake, making it difficult for me to eat or drink fluids properly. My gallbladder-US only showed a 3mm polyp without stones.
Avatar f tn Suffering severe chronic musculloskeletal pain, joint pain, muscle pain, severe pelvic pain, upper and lower abdominal pain and severe left side abdominal pain Headache, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, chroni IBS, dizziness.
533953 tn?1238779233 I am feeling pain in my lower left abdomen and it has been there for 1 week or more and I am beginning to worry. I went to ER and they did a CT scan and it was clear. I push down and it hurts from pushing down on it....I am worried that it is serious.
5683449 tn?1452103736 Have a hernia and sometimes forget when working out and have to stop that part-pain usually goes immediately not today still cramping and throbbing but not horrible.
Avatar f tn My sister in law has 4 moth old boy girl twins. She actually had same abdominal pain and heartburn and her tummy was sore and had horible time trying to sleep, she made an apt and found out at 12 weeks she was expecting twins!
1044813 tn?1370494406 Abdominal Illness with predominant symptoms of abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.