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3147776 tn?1549545810 php It seems like a good idea on the surface - a low-cost, over-the-counter method to prevent heart disease. Most people think that taking low-dose aspirin is risk-free, but it's not for people with ulcers, and it could interfere with other medications. ALWAYS consult a doctor before beginning any treatment or prevention routine, even if you think it's harmless.
Avatar n tn All articles I've read about prevention of gout attacks state "avoid alcohol (especially beer)" or "limit use of alcohol" . My podiatrist says "everything's OK in moderation". Which is it??? I drink only white wine (about 2-3 glasses) most days. Please advise. Thank you!
2052165 tn?1331146225 If some women give birth to a baby with some congenital heart disease like, Tetrology of fallot, then what about her 2nd baby, he will born normal or with the same defect in heart??? Please also guide what are the causes of this type of diseases and how it can be prevented?
Avatar m tn In this report, women who consumed at least five servings of fish a week lowered their risk of coronary heart disease by more than one-third and cut their risk of fatal heart attack in half over a 16-year period. Action to take: Eat fish twice a week-especially mackerel and salmon. If you don't like fish, you can buy omega-3 fatty acid supplements from any health food store. DR.D.
Avatar f tn The ear lobe crease is an interesting oddity of life, and even though I do NOT think it should be used in any way to diagnose or prognosticate coronary disease, I do find myself looking over my patients' ears from time to time. You situation can be summarize as one of "primary prevention". You are healthy but there is some family history of heart disease. You do not smoke and have normal blood pressure.
Avatar n tn diarrhea,constipation,light green saliva from mouth every morning only,nausea,black dots in scalp with dandruff,leucohrrea without itching or any other symptom,joints cracking without pain,some time blood comes in mouth every morning,fast heart beat,bad breath,seeing long and thin fast moving dots and very thin microscopic down moving bacteria in my eyes in daylight,sometimes blood comes in mouth in morning,white coated tongue,thrush,dementia recent.
Avatar n tn Frank, My comment doesn't directly answer your question, but I hope it's a bit helpful for you. I'm certain your whole family is concerned now with managing your son's diabetes and trying to learn about the disease & possible prevention. It is quite unusual for a youngster to be diagnosed with Type 2, altho' it is not unheard of, especially in some high risk ethnic groups where the children are obese. Has your 8 year old been seen by an endocrinologist?
1296191 tn?1280699873 Prognosis in heart failure can be assessed in multiple ways including clinical prediction rules and cardiopulmonary exercise testing. Clinical prediction rules use a composite of clinical factors such as lab tests and blood pressure to estimate prognosis. Among several clinical prediction rules for prognosing acute heart failure, the 'EFFECT rule' slightly outperformed other rules in stratifying patients and identifying those at low risk of death during hospitalization or within 30 days.
15114787 tn?1438541373 Here is a quote from one article and also a couple of links to articles that may help you and your supervisor understand HCV and Diabetes. "Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and diabetes mellitus are two major public health problems that cause devastating health and financial burdens worldwide. Diabetes can be classified into two major types: type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) and T2DM.
Avatar n tn According to a report carried on the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, condoms are only 85 to 87 percent effective against HIV transmission. However, a revised estimate carried in a bulletin of the World Health Organization sets the estimate of effectiveness at 80 percent. I also read that the virus is actually smaller than the pores in condoms which is why condoms are not 100% effective even if used properly?
Avatar m tn s a new study and it needs further study, but the new suggested link to heart disease worries me (dad died at 56 of heart disease). I was diagnosed with HPV when a wart was removed in 2008, the latest I could have gotten it was 2005 (latest "new" partner and monogamous from then).
Avatar n tn If you have a history of heart attacks in your family and anyone under the age of 50 has had one it means that you are simply in a higher risk group. The best thing that you can do for yourself if this is the case is to make sure that you are checked annually by a good heart doc so that they can keep an eye on you.
Avatar f tn Hello! Welcome to medhelp. Sorry you haven't gotten an answer to your question. Sounds like you are a very thoughtful person about your health which is great and cograts on losing some weight. I'm working on that myself! I have gotten into the DASH diet. It's recommended by the American Heart Association and is great for your health. However, it's really for prevention of hypertension, it's also good overall.
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Avatar m tn Since I do not have symptoms of great enough significance and since there is no prevention of a heart attack to be gained, I have chosen to not have a stent placed, though I am open to the idea at some future date. BTW, my angina is only felt during fairly significant exercise. Others, feeling the same angina, might well opt for a stent.
Avatar f tn I have read some different articles and some have said that hepatitis B can be spread through saliva and to avoid sharing utensils with someone who has chronic hepatitis B. Others have said HBV can't be spread through saliva. Was just wondering if anyone had some type of clear answer to whether it can be spread through saliva, utensils, etc.
Avatar f tn Carditis is a rare complication of Lyme disease that occurs when Lyme spirochetes invade the tissues of the heart, producing in some cases a pancarditis that involves the endo-, myo-, epi-, and pericardium simultaneously. The most commonly recognized clinical feature of Lyme carditis is atrioventricular block, which can fluctuate between first-, second-, and third-degree block.
Avatar n tn I recently learned that a crease on the earlobe has been linked to heart disease. My son was born with creases on both ear lobes. We do have a history of heart disease in our family. Has there been any link in children with this to later heart disease? Should I have my son checked by his pediatrician?
Avatar m tn Atkins has more research on it than any other diet because it was developed originally to prevent heart disease (the creator, Dr. Atkins, died of heart disease!) The research showed that the diet did not work in the long run and was unhealthy in the long run, as it's too high in protein and too low in antioxidant rich foods. That's not to say it doesn't have its champions, but it hasn't panned out as hoped over time.