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469720 tn?1388146349 Peripheral Vascular Disease and Cardiovascular Disease affects over 12 million people in the US and the most concerning aspect of that high number is that most people are not diagnosed early. Our ability to successfully manage the process is significantly improved when the conditions are diagnosed early. Early identification is improved when the public is informed about the risk factors and symptoms of the disease.
Avatar f tn If you want to see some great and entertaining commercials on heart attack prevention and signs check out this website I discovered called PSAStation at http://www.psastation.com/heart-attack-prevention-psas!
Avatar n tn 1. If you smoke, quit smoking. This is the single biggest thing a person can modify in their life. Smoking will significantly increase one's risk of having a heart attack. 2. Maintain an active lifestyle - Try to get some regular exercise. 3. Follow a strict low fat diet. Some may even consider following a vegetarian diet. 4. Maintain regular follow-up with your doctor. All of these will help and some medication may be necessary if your doctor feels it is needed. Good Luck to you.
Avatar n tn I would like to purchase a book on nutrition for heart disease prevention but after an hour of surfing through Amazon, I have no idea which one to get. I want one that is up to date with current research. Any recommendations? Thank you so much for your help!
Avatar m tn An estimated 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, and an estimated 600,000 more may suffer from an often misdiagnosed subtype called "hippocampal sparing" Alzheimer’s Since there’s no conventional cure, the issue of prevention is absolutely critical if you want to avoid becoming an Alzheimer’s statistic.
Avatar m tn To reduce the risk of Lyme disease: • Wear light-colored clothing and preferably long pants and long sleeves when in places where ticks may be present. This helps in spotting ticks that may be on clothes. Tucking pants into socks is also a very good idea. • Perform a tick check every day so ticks can be removed before they have a chance to feed and transmit pathogens they might be carrying.
Avatar n tn If you would like to make an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, please call 1-800-CCF-CARE or inquire online by using the Heart Center website at www.ccf.org/heartcenter. The Heart Center website contains a directory of the cardiology staff that can be used to select the physician best suited to address your cardiac problem.
Avatar n tn The CDC focuses national attention on developing and applying disease prevention and control (especially infectious diseases), environmental health, occupational safety and health, health promotion, prevention and education activities designed to improve the health of the people of the United States. We also studied about anthrax and Kardex.
187666 tn?1331173345 Did anyone else notice there's a new expert forum on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention? No questions yet but it should be pretty interesting. We hear so much conflicting information on what we should or shouldn't do to prevent heart disease. And for those that already have heart disease, this may be encouraging - how to prevent further injury to the heart.
Avatar f tn Lyme compared to HIV/AIDS By a well known Lyme specialist---- Dr. J. in Washington D.C.---- in his remarks read to the North Carolina Medical Board during his final appearance before them on July 20, 2006. "Most of my HIV patients used to die ... now most don't ... Some still do, of course. My Lyme patients, the sickest ones, want to die but they can't. That's right, they want to die but they can't. The most common cause of death in Lyme disease is suicide.
Avatar n tn Re: September conference on diet and heart disease [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Heart Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by JRC CCF Heart Ctr on September 09, 1997 at 15:20:12: In Reply to: September conference on diet and heart disease posted by Michael B. Mayor, MD on August 30, 1997 at 11:12:37: : I am seeking information on the upcoming conference that I understand is going to occur in Washington, DC in September.
Avatar n tn The purpose of the visit would be to evaluate his current therapies and develop a plan geared towards prevention of further disease. I have many ties in Cleveland but they are primarily in the neurosciences so I am asking for guidance re: who would be the most appropriate person at CCF to see--preferrably someone with a research interest in atherosclerosis.
Avatar m tn what is difference between Heart attack and Angina pain
Avatar f tn t any family history of heart disease. My age does not indicate towards heart problems. I am so worried abt my health and future. Somebody plz help me. If i am at risk of heart attack or CAD. What should i do. Plz reply.
1200240 tn?1289339687 My hubby has heart disease.He went along to the GP yesterday and he is refering him back to the consultant for further investigation as he has been coming over very poorly and his pulse was low. The GP told him the consultant will probably tell him he's to have a heart bypass which is worrying him now. Today he came over bad in himself as he has been doing quite a lot, he seems a shadow of his normal self.He gets so fatigued and feels very ill in himself.
Avatar m tn Multivitamin-Mineral Use Is Associated with Reduced Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Mortality among Women in the United States. http://jn.nutrition.org/content/early/2015/01/07/jn.114.204743.
Avatar n tn Dear iv, Cholesterol has been identified as a major risk factor in the development of heart disease. Early studies established high cholesterol as a risk factor for developing heart disease. Lowering cholesterol for secondary prevention, that is preventing second heart attacks in persons who already had had one, was next demonstrated in the eighties and primary prevention of heart attack and stroke (In persons who had never had a prior event) demonstrated in the nineties.
Avatar n tn What are some of the best, easy to follow, all encompassing books out there about heart disease prevention??
Avatar m tn well, rheumatic heart disease is caused by a streptococcus bacteria that goes bad and gives you rheumatic fever, which is an inflammatory disease that attacks connective tissue, specially in the heart, joints, brain and skin.
Avatar n tn 8% per year and additional evaluation for the presence of at risk myocardium should be done in addition following the secondary heart disease prevention guidelines of the American Heart Association. Repeat CAC scans are recommended annually to monitor disease progression and treatment response.