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277836 tn?1359666174 I am the grill man here at the house. I never cook things the same way people love that about me. I have even been asked to join some competitions but didnt. Who here thinks they have what it takes to become the ULTIMATE GRILL CHAMP I know I could all I have to do is load the grill and hit the highway and get there and start the cooking dang sounds good dosent it ?
Avatar f tn So I watching man vs. food and he had to eat 72oz steak, shrimp appetizer, baked potato, and a salad all in an hour. Me being 8.5 months pregnant everything looked delicious. Haha I wanted to eat all of it. I have no idea how anyone could do that. I think its crazy. I eat for 2 but my god how does that man not have a heart attack yet? With everything he eats. Lol.
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Avatar n tn Hi there. Well, the grill is a great place to start. Lean meat on the grill can be filling and tasty. Some chicken with lemon pepper seasoning and garlic, a pork chop with a soy sauce marinade with ginger mixed in, fish, etc. all are great on the grill and lean protein is good for you. Nuts mixed into salad greens with some chicken and a low fat, calorie dressing (I can use just balsamic vinegar alone) is good. Quinoa is one of my new favorites to have as a side dish.
10947 tn?1281404252 Luckily, broken heart syndrome is much easier to recover from than a heart attack is. Heart attacks kill heart cells, which are starved of oxygen-rich blood when a clot blocks an artery; recovery takes months, and patients usually need to make major improvements in their diet and exercise regime, and many will need to start taking medication. Broken heart syndrome, on the other hand, is less likely to be fatal and does not result in permanent heart damage.
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Avatar f tn Grill cheese and ham sandwich isn't bad. I didn't like the thought of it at first but it wasn't bad.
535822 tn?1443976780 Salmon is amazing on the grill. Look into a cedar plank to grill it on. Or, chunk it and add to skewers with some peppers, red onion, and mushrooms and maybe marinate in a bit of italian dressing first (not long as the acid will cook the fish). You can also buy salmon burgers pre-done. Think about shrimp on skewers and do up lots of grilled veggies - you can do eggplant, peppers, onions, asparagus. And try grilling sliced pineapple (about 3/4"). It is to die for!
1670004 tn?1333864841 It just doesn't seem like my baby likes food. Meat forget it about, if i even look at it my stomach starts getting sick. Trying to eat alot of vegetable, fruit. I am not usually a rice eater, but wanting rice alot. I woke up the other day at 3am wanted a grill cheese. Anyone having similar problem?
Avatar n tn My husband is 39 and had a heart attack 2.5 years ago. He is taking an immense amount of medication for blood pressure, cholesteral, and his heart and has actually gained weight, even though he watches his portion sizes and works out at the gym. He says he feels "puffed up". He can't get his ring off of his finger anymore! He seems very bloated. His regular doctor told him to eat only 1200 calories a day. His cardiologist told him to keep working out and eat right.
Avatar m tn If some of the particles from the grill brick got on the food like bread/bun or a burger and someone ingested those particles/grill brick dust would they be ok? From what I read grill brick is not toxic and not harmful is that true. Would it just pass through the digestive system and be excreted?
Avatar n tn ate grill steak and curly fries for lunch bread and soup for tea
469720 tn?1388146349 Individuals who eat a diet high in animal fats like hamburger and processed meats like cold cuts, hot dogs and bacon have a greater risk of heart attack. It is not rocket science to suggest that if one eats a large amount of cholesterol-the body cannot rid itself of all of that fat. As a person who grew up in the midwest on meat and potatoes- I understand that this information may not be welcome news.
Avatar f tn Is it safe to man the grill with Sarcoidosis? I love to grill and don't want to miss out if I don't have to.
Avatar n tn crashing vs slipping vs walking downhill. mood is now just good. fluctuates between amazing and bad.
Avatar f tn I fell for the first time being pregnant last night, and my boyfriend, John almost had a heart attack. It was entirely because i wasnt thinking. I was sitting in one of the plastic chair things that we keep outside by the grill, and I pushed myself backwards, to get momentum to stand up. Only issue was, I pushed too far, and tipped the chair over.
Avatar f tn So my brother was cooking burgers, and accidentally set the grill on fire. My house almost caught on fire too. Now, since I'm leaving for the gym soon, I continue to think my house will burn down while I'm gone. What if the grill catches flame again? I'm so scared. Someone please calm me down. I'm having a panic attack.
1742220 tn?1331356727 then when you couple, or triple, or quadruplicate that with all the other things you (I) have to avoid, like salt, wheat, eggs, peanuts, carbs, etc it becomes almost impossible to find healthy food to eat. and MORE impossible if you are a busy person with any kind of life whatsoever. omg also things have been really hard cuz im so strapped.
Avatar m tn A man beside me told me that he had had a heart attack a week ago. He said that the only pain he felt was in his left arm. He also had some numbness in his arm. He went to the ER. They rushed him into the cath lab and placed a stent in one of his coronary arteries. He saved himself any real damage to the muscle of the heart, by acting on his instinct. He looked just fine to have had a heart attack a week before.
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1348086 tn?1370783185 yes every time i have a panic attack i think that so your not alone.
Avatar n tn down 4.8 since last Monday. no food all day, then grill chops and sweet potato with Bill.