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Avatar n tn I do not know, why the Companies are packing such easily availble vitamins along with some other difficult to get nutrients like zinc, omega3 or B12. So, while taking supplements, always do consult the doctor. Alternatively, get the vitamins and nutrients from the dialy food or natural inputs, for example, wheat grass, etc.
Avatar m tn What vitamins and minerals are good for eye health and what are the optimal amounts? As far as I know, Vitamin A, beta carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, lutein, and billberry are good for eyes.
Avatar f tn Does anybody have any suggestions on vitamins that I could get for DH? I'm going to wait a few more months before I make an appointment with an RE, but I feel there is something that we can be doing now to help increase our fertility. I'm currently taking pre-natals, but don't know if I should also be supplementing? Has anybody tried the FertilAid, with any success?
Avatar m tn Hi, From your general description it appears that you are a late bloomer, and it is quite common if you are obese. Take healthy food containing vitamins and minerals,and do daily moderate exercise, you should get your normal growth process in the coming years. Nevertheless, it is also an appropriate age to consult a pediatric endocrinologist and get a confirmation that all your growth process is in place.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone! Can some of you seasoned vets tell me what Vitamins would be recommended for someone on day 45 clean??? 35 year old male........I got so many different ones from the early stages I don't know what the heck to take any more.... Thanks all!
Avatar f tn No cough candies, no vitamin c, unless it is naturally occurring. No extra zinc, except what is in my prenatal vitamins. I checked with my doctor and they agreed. She did give me a prescription for a nasal spray to help with breathing. It is called Flonase.
Avatar f tn they are as follows- cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, multivitamin, zinc, magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin c and zinc. are they all safe to take?
Avatar n tn Which vitamins are most depleted in one's body when drinking alcohol excessively?
3063937 tn?1352422855 I am currently taking 1200 mg of fish oil, tri-zinc 50, and magnesuim. Any suggestions on other vitamins/herbs I can take???
Avatar f tn t take Calcium and Vitamin D together yet it was recommended to me by many people. Even a health food store owner. Do you think Walmart vitamins are ok? I really can't afford the ones at the health food store.
Avatar m tn NO smoking, UV protection (sunglasses, hat, visor), healthful diet (fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains, low-fat foods, weight and blood pressure control, do not eat highly processed foods or fast foods). Anti-oxidant vitamins, lutein, and fish oil are also good, but check with your primary doctor to be sure that these supplements will not interfere with any medicines you are taking.
Avatar n tn vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamins C, vitamin D, vitamin E, copper, iron, selenium, and zinc. Magnesium is needed for vitamin D absorption. Vitamin D deficiency is correlated with a higher susceptibility to infections.
2167803 tn?1338529751 You might try getting your vitamins at a health food store. They have the best. I don't recommend GNC or places like that as they are too commercial. A chiropractor would also have the best formulas.
Avatar f tn A One-A-day just does not hack it for us with health conditions. One-A-days are meant for healthy people to stay healthy. Vitamins might have to be taken daily for years before seeing any improvements in health. So you must be dedicated to the cause. I have been taking vitamins, each separately, for years. I don't think it has helped with 4/3, conversion, however, I guess levels could be farther apart without the vitamins. (?
Avatar n tn re great for the morning, but not so good to take at night. Good night time vitamins that promote relaxation are magnesium, zinc and calcium.
1253584 tn?1332877954 is taking a multi vit/multi mineral a subsitute for taking all of my other vitamins. i want to make sure im geting the vitamins i need to get off of my suboxone all togeather ( which is coming soon. yeah!!!!!) but at the same time im not trying to over do it. ive been reading where its actually possible u could take to many vitamins and it actually harms ur body. id appreciate ne fed back ty everyone.
1475202 tn?1536270977 Of all vitamins, B vitamins go straight through the porta potty. A good multi taken as indicated, that is, with food, in doses divided through the day, one that is natural and uses the proper forms of nutrients, and that doesn't use fillers and binders that can't dissolve as cheap vitamins do, will be absorbed. Will all of it be absorbed? No, that's why the doses are so high. We don't absorb all the nutrients in food, either.
Avatar f tn htm please please dont let school friends facebook tv anything make you feel fat dig down stare at that mirror find good to say everyday or positive what you can do your only 14 your weight will go up and down all the time kids have very high Metabolism witch means you burn food faster dont jump on board crazy diets the best diet cut pop back to one a week or less drink lots of water instead of pop fruity drinks anything but water give yourself plenty of water no premade food already mad
Avatar n tn Taking Zinc might make the "normal" taste in your mouth come back. Some medications also cause a nasty bitter taste. Before you eat, try rinsing your mouth with baking soda or epsom salts. Epsom salts taste bitter - but they leave your mouth tasting sweet - as does baking soda. Zinc can heal those taste buds that have been exposed to so much hot air/smoke all this time.
1475202 tn?1536270977 Also a couple of days ago due to my ammonia level being high (68) I took a zinc sulfate 220mg prescibed by my specialist to help with the ammonia. In less than a hour I was experiencing the worst pain I ever had. It was in my entire abdominal area and all the way across my lower back. Finally I tried a warm bath and it took the pain away. My specialist even called in some pain pills for me called Dicyclomine 20mg. which also helped relieve the pain.