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Avatar f tn I take a prenatal vitamin with iron and also a DHA only prenatal vitamin. I'm 8w+2d and haven't been to my first obgyn appt yet, have that at 10 weeks. Don't know if this helps, just what I decided to do.
Avatar f tn I purchased some rather pricey vitamins which have no expiration dates. It's an individualized system where I'm to take Magnesium Glycinate, Glucosamine Sulfat, Joint Support, and CoQ10 30 mg in the morning packets and Magnesium Glycinat, Glucosamine Sulfat, Heart Formula, and Joint Support in the evening packets. Because these were so expensive I'd prefer to not throw them out; however, I've had them for over 3 years now. Since there is no date...can I still use them?
Avatar n tn I do not know, why the Companies are packing such easily availble vitamins along with some other difficult to get nutrients like zinc, omega3 or B12. So, while taking supplements, always do consult the doctor. Alternatively, get the vitamins and nutrients from the dialy food or natural inputs, for example, wheat grass, etc.
874521 tn?1424116797 Calcium and Vitamin D is good, phosphorus magnesium too for joint pain. Lipoic acid and Acetyl-L-Carnitine and B vitamins are good for nerve pain. Sierrasil is trying to make money out of cheap chemical elements widely available that you can buy at your local food supplements store.
4838572 tn?1367706719 I take the Twinlab prenatal vitamins from the local health food store they don't make me sick (I've had horrible nausea and ms so far).
492070 tn?1209268506 o i also forgot that i have lost over 22 pounds in the last month
Avatar m tn Hi, From your general description it appears that you are a late bloomer, and it is quite common if you are obese. Take healthy food containing vitamins and minerals,and do daily moderate exercise, you should get your normal growth process in the coming years. Nevertheless, it is also an appropriate age to consult a pediatric endocrinologist and get a confirmation that all your growth process is in place.
Avatar n tn My 15 yr old daughter has been complaining of been nauseous,feeling very tired,having joint pain with muscle cramping and is always very chilly. Results from blood work shown nothing is abnormal, also did an ultrasound of her gall bladder that to came back normal. I am very worried as she always tells me she does not feel well,so something is going on with her. Please respond .
Avatar f tn I take my prenatal vitamins but recently started taking a hair skin and nails due to my hair thinning and nails pealing so I'm hoping that helps
Avatar m tn Since, I have had sever joint cracking noises all over my body. Additionally I had a herniated disc in my neck in which I had to get surgery (fusion C5-C7). Could the Nexium be causing these conditions? All MD's I spoke to said "no way". I am not convinced. I have weaned from 40 mgs to 20 mgs per day. I have stretched it to 36 hr intervals, sometimes successfully sometimes not. I would love to get off Nexium but it is extremely difficult.
694979 tn?1232313378 i get headaches, my joints have started getting really stiff in the last 6+ months which also only makes the pain worse. i have pain in every joint except my jaw but i have NO inflammation or swelling. my joints have started popping every time i move; big loud pops. bright lights and loud noises bother me, i have ringing in my ears. i have problems remembering and concentrating.
Avatar f tn I have severe joint pain where it is hard to walk, hips, neck and wrists are extremely painful .. I can't pick up my purse and had to go to a lighter one. I also have severe anxiety where i am not sleeping .. I had my heart looked at and at 7am resting heart rate was 150. I have also the feeling of going unconscious and difficulty swallowing. I also have a ton of black spots in my eyes and my vision has become blurry. My doc says MS or Fibromyalgia.
Avatar m tn Once during sex with foreskin pulled back, blood came out from the joint of penis and foreskin. It is very for me to erect the penis with foreskin pulled back. I want to know what should i do in this situation and how will it affect in my coming life??
Avatar n tn Make sure he is getting enough Carbs, cereal, whole grain bread, he needs some fats , protein ,if he is tired then he could be deficient in vitamins so give him a good multiple supplement with anti-oxidants Vit C and BComplex some fish oil also can be good .This should help with his energy level, if he looses weight and is fatigued I would suggest a check up at the Doctors to make sure nothing else is going on ...
Avatar f tn Its not that I dont want to take my vitamins Its just that I forget sometimes because doctor said Its better taking it later in the day. If I dont take my vitamins regularly what can happen? I know my bestfriend who started taking vitamins only when she turned 6 months and her baby is completely healthy.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone! Can some of you seasoned vets tell me what Vitamins would be recommended for someone on day 45 clean??? 35 year old male........I got so many different ones from the early stages I don't know what the heck to take any more.... Thanks all!
Avatar f tn Been on Azodyl for at least 8 weeks and we will be checking her levels via bloodwork later this iweek. I would like to know if supplementing with Omega 3 and B vitamins can help the situation. She currently takes a low dosage of Omega 3 for her skin and also takes Cetyl M daily for joint issues. Appreciate any input to help her maintain a better quality of life through this. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Question--- what happens if I stop taking my med?? I take nothing else except for multi-vitamins. I recently lost my health insurance and can't afford to go to the doctor on my very limited income.
Avatar n tn In all probability what you have TMJ of the right temporo-mandibular joint. To get some relief you can try massaging the sore muscles. Massaging the muscles does not help every one. Also if the procedure is nor correct, then it can further aggravate the problem. You have to press on muscles to look for sore points. Then massage these points with short strokes.
Avatar f tn Also are you getting all your vitamins??? and are you a girl?
Avatar n tn i was told that my vitamin absorption and the absorption of foods gets divided by half. is this true? should i double up on the vitamins i take? is there anything eles i should do with my large colon missing? and is there a way to lessen the frequency of bowel movements? it seems as soon as i eat something im going to the bathroom. i average 3 or 4 time a day.
1722607 tn?1335747858 What are good vitamins/supplements to take? I'm not in treatment yet, and wanted to know what I can take while waiting to treat. I've heard people mention milk thistle. What about vitamin c or d?
Avatar f tn I have been taking one a day vitamins, fiber gummies and that garcinia crap(trying to lose weight). Wednesday I woke up with some discomfort and bloating and pain in the lower back - and couldn't go to the bathroom. Wendesday night I took way too many laxatives.