Having sex on ovulation day

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Avatar f tn I am really hoping for a girl and I concieved the day of ovulation.
Avatar f tn I took the ovulation test two days before my ovulation day and both days were positive. Yay ! However, I took it today too which is my ovulation day and tested negative. What does it mean?
Avatar f tn s makes a little bit of a scientific sense. If you have sex and successful exactly on your ovulation day, it's gonna be a boy, if you had sex like a couple of days before your ovulation - it's a girl.
Avatar n tn I had sex on the day of ovulation 3 days later I felt twinges could I be pregnant or is it all in my imagination
Avatar n tn I don't know about "normal" ovulation but if you had sex a day after your period than chances of pregnancy is low. Your chances are high if you have sex during ovulation or immediately after because the egg only has a 24 hour window to be fertilized. It seems your ovulation won't be for another week to week and a half after your period. If you want the date(s) where you are highly fertile I recommend doing an ovulation calculator which can be found online.
Avatar f tn My ovulation day post abortion have been Day 17,Day 9,Day 12,Day 8 and now Day 6.When i checked wid my Doc after having a cycle of 20 days she told me it happen and my body wd take some time to get regular cycle again thats Okay but what impact it is going to have if i conceive or whether it is possible to conceive ??Dont know what to do ,it is really frustrating.
Avatar f tn On on my period now . So wsit for ovulation tim or fertel time ?
Avatar f tn had my period on 10/23 then had it again on 11/8 , just started again on 11/22 but this time the bleeding was light pink on the first day , the brown on the 2nd,3rd,4th day its been really light not heavy at all.. I been having unprotected sex... my periods are usually regular exept this past month..I been TTC but dont know when im ovulating with all these iregular bleeding.....does any one know what could be causing my iregular bleeding????
1314413 tn?1274115504 hi just wondering what day most women on 28 day cycle ovulate?
6005137 tn?1378211688 My husband and I tried for 2 years before it finally happened. We finally just started having sex 3x a day every day lol. I hope you get prego soon! Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex 2days before my Ovulation day period please I would like to know if I could get pregnant for this.
Avatar f tn If it helps at all, we had sex on day 14 after the start of my period which was the day I conceived...so the girls are right on.
Avatar n tn i am 4 days late on my period. last period was 12/14/2010. last had sex on 1/3/2011. my boobs r sore,ovula way darker than usual,im extremly tired nd i have been peeing more than usual.Could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I started on oral contraceptive pill on my ovulation day until now. I had sex 58 hours ago. Will i get pregnant?
Avatar f tn But if you were using ovulation prediction kits or temping and you feel confident of your ovulation day, then the day after ovulation is a non fertile day. I recommend buying ovulation prediction kits and having sex every day in your fertile window up until ovulation. Or every other day. Good luck.
547117 tn?1264765067 LOL. I know, oh well, at leased I know it was somewhere around the temp rise. hehhee. I great excuse to have sex for 3 days straight! hehe.
1393827 tn?1280182980 Don't have sex every day. Even every third day would work. Talk to your doc,a s BeeHappy says.
1699550 tn?1320286617 s too late and a period will follow. I think having sex every other day or twice a day would leave me shattered after a couple of weeks! but seriously if your fertile days haven't arrived or if they have finished then having sex every other day won't make the slightest difference...it's more for fun then!
Avatar f tn We were trying all the time and had sex on only days I ovulated and no luck. But now we were just having sex ever day and says I conceived the day I ovulated. Doesn't make sense.
Avatar f tn Your temp raises during ovulation - so start taking it the day after your period. When it elevates you can conceive, as you're ovulating. Sex drive is more tricky...but I'd go to the nicest lingerie shop I could find and pick up a nice set of undies and matching bra - not only to wear underneath my work/daily clothes, but as a present for your guy. Lingerie - the nice silky stuff - has a beneficial sexual side-effect on most women! Be well!
Avatar n tn Is it better to have sex once a day or twice during ovulation? Which is medically recommended for trying to get pregnant?
551885 tn?1300383822 yes you want to have sex the same day. ideally you should even be having sex prior to and after that day also. it helps increase your chances of having those little spermy's waiting as your egg is released.
1282228 tn?1276721372 There is an huge misconception that women ovulate on day 14....that thought is based on a 28 day cycle which alot of women dont have, me included. I had a 31 day cylce for 3 years before having my dd. if you know the day you ovulate its recommended you start having sex a few days before up to 5 days so if you really do ovulate on day 14 start on day 9. (there is a chance sperm can live up to 5 days in the female body) and continue until a few days after.
Avatar n tn I had sex on the 20th of this month of july and i ended my period on the 5 of july and started on the 30th of June I'm having tender breast and having to pee alot I'm worried I'm pregnant? Any suggestions. On what I should do?
Avatar f tn I was told 2 weeks from first day of last period is highest chance so for 2 days before and 3 days after I had sex every day n I got pregnant first try!
Avatar n tn A sperm can live for three to five days. You can try having sex regularly five to six days prior to the expected date of ovulation and continue daily until the day after you ovulate. You should start taking folic acid, exercise daily and reach your optimal weight. Take a healthy diet. The reason of not getting pregnant may be because of medical problem either in you or your partner. You and your partner both need to be investigated.