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Avatar m tn If you have symptoms besides weight gain, please tell us about those as well. Many hypothyroid patients taking large doses of thyroid meds find that their body does not adequately convert the T4 to T3. Since Free T3 largely regulates metabolism and many other body functions, it is very important that the Free T3 level is adequate. Many members, myself included, say that symptom relief required Free T3 in the upper third of its range and Free T4 around the middle of its range.
Avatar n tn Except for some intermittent anxiety, I don't have any other symptoms of Graves. The doctor wants to discuss treatment options. At this stage, what has been your experience with treatment? I guess I would like to avoid any permanent destruction of my thyroid. I though I read that 1/3 of people with Graves can spontaneously go into remission as long as no treatment is started.
Avatar n tn The symptoms I had before I was diagnosed with Graves was loss of weight, shaking, one eye was huge and I had severe abdominal cramping.
Avatar f tn It is always worth getting a second opinion if you aren't satisfied with treatment. My option for my Graves Disease treatment was simple, take methimazole or do RI. I chose the med which worked pretty well for me until I was taken off of it. Which my Thyroid went hyper again. I do know the two years that my Thyroid went Euro(I think similar to neutral) my symptoms improved and I was able to get back to my life but with limitations physically and emotionally. I hope that helps!
Avatar f tn Dr. Lupo, I was finally diagnosed with addision's disease. I had graves disease that destroyed my thyroid gland about 14 yrs ago. Could the graves disease cause addision's disease. I am just curious. I have not be referred to any endo yet because my PCP does not like the one around here. My symptoms are: extreme weight loss (99lbs), in Jan. i weighed 125lbs. I crave salty foods and when i crave them and don't have them i feel jittery. I did develope thrush as well last week.
Avatar f tn In fact, by inducing hypothyroidism, I would think RAI would in the long run be more apt to cause weight gain. I started treatment for Graves disease with methimazole in 10/2012 and have gained 20 lbs., even though I don't feel the need to eat a fraction of the calories I was wolfing down before treatment. Before starting methimazole, it was nothing for me to eat an entire 8 oz. bag of potato chips almost every evening and not gain a pound. I was starving.
Avatar f tn Maybe if you are more advanced they have to do a more radical treatment such as the radio iodine treatment? How long into the treatment did your hair start falling out? That is worrisome to me since I am on a much stronger dosage and I just started and they said they will probably incerase it. Also, I am new to this, but although they make you normal, you could become hypo, which I think in the end, we all become hypo but from people on this site, that does not mean you have to gain weight.
Avatar m tn any info..ideas..about we know treatment for graves makes most people HYPOTHYROID...WHICH I DO NOT WANT ! if this is the wrong place to post this..let me know.
Avatar f tn ok yesterday got my dx after month and half of questions, 15 lb weight loss. I have graves disease. the endo dr wants me on antithyroid med for next 3 weeks , checking my blood each week. I want surgery asap. he says i need to be on the antithyroid med for a bit first and he will get with my ins and select a surgeon for me. he said my thyroid could be storing hormones inside it as part of this disease and wants to shrink it.
Avatar n tn I did lose weight non-stop to the dangerous point and RAI was the quickest treatment to stop it, which was immediately after RAI. I have never gained the total weight loss back but I do watch what I eat most of the time and I am a veggie, however, I do have a sweet tooth :) Good Luck!
15915009 tn?1488871938 I came across a thread about children with Graves' Disease. I also believe that Graves' Disease need to be researched more, especially in kids since its so rare to have a child diagnosed with it. It is always misdiagnosed and takes the wrong kind of specialty area (e.g. cardiology for the fast heart rate or psychology for the anxiety and lack of concentration) to find nothing wrong with them, when there was with all of these presenting symptoms.
Avatar n tn Good day Doctor! I have undergoing treatment for Graves Disease for a year now. My latest blood test result revealed that I am hypo. My endo said not to worry because it is just due to the dosage of methimazole I am taking. She put me on a lower dosage now. She also told me that I can take in any food or medication, since nothing is really forbidden for my case. i would like to verify if this is true?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with graves disease in 2000, in 2003 I had RAOI Treatment, I then went under active. I have been on synthroid of 1.75mcg, I have recently been taken off the synthroid because the endo thinks my Graves disease is coming out of remission. What does this mean? My last TSH on 27Oct12 was <0.01L nad my T4,FREE is 1.2. The endo has repeated the TSH, T4,FREE and also ordered the T3,FREE nad TSI. I haven't received those results yet.
Avatar f tn I was disgnosed with Graves when I was 14 years old and I am now 20 years old. I had general symptoms of Graves disease such as; Heart palpatations, goiter, tremors, weight loss, and sweats of my hands. I was first put on Atentol for my heart and Methmazole twice daily for my thyroid. Within a month I was off of my heart medicine and was still on Methmazole twice daily. Then probably within 3 months I was down to the dose which I still take today, one 10mg tablet of Methmazole at bedtime.
Avatar f tn And doctors do not believe anything I say about what has been going on with my body, my symptoms, and my weight. With the weight gain from graves and graves; eye disease..I do not want to be seen or go out and run into people.
525594 tn?1212445376 In 2002 about 6 mos after my 3rd child was born I was diagnosed with Graves Disease inwhich I had radiation treatment on my thyroid gland and have been on synthroid or Levothyroxine ever since, every day. In 5 years I have never had normal TSH readings I have always been too high hyperthyroidisim or too low hypothyroidisim, 4 endocronologysts and noone has shown sympathy to my many powerful symptyms of this disease that have been ripping my life apart. There's more.
Avatar f tn Four years again I had a complete hysterectomy. Six months after that I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and graves disease. My whole life I was thin usually 120 lbs and I am 5'5". I could never gain weight. Eight months after my hysterectomy I had a sub-total thyroidectomy. Now after both surgeries I weight 164 lbs and I am so unhappy. My doctor says my thyroid levels are correct but I still feel tired all the time and I am not losing weight even after drastically modifying my diet.
Avatar f tn Because of individual differences in metabolism and appetite, some hyperthyroid patients lose weight, some maintain their weight, and some actually gain weight. When they are cured by any method of treatment, body metabolism decreases and food is burned more slowly. Appetite usually decreases as well, and most patients return to their prehyperthyroid weight. However, the increased appetite may persist longer than the increased metabolism.
Avatar m tn A little over a year ago i found out that I had hyperthyroidism - I had all the symptoms from unbelievable eye pressure, vomiting, weight loss, headaches, loss of menstrual cycle for 5 months, hair loss, rash on stomach etc. I went to my doctor who after giving me every antibiotic for flu and rash creams finally did blood work to test my thyroid. He directed me to see an endocronologist which i have been seeing in NYC for over a year now.
110220 tn?1309310461 I was diagnosed with Graves disease and I have read everything regard the disease and what I find most fearful is the eye issues that can result with Graves Disease. many articles indicate only 30% of people with Graves disease have issues with their eyes. Is this correct? I am seeing an eye doctor in a couple of weeks? I do feel grit in one of my eyes from time to time. This is pretty nerve racking.
897578 tn?1241724871 Have you visited an eye doctor that specializes in Graves Disease? I am showing the beginning signs of Graves in my eyes. I also have Sjogren's Disease, which is an autoimmune disease. Our bodies are fighting ourselves, and keeping our immune systems up is definately an important step. I do get an odd feeling that comes over me, and I sweat horribly which can cause me to feel a bit anxious. Do you feel like that at times?
Avatar f tn I am a 53yr old woman and was diagnoised with Graves disease when I was 15. I would like to talk to you more about how this disease has affected you as you have begun aging. Please let me know what would work for you to answer some of my questions about your treatment and how you went about it.
Avatar f tn The TSI test measures the stimulating activity of the antibody that causes Graves disease, whch is TSH-receptor antibodies. If this was caused by your pituitary, then your TSH would be high. And it isn't. A TSI of 32 eliminates TRab as a cause of high thyroid. So it probably is caused by something else. I would ask if you have been exposed to any iodine containing medicines shortly before your hospitalization?
Avatar n tn I have thyroid (Graves' Disease). I lost a lot of weight and continued to do so until treatment. I thought I had cancer or diabetes so I ate according which didn't help with the weight situation. If I didn't eat when my body gave me signs too I would get nausea, real hot (cold sweats) and rapid heart beat and very sick to where food would not help. Tried to force myself to eat but I lost my appetite by then. I ended in bed the rest of the day sleeping it off.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500mg metformin myself and I have not experienced any weight loss. I am actually taking it for diabetes treatment. But it has not helped with my weight loss.
Avatar f tn I don't understand why since I have stopped the drastic loss of weight. If I am basically maintaining my weight on this low dose of methimazole what benefit would there be from RAI. I would have to be on a different med for the rest of my life anyway. (I am 57 yr old female 5'1" and staying around 150 pounds on the methimazole) What do you guys suggest?
Avatar n tn ) I just don't understand why one of the symptoms isn't weight gain instead of weight loss? I also posted the question in the general forum and so far 2 other people have replied with the same problem...I know of no one that has had weight loss from this disease!!
877337 tn?1249848050 Graves' disease may present clinically with one of the following characteristic signs: * exophthalmos (protuberance of one or both eyes) * a non-pitting edema (pretibial myxedema), with thickening of the skin usually found on the lower extremities * fatigue, weight loss with increased appetite, and other symptoms of hyperthyroidism * rapid heart beats * muscular weakness The two signs that are truly 'diagnostic' of Graves' disease (i.e.